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Monday 6 November 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

How many will you have to arrest, murder, kill or rape before you realize that Biafra is unstoppable? In 1943, just because you stood against your own independence from Britain, you unleashed mayhem on your fellow country men, had them killed, raped and massacred. Their bodies littered the streets of Northern Nigeria. Their offense was that they supported and stood firm for an independent Nigerian nation.

In 1966, some military men from almost all the tribes and ethnic nationalities in Nigeria carried out a coup against the powers that be. This military coup was erroneously tagged an Igbo coup, which led to a second coup led by Murtala Mohammed. In this coup, Aguiyi Ironsi, the then military Head of State was murdered in a most gruesome manner ever seen in Nigeria. He was actually tied on a military Jeep and had him roughly dragged to pieces by the speeding Jeep in a bumpy Nigerian road. The coup plotters and executioners exclusively of Northern extraction did not stop at killing the Head Of State, but went on with mutiny, killing every Igbo and South-south soldiers found in the North. More than 300 soldiers from old Eastern region were killed. We thought this would have made the North happy enough to quench the killing, but they went on unabated. They took the killing to the civilian population. They killed school children, killed market women and their husbands. It was a festival of killing for the North. More than 700 people were killed and they were all from the old Eastern Nigeria, which the agents of divide and rule now call South-east and South-south.

The killing made the people of Eastern Nigeria threaten secession. They demanded a stop to the brutal killing. But did the killing stop? No. Even the peace made at Aburi Ghana was thwarted by General Gowon from Plateau State. I have to remind you here that this same Yakubu Gowon, a Christian from Plateau state, who fought and killed more than 3million Biafran people in a war that erupted, has lost his voice as Fulani people kill his kit and kins in Plateau state with impunity. The killings have lasted for years now. The Fulani who masquerade as Fulani herdsmen have killed thousands of indigenous Plateau population unhindered. They killed 800 in one night in Agatu, Benue state, went to Nimbo in Enugu state and left families weeping in grieves. Youths with brighter future laid dead. A Catholic seminarian on an Apostolic work and a student that just returned from Canada for holiday, were among the people cut down by the dangerous knife wielding Fulani people, aided by Nigerian military and protected by the Fulani controlled government of Mohammadu Buhari.

With the rejection of the Aburi Accord, the only source of peace, the war erupted. At the dawn of 6th July, 1967, the first bullet was fired signalling the beginning of the gruesome 30month civil war and carnage on Biafra territory by the Nigerian government led by Yakubu Gowon and her allies from other part of the world. Britain, Russia, Egypt directly helped Nigeria and even sent soldiers alongside ammunitions to Nigerian government in that genocidal war of attrition. Women and children were killed in their millions, hospitals and schools bombarded with bombs, the worse genocide ever, was committed against indigenous people within the chores of Africa. Asaba genocide was committed by Murtala Mohammed who later became a national hero and even found his head in Naira notes. In all, about 3million Biafrans perished in that war, through atomic hunger bomb. Obafemi Awolowo was it's inventor.

After the  genocidal war, the real war started. Easterners that came out from a three years civil war was denied of all the monies they have in Nigerian banks before the war.  All their property were declared abandoned property by the Nigerian state. Their men in civil service were not re-absorbed into the system, they were completely treated as 3rd class citizens. Haven seen the strength in the unity of the people of old Eastern region, they wielded their Fulani knife on that which held the people of old Eastern region together and they fell apart. They lied, lied and lied. They said the Igbo wanted to secede because of the oil in the Delta ( coastal region of Biafra). They told brothers, that their fellow brothers are their enemies. Brothers in the coastal regions bought the lies, and brothers in the hinterland became angry and hated their brothers. Divisive songs of saboteur raged, the dirty anthem of domineering spirit resounds. While brothers were still at each other's throats, the real saboteurs came in with their domineering spirit. They took the oil wells to themselves and have our lands polluted. They took virtually everything leaving the owners of the resources with nothing.

