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Sunday 15 October 2017

IPOB: Python's Mission Is To Constrict And Swallow, Not To Vaccinate

Python's Mission Is To Constrict And Swallow, Not To Vaccinate

Written By Ibeh Gift Amarachi,
For Family Writers Press.

The poor standard of Education in Nigeria has intensely affected the mindset of the Nigeria Security agents into misdemeanor, which is farcically exhibited in most of the declarations made against the civilian population.
The recent declaration tagged "Operation Python Dance 1 and 2" by the Nigeria Army , to every compos mentis is a declaration and display of irrevocable bane.

Since the Nigeria Army is engulfed with Northerners who despises the Western Education and labels it "Haram", it becomes hastenly crucial I educate the few Generals in the Nigeria Army who were fortunate to acquire Arabic Education, so it can be translated to those who move around with a padlocked buccal cavity and sophisticated rifles.

Pythons belong to the Family called Pythonidae and it is a carnivorous cold blooded snake that ambushes and constrict life out of its preys.
Pythons prowl in dense forest like  Sambisa, not around civilians.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra were declared the preys of the pythons called Nigeria Army, and never in history does Pythons vaccinate without constricting it's preys to death.

This is why it became extremely unfathomable and astonishing when the exact pythons that dranconianly killed Biafrans, following the "Operation Python Dance 1 and 2" declaration, suddenly transformed to become the curators and conservatives of their preys' lives.

The reactions of People from Old Eastern Region, concretes the fact that, when you sight a python that naturally habitates in dense forest and not in domestic areas surrounded with humans, your first line of self Defence is to scamper for your life, before it wraps and crushes you. The Nigeria Government threatened to bring the war to Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB Leader's doorstep; therefore, it is no coincidence the Nigerian Pythons left the thick forest in the North, just to invade, lay ambush and kill their preys in South-East and South-South regions, where they considered Nnamdi Kanu's home.

The Monkey Pox virus, is obviously the poison injected in disguise of vaccine into Biafrans, as a biological weapon against their preys.  The Nigeria Medical Association and Anambra Health Ministry, distanced themselves from the Vaccine and publicly warned against it. Despite the warnings, the predators insist in compelling children of Biafra extract, and to induce deadly venoms into them, devoid of any atom of parental consent.

When Parents are not consented over what is injected into their wardens, it becomes a right violation and an illicit action, hence against the declaration of Rights of the Child. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child, is an international document which promotes child rights and it was drafted by Eglantyne Jenn and adopted by United Nations, which Nigeria is a signatory to.
The Nigeria Army has no right, to infringe on the right of any child, by forcefully injecting unknown substance into them.

The instantaneous shut down of schools by it's authorities, agitation of parents, timely press release by Anambra State Health Ministry, pandemonium in Schools, and reaction of Nigeria Medical Association, over the illicit actions of the Nigeria Pythons, is ample and passable reasons, to ingress the United Nations and the International Communities into interdicting the activities of the Nigeria Pythons called Army, as well as the entirety of Nigeria Government.

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