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Sunday 12 November 2017



By Sunday Okafor & Orji Ezinne
For Family Writers Press

A disturbing news hit  the news desk of Family Writers Press on the 4th day of November 2017, that two of their correspondents were apprehended by the Nigerian military,  following the bomb explosion in Enugu by unknown masterminds. An eyewitness has it that they were apprehended immediately they got to the scene of the incident, to carry out their duties as  journalists.  Despite not having a substantial evidence, to arrest the accused, Family Writers Press and all lovers of freedom  are soliciting for their immediate release and other innocent Biafrans apprehended alongside with them.

Recall that the Nigerian Government few weeks ago tagged the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) "terrorists" without any substantial evidence to back up the black market order. They used a "fire brigade approach" to accuse the Indigenous People who are demanding for self-determination under United Nations charter, duly  registered as a "terrorist organization". With the arrest of these journalists, the Nigerian government is trying every possible means to justify it's claim  for the world to believe that IPOB is a  terrorist group.

This is the reason why bombs were planted in Enugu on 4th  November, 2017 which was the day the   Chairmanship and Councillorship elections held in all parts of the State in order to have a soft landing to  tag innocent Journalists taking coverage of voters turnout in Enugu, as terrorists.

A good question begging for answers are:  is it wrong for journalists to give the world a situation report from an incident?
Why does the Nigerian government derive joy in  harassing journalists?

Although it is not a surprise because  Nigeria was built on lies, nurtured in wickedness and  hatred  so all its acts are geared towards evil  against the innocent while the wicked go free. Respect for human rights in Nigeria is a bizarre.  Journalists, as the voice to the voiceless are not treated differently. There is clampdown on journalists especially those who speak against the injustices in Nigeria.

Therefore, Family Writers Press, IPOB leadership and Biafrans at large hereby condemn the illegal abduction of Egwuatu Chuks and Prince Dan who were on duty when apprehended by the Nigerian security personnel in Enugu State.

Moreover, Egwuatu Chuks and Prince Dan of Family Writers Press are not militants, terrorists, miscreants  but  journalists who were in Enugu to give the masses first hand information on the already concluded election in Enugu State Biafra land.

So, on behalf of Family Writers Press, we urge the International Community, United Nation, Africa Union and other World Bodies to intervene on the unnecessary intimidation, killings and illegal arrest  meted on innocent journalists working for the freedom of their people from the oppressive Nigerian government.

Finally, the Nigerian government should warn its security agencies to desist from  arresting journalists unnecessarily. Egwuatu Chuks and Prince Dan should be released without delay because they committed no crime against humanity.

#FreeEgwuatuChuks #FreePrinceDan

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