Today, together as brothers, the people of old Eastern region stands tall to challenge the real saboteurs with their domineering spirit. They today look the controller of the fake entity called Nigeria in the face and say enough is enough. They are no more buying into their lies. Goodluck Jonathan was stampeded and booted out of office and unlettered man chosen as his replacement. They have proclaimed their desire to quit this unequal unjust nation and resurrect Biafra, where they will be incharge of their destiny.

We have seen the Fulani say Gen.Sani Abacha did not loot or steal. We have seen all retired Northern military and politicians keep their loots undisturbed, but continue to molest those from the South. They used the media to roll in corruption tag to southern leaders alone albeit being the worst looters themselves. We have seen them turn our leaders to puppets and slaves. They have rendered them useless that they shamelessly stand against the interest of their own people in eternal servitude to the North.

Thanks to the courageous spirit of the their youths, thanks to the unity they have forged together. Thanks to the understanding from both sides, they can now challenge both our slavish leaders and tormentors.

They have attacked us. We gave in to Aburi Accord and they brought war to our doorsteps. Today, history is about to repeat itself once again. The North has continuously rejected RESTRUCTURING of the country. Something we know that will bring back equity, justice and trust to this nation. But they sat on it just like they sat on Aburi Accord. They tell you about equal and unequal in a supposedly equal nation. They tell you about 97% and 5%. You hear about instructions given to world bodies to concentrate their projects only in the North. They brag openly how they are "born to rule", they are quick to tell you how Igbo people can never rule Nigeria, even when they sing the indivisibility song of Nigeria. Their forefathers called southerners conquered people and the Middle Beltans they today kill, used as willing tools.

Reading the events of 1966, and the pogrom that followed, one would wonder what made Yoruba and Middle-belt join Hausa-Fulani in fighting a useless war of unity against Biafra, when it was the Hausa-Fulani, that after killing more than 300 soldiers of Eastern extraction also killed about 700 of their civilians. The middle- belt who today die everyday in the hands of Fulani herdsmen, matched to the East through Nsukka, killing and raping women. Just imagine. The sad thing is that this same Middle- beltans have not learnt their lessons. They are still in greater support of Hausa-Fulani in maintaining a greater North that wastes' their blood on daily basis. One may say that Yoruba would not join the Hausa-Fulani in 2017 against their southern cousins, but no, they joined. They seems to be ever ready to fight alongside this bloodsuckers from the bloodline of Usthman Dan Fodio who raised down Hausa people and made them happy slaves in their own land. Majority of Yorubas stood with Buhari in his attack and unleashing of Nigerian military to Igbo land killing a lot of Igbo youths with the dancing pythons.

When are you going to quit the arrest and killing? When? The more you arrest Biafrans the more they grow to hate Nigeria. You killed their youths in Umuahia, made them drink mud water in Aba leading to their painful death, and flew fighter jets across their airspace to remind their aging fathers how you, in 1967 bombed their markets, hospitals and schools. You flew fighter jets to instill deeper fear into Biafrans. Their children ran home from school on sighting military men coming to inject them with Python venom. The people of the  old Eastern region have been treated badly and they have responded by rejecting Nigeria for a brand new nation- Biafra.

Inside many prisons in Nigeria, many Biafra peaceful agitators are held without evidence to substantiate the alleged crime they were accused of. The Nigerian establishment is holding them while looking for evidence to use against them. No country has ever defeated secessionist movement with barrels of gun, and Nigeria's case will not be different.

As a student of history and a philosopher, I know that Nigeria can not restructure unless forced to do so. That is why I pity all restructure Nigeria proponent groups who in their naivity supported the killing of peaceful protesters by the Nigerian government.

I advice Nigeria to come to the dialogue table now or see Nigeria go into extinction.

My sole advise to Biafrans is to make history for themselves by boycotting all Nigerian elections starting with the forthcoming Anambra state guber poll on 18th November, 2017. After a successful election boycott in Anambra, Nigerian state will no longer be the same and her continuous existence redefined in a more proactive way and approach. I know we will do it.
I will boycott the election, you will boycott it too and together we will restore Biafra in no distant time.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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