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Sunday 12 November 2017



By Solomon Iwejuo
For Family Writers Press

When a child is born, it brings happiness to the sleeping heart and a joyful moment to the society the child finds his or herself. It is not always easy to control emotions that arise as a result of a single birth by a woman who passes through series of pains of different types. The birthday is always remembered by people  who see it as an honour to witness a special day like birthday. The good tidings of life are deeply felt as an honour and also as a result of God's grace and not man. The life we live therefore is a gift from God and no man has the right to cut it short or direct the way it should be lived. Life in Nigeria does not matter even when it is obvious that no man gives life  except God who designs the will of his creatures.

The amalgamation of Nigeria is nothing but a political tool to suffocate Biafrans. Though, I was not born during the Nigeria--Biafra Civil War but historical records speak volume of what transpired. Records have shown that virtually every family in Biafra land recorded dozens of casualties during the war of attrition. Families lost their loved ones. It is also on record that before the Civil War, Biafrans were massacred in Kano, Kaduna, Kastina, Jos and Sokoto. These killings could not be stopped by armless Biafrans. It was in defence of their existential being that the Civil War erupted.
Biafrans during 1967 to 1970 were able to escape death in the hands of the murderous government of Nigeria via the grace of Chukwuokike Abiama. Ever since the Civil War between Biafra-Nigeria ended, Nigeria has never experienced progress, peace, love  and developments because the blood of innocent Biafrans  still cry for justice.

Some sections of the country have the license to kill with impunity without anyone having the temerity to question them. These group of persons see themselves as feudal  lords who are glaringly above the law. To worsen the case, this act of butchering Biafrans is further sanctioned by leaders we gave political mandate to manage our affairs. These  killings were recorded in different ways. Elder Joseph Chukwu of Ikwere land shared his experience "our people were burnt, they cut, open up pregnant women and have their babies killed before their own very eyes".

Nigeria is full of evil which can only be cured by total separation. Ever since the forceful amalgamation of Nigeria, there have been constant wrangling and hounding of one another. There is no single day that passes we do not hear stories of how innocent citizens are  killed without any moral justification by people who are meant to protect them. Even media houses hardly report such incidents for  fear of the unknown.

However, I will briefly highlight some of the killings that have taken place since Buhari hijacked power in 2015 till date. The killing started in Anambra State when IPOB embarked  on their usual evangelism. It was  reported  that four persons lost their precious lives occasioned by the premeditated actions of happy triggered Nigerian Navy officers. Before then, there had been killings in Benue State by Fulani herdsmen where over two thousand souls were wasted. It could be recalled that a woman was killed in Kano by angry Islamic youths who accused the woman of making a blasphemous statement against Mohammed. Similarly,  on his way to Nigeria, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi kanu was arrested by the Nigerian DSS which prompted a nation wide protest that led to the shooting of over twenty unarmed youths including a girl who was  an undergraduate in one of the Universities in Biafra land.

There was Aba National High school massacre, where over forty Biafrans were murdered by combined security forces of Nigeria while praying for the release of their leader. As if that was not enough, Biafrans  were brutally murdered at Nkpor on 30th May 2016 in a church where  they had gathered to honour their fallen heroes. According to Amnesty International, over two hundred people were  killed. What made the killings in Nkpor Anambra State special was that most of the killings took place in a Catholic Church. As much as people cried for these ruthless killings, Buhari did his worst by ordering the killing of Biafrans at a rally tagged "Trump victory".

All these killings by the murderous government of Nigeria should be a strong wake up call for every genuine Biafran. In dedication and oneness, we shall  boycott the election of 18th November 2017.  Together we shall stand strong to restore Biafra! It is Biafra or we die in the process.


Editor: Kalu Nwokoro Idika
Family Writers Press

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