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Thursday 16 November 2017



By Chima Uche
For Family Writers Press

The purpose of boycotting Nigerian elections goes beyond the elections in Enugu and Anambra States as it is meant to purge Nigeria from our land and hasten the restoration of Biafra. Anambra State Governorship election is strategic because for the purgation to be complete, it must be total and the governorship election is part of that unhealthy Nigerian political system that must be removed and replaced with an unadulterated and vigorous Biafran political system, and Anambra State is the current place in Biafra land such a process is to be held and the outcome of the boycott will serve as a precursor of what will happen in the 2019 general election. A successful boycott of Anambra election will mangle the political mechanism of Nigeria making it easier to be discarded. In all, here are six genuine reasons why  Biafrans should boycott all Nigerian elections. They are genuine reasons because the struggle for Biafra involves each and every Biafran and has become part of our daily lives; and as long as Biafra becomes our personal aspirations, no oppression can discourage us from getting it.

1. Nigeria’s Political System is  Irredeemably Corrupt and Skewed to the North.

You may have noticed that the politicians, while in positions of power make themselves inaccessible to the people they serve but during election campaign they would even go to the flea markets to seek the people they had scorned.  Of course they want the impoverished masses’ support but that is not the reason why they ignored them initially. The reason is that the allegiances of these so-called political leaders do not lie with the electorates. They lie with Fulani caliphate. All our political leaders, no matter their political parties and no matter whatsoever they call their new political parties, do not hold any real political ideology other than personal ‘permanent’ political ‘interests’. They focus  on political positions at the Federal level and since in fact the Federal ‘Republic’ of Nigeria belongs the Fulani caliphate, their loyalties go completely to the Hausa-Fulani oligarchs whom they beg to hand down  these Federal opportunities—Ministerial appointments, Senatorial  seats, Vice Presidency, and so on to them.

So, while you think you have a governor, he  is not concerned about you and instead serves the Hausa-Fulanis. He steals your State allocations to fund a Hausa-Fulani political campaign. He uses your State's funds to buy exotic cars for all the Emirs in the North. He then steals for himself with the confidence that the Hausa-Fulani handlers of EFCC will not come after him because of the pilfering he did for the Caliphate. These are the main reasons they do not build good roads and do not carry out any tangible long term projects that would improve the living standards in the States. And that is why your governor will not do anything to stop Fulani-herdsmen menace.

But then, do you wonder why they still come to the masses for votes since they already have the backings of powerful Hausa-Fulani masters? They need the votes as  cover, that is why. It is said that “when people come out in large numbers to vote for their candidate, their votes count” but that is not really true in Nigeria.

The Nigerian electoral process is fraught with fraudulent loopholes. So, no matter whom you all voted for and how closely you escorted the ballots to the collation centre, any politician with the right clout could walk up to the collation officer or the resident electoral commissioner and hand him  different set of numbers with which the electoral officer changes the actual vote counts. The politicians may even add their own fake ballots for special effects; and when the electoral tribunal requests for the ballots, the INEC offices will mysteriously be gutted by fire. So, without any evidence of falsification of vote counts, one cannot truly prove there was an electoral malpractice of that kind. So, the attendance of voters is actually what the courts use to prove there was a “free and fair” election. In other words, the electorates themselves unwittingly aided in the rigging of the election. Our politicians are so sick, aren’t they? So, you see, the politicians just need you to be present at the polling units and to let it be they canvassed for votes, so they can use your attendance as cover to try to rig each other out.

You votes did not really count. So, why would any sane person stand in the sun or the rain to cast a vote which will not actually determine which thief will be appointed when they could stay at home and by so doing effectively kick all these political rogues out of thieving business?

2. The “Political Elite” Betrayed Us All.

There are three prominent Nigerian political parties in Biafra land . The five Igbo-speaking States, in particular, are run by All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA); People's Democratic Party (PDP); All Progressives Congress (APC). All Igbo-born political elite, regardless of which one of these parties

they belong to, by their actions and especially inactions reduced our nation to a subject of ridicule. Using their own very hands, they subjected our nation to abuse. And quite recently, as you can remember, the five Igbo-state governors aided the Arewa’s ‘Federal’ Army in violating our people and even encouraged that same army to go into our primary and secondary schools to forcefully inject our children with poisonous chemicals.

The apologists of these governors will tell you that the “governors’ hands were tied using the threat of imposition of State of Emergency by the Federal government and hence were forced to proscribe Biafra”. While the excuse is deceptive, it also exposes the inherent impotence of the state governments combined, in a Nigerian political system, to uphold the States' desires against the Federal aggressor.
The excuse itself is, meanwhile, deceptive because the State governors and local officials hide behind it to wilfully sabotage their own States; and this is why, the most unfortunate part of the sad situation is that, now that the people want to replace the impotent political system with a potent one, these same saboteurs became threatened and conspired with the Hausa-Fulani oppressor to kill their own people.

