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Thursday 12 October 2017

NIGERIA MILITARY: How Can Dancing Pythons And Smiling Crocodiles Administer Medical Services

NIGERIA MILITARY: How Can Dancing Pythons And Smiling Crocodiles Administer Medical Services?

Written By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers Press.

The Nigeria state has now transformed into a literary theater where all manner of fictions are made real and brought into manifestation. A theater that leaves its spectators in ultimate shock, disbelief and in most cases- in a state of uncontrollable laughter.

The Nigeria military are the latest chief actors. They seem to have been fed up with engaging the dreaded Boko Haram sect in the North; they also seem to have a troubling soft spot for the rampaging and terrifying Fulani herdsmen; and even more troubling is the fact that they seem to be no longer interested in protecting the country's porous boarders from alien invaders and terrific insurgents. Rather, the Nigeria military are now on the verge of dethroning and replacing medical practitioners in the administration of health services. As I write, they have already imported and distributed millions of obscure syringes, vaccines and tablets across a relatively peaceful and safe Eastern Nigeria, otherwise known as Biafra land. And the most worrisome part of it all is that the medical bonanza is being forced upon little children of Biafra at gun point in their various schools, without the consent of their parents. Unbelievable!

How this infamous medical outreach correlates with the bloody operations PYTHON DANCE and CROCODILE SMILE recently launched by the military in Biafra land, still eludes every reasonable mindset. How these dancing pythons and smiling crocodiles have suddenly metamorphosed to the extent of dabbling into medical profession without the consent, certification and follow up of any known Nigeria health agency calls for a serious concerns and scrutiny. How could a right thinking military operative raid schools and be forcing an uncertified and questionable immunization program on healthy kids? Isn't it ridiculous and barbaric?

Is there any endemic or epidemic disease outbreak that has proven too untameable to the health sectors across the country or even southeast and southsouth in particular, to warrant the unlawful invasion of the military into communities and educational institutions under the guise of unsolicited vaccination or immunization? What sort of free medical service does the Nigeria military have for a people they recently declared as terrorists?

Even in wartorn northern Nigeria where millions of internally displaced children are dying as a result of outbreak of various diseases and malnutrition, the Nigeria military has not shown such an unusual humanitarian service. In fact they have on several occasions either bombed the IDP camps or carted away with relief materials donated by humanitarian agencies and conscientious individuals. The medical and humanitarian services in the northern part of Nigeria are being organized by the relevant health departments of the federal government in conjunction with local and international humanitarian agencies; this very aspect has never been orchestrated by the military who are yet to contain or neutralise the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents.

But this same military that has totally destroyed their prestige and reputation in Biafra land, now think that they can eat their cake and have it. How could they have expected that the same people whom they've desecrated their land, by spilling the blood of their promising young men and women on the streets, to turn around within a twinkle of an eye and embrace them, even if the so called military operatives decorate themselves, their armoured tanks, war planes and assault riffles with all manner of vaccines.

The fact that the new 'Monkey Pox' disease outbreak was first noticed immediately the military commenced their enforced medical promo has even aided and abetted the perception of most members of the public that the disease outbreak has a lot to do with the military free vaccines. That notwithstanding, it is now very clear to all and sundry that the Nigeria military has instigated an unhealable wound of hostilities upon Biafrans, hence they can no longer be trusted by the populace. For Biafrans, there is no longer any difference between Boko Haram a military that guns them down for exercising their right to self determination and has even gone as far as labelling them as terrorists in order to justify their unforgivable crimes against humanity.
Every reputable security expert will unequivocally tell you that this is not a very good sign for a country that is on the verge of total collapse.
The people of Anambra have exemplified that the right to self determination is not only about asking for ones own country, it also entails rejecting totally the murderous military of an oppressive government. Similarly, in no  distant time, they will also pass a strong message to the world that they are longer interested in Nigeria's electioneering processes unless a referendum is guaranteed.

1 comment

  1. What wicked a country we live it. The Nigeria Army has been massacring pro-Biafran with life bullets since 2015 and Fulani herdsmen are also all over the SE/SS committing all kinds of atrocities. The gory pictures of torture and massacres are making news around the world. Now, they have devised such a wicked way to exterminate Biafran people - through injecting the school children with poisonous virus to kill them slowly. Nigeria is cursed indeed. God will surely continue to punish the perpetrators of this sinister and satanic attacks. Please Ndigbo wakeup and protect your people and land from these evil and murderous jihadist Fulani tribe. Please do not allow your children to be killed slowly by these evil Nigerian Army.


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