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Monday 6 November 2017



By Obi Blaise
For Family writer Press

Without any fear of contradiction, what the media have been feeding the long suffering Nigerian masses,( before the arrival of the Indigenous People Of Biafra "IPOB"), is undiluted horse manure. This is because they are men without conscience and who operates with a blatant disregard for ethics. On the other hand, you have young men and women with a clear objective, notion, an Idea or conception, with one aim which is to restore #Biafra in every truth and in every honesty.

The evil and monstrosity these brown envelope journalists, cash and carry media houses in this part of the world we are so unfortunate to find ourselves in, aid and abet, truly defies comprehension, and indeed cannot be over-emphasized.

The media in any part of the world where people have conscience, should be the fourth arm of the law. A vibrant media not only disseminates information, but also guard and defend the poor masses by upholding the truth at all times in the face of any oppressive government. They do this by attacking the conscience of political buccaneers who might want to upend due process to suit their selfish desires. For them to disregard accurate accounts of day to day happenings, and have turned to a misleading tools in the hands of the corrupt political elements, thereby killing the entire society and bringing shame to themselves, is indeed disheartening.

IPOB and her media outlets, armed with every atom of truth at their disposal will continue to expose the lies and deceit of every media house that comes up to deceive the public with any concocted and unverified news. Lies and media propaganda can never stand the test of time no matter how cosmetic it's applied to make it palatable.

We have been watching with comic unbelief the malicious lies of the Nigerian media, that the just concluded Local Government Elections in Enugwu State Biafraland was free, fair and swept by the People's Democratic Party (PDP), we wish to Inform them that their day of reckoning is fast approaching. The various media agencies in this country have been cooking and serving all manner of lies since the just concluded Enugwu state election, opining that the elections was almost handled with heavenly efficiency. However, unsurprising, we are at their willingness to replace facts with fiction, we are more disgusted with the buoyant exuberance they displayed in their dance of shame.

During the coverage of the election by Family Writers Press correspondents, it was clearly seen in most of the pictures and video that went viral of what really happened in most of the polling stations. It was clearly visible, even to the blind, that beside the election officials, there was graveyard silence all round.
In some of the video interview with some of those workers, it was recorded that in some of those polling booths, it was only three persons that was accredited which with every indication, that those three people were party acolytes.

It is obvious that since the election was concluded, with a clear result of a total boycott by Biafrans, we got no analysis of the election from the media houses since the election was concluded, no commentary either on the radio or television since that day, only to start seeing some media outlets like Channel Tv, shamelessly publishing and showing a video of past elections, not even from that state but it was recorded from our intelligent research department of Family Writers Press international that those video were from elections that took place in the past in the nearby state of Ebonyi.

We hope that it does not come as a surprise to our people or any body, because we already knew what is to come. As has always been the case in the past, we told the entire public of how these media abortionists, these shameless and brown envelope journalist have been heavily paid to come against Biafra, which can easily be seen from every perspective or perception, as trying to counter or fight the truth.
We however, want to reassure the entire public not to panic as we are here to expose and counter every of their lies. We will try our possible best to expose them an uphold the truth at all times.

It is very laughable that the so called Channel Tv on Sunday morning, have done their own evil job as paid by the Nigerian government. And have set the tone for more lies to be told by their fellow media agencies. Accordingly all those other media outlets, both the print and TV media, have joined in singing the song of corruption with the tone set by Channels Television on Sunday morning. They have all joined together to do this very work of the devil.

We are aware that the forth coming governorship election that will be taking place in Anambra State come November 18th, will not be left out as they will be very much alive and with all manner of deviousness clothed in subterfuge, to discharge the lies they have cooked to the entire public and the good people of the world but we shall be here to expose those evil and already cooked lies.

Family Writers Press and other Biafra media outlets will be there to cover the events and this time they shall not get away with their evil. Good men cannot standby and watch evil prevail. Our humanity dies the day we decide to adopt such a defeatist position.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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