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Sunday 8 October 2017



The horror and terror bell is resounding
This time, loud and and clearer than before,
The horror and terror bell of warning.

It is sounding to the hearing of all
Even the deaf will have no excuse to give.

At the early warning,
The blind is to locate the road,
The paralyzed is to crawl for safety,
The animals are to seek refuge.

It is a bloody terror and horrific warning bell
Let the children be courageous
Let the youths prepare
Let the men of the land sharpen their knives.

Tighten up the entrance door of your houses
Let their be storage of food in the ban
Let all get set and prepared
The reoccurring hour of history is here.

It is an early hour of horror and terror bell
It is resounding for all to hear
It doesn't know its supporters and opposition
It is the alarm of safety and destruction.

The horror and terror bell is no more Nnamdi Kanu
This deadly warning is not only for IPOB and her supporters,
It is not for the youths only
It is a terrifying terror and horror warning for all

From your farthest land
From there your land of sojourn
From your asylum nations
Throw your support in kind
Throw your support in cash
Throw your support in Wisdom and knowledge

They have come again-
The enemies of our land,
Those that spilled over 3.5 million of our own blood,
Those that watched our little ones die of hunger,
Those that ensued that our mothers abandoned their new born babies, Those that raped our young ladies to death,
The barbaric creatures are here again.

Let it be a once and for all battle,
Let it be the battle of the lion's last breath,
Let the courage to confront this vampires be stirred.

Time to delete soft and gentle spirit is now;
Time to mix our religion with weapon of survival now.

It is now the hour-
Blood for blood,
Eyeball to eyeball,
Teeth to teeth
Death to death.

We are already a walking corpse;
What is the joy of living without freedom?
Where taste is the food eaten on chains?
Shall our children also be considered as descendant slaves?

The vampires are already here in our land,
They have positioned themselves
waiting for the final order;
Their guns are already awaiting the pull of the trigger;
Their bombs are already buried- waiting for explosion

They are waiting for the man-
who has broken their legs and hands;
They are desperate to have him killed at all cost,
They want to terminate the days of his life on earth,
The head of Nnamdi Kanu is what they seek for.

Prepare all ye able and disabled;
The coming days are evil,
The sun shall forbid to shine,
The air shall cease to blow,

The cloud revolving,
The red night is at hand-
Never you be taken by surprise
Let us match one on one
Let us confront them face to face

The heaven is set to blow the great wind-
And the stubborn oppressors shall be flushed out.
The earth shall open
And the remnants of Nigeria shall be consumed

Take heed-
The horror and terror bells ringing aloud,
And have your life and generation saved,
Redeem the time-
Because there may not be a second chance
Be saved from Nigeria and the tsunamic doom.

Mankind is about to tremble,
The international community shall regret their inaction and hypocrisy. Mainstream media shall have a field day.

The days of the British contraption are numbered,
Her last days are drawing closer by each second.

Nigeria and the suicide mission-
Behold the prophesied days
of reckoning is here;
Get your seat belt tightened.

There shall be none left to mourn her
Even the birds of the air
shall seek for refuge in other countries,
And shall not return until songs of freedom reverberates.

We are the ancient land owners,
We are the children of the immortal God,
We are the battle warriors
We are Biafrans!

History never recorded that we've been defeated-
Not before,
Not now,
And never shall it be.


Written By Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press.

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