That is also the reason why the Federal Government will say it released allocations to the States but the governors tell the States there is no fund but will feed fat and build all sorts of white elephant projects to honour every corrupt African politician they can remember and when it is time for electoral campaigns, they will miraculously have funds to buy bags of rice and wheelbarrows and tricycles with which they use to hoodwink some of our people to vote for them. These saboteurs take us for fools and have fooled us for long. They shall not fool Biafrans anymore, no matter the name of the party they come with. They, all of them that are clamouring for political positions are enemies of the Biafran people. They want the impotent status quo to remain.

Even while other governors in other regions of Nigeria make bills to ban open-and-indiscriminate grazing to protect the lives of their own citizens, Biafran-born Nigerian governors and legislators feign powerlessness against Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association when Fulani herdsmen destroy our farms and crops, rape and murder our women and slaughter our men and burn down our communities, but little did we know that they will stop at nothing to ban our own (their own) national identity so as to erode our national consciousness.

Right now, as a result of the complicity of these politicians, every other tribe wants Biafrans murdered and takes delight in seeing Biafrans suffer and slaughtered. Right now, all the other tribes mock Biafrans for hoping that these “political leaders” will abandon the crumbs they get from  the tables of Hausa-Fulani oligarchs to support the course of saving the Biafran nation from eternal servitude. Because of these good-for-nothing evil men and women who parade themselves as the leaders of Biafraland, the rest of Nigeria that already loathes Biafrans, now see them as helpless and luckless misfits they can bully at will.

We therefore register our resentment on them by spurning them and refusing to consent to their arrogant claims to selfish aspirations for political offices.

3. It is a Vote of No Confidence on the Nigerian-leaning “regional governments” and the Political class.

Elections boycott will send an unequivocal message to the local and international communities that the people of Biafra have utterly rejected the so-called regional governments that Nigeria set up in our land and that these governments and their agents no longer have our blessings and so do not represent us

Bear in mind that the impression the back-stabbing regional “State governors” and their accomplice, Nnia Nwodo—who is unfortunately the President of “Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo”,  give the outside world, by proscribing Biafra agitation and supporting the Nigerian Army, that murdered our people in cold blood, declaring the victims and the rest of us terrorists is that those calling for Biafra referendum are:
i. an “illegitimate sect”,
ii. that the sect does not represent the overall desires of the people of the “region”.
Hence, the total boycott of the election as directed by the leadership of IPOB will clearly prove to the whole world that:
i. the Indigenous people of Biafra are not “a sect” but are, rightly as stated in the nomenclature, all of the people of Biafra;
ii. all Biafrans collectively participate in the agitation for Biafra’s freedom, and
iii. Biafrans insist on self-determination via Biafra referendum.

4. Elections boycott is a powerful non-violent, people-oriented means to abhor and tear down Nigeria.

By this means we show to the proponents of armed struggle that truly ‘igwe bụ ike’—that a totally people-powered mass movement is so mighty and overwhelming that it dethrones tyranny and defeats armies effortlessly. Power belongs to the people; not a cabal or a single individual and his minions. Do you know how "the pen is mightier than the sword"? The sword could put mortal fear in the minds of some people but the pen is used to sow the seed of enlightenment in minds of the people and when their minds are activated, the people become invisible to all swords. So we must apply our people-power to decimate our oppressors.

5. Quicken The Release of Our Sons and Daughters From Nigerian Prisons.

Biafrans, be assured that when you successfully boycott the elections, Nigeria will certainly be compelled to release all our brothers and sisters held in prisons and secret jails across Nigeria. We will be taking a lead from the Catalonians. Immediately after the boycott of Anambra State governorship elections, Biafrans will organise a referendum across Biafra land with or without the cooperation of the Nigerian government. And when the Biafrexit vote wins, Biafra will commence the process of negotiating the release of our people from Nigerian jails.

Remember that these our incarcerated brethren are counting on us to continue pushing and fighting until Biafra is restored. So it is our duty to ensure that Biafra comes quicker so that they too will be free from Nigerian jails as soon as possible.

6. We Score A Bonus Point By Taunting Those Who Enjoy Killing Us.

Have you noticed that the people who were so happy and rejoiced when the islamist army of Nigeria gunned down and molested our brothers and sisters are the ones who are so scared and troubled by the impending boycott? Some jealous elements in the South West may gossip but the Arewas will be traumatised by the boycott.

The Arewas do not want us to be united and so are always troubled whenever we are galvanised, in one voice, towards a common goal. Remember that the Arewas—the same tribe that vowed that we must remain their slaves for eternity, were so upset by the total success of this year’s Biafra's Heroes Day sit-at-home exercise that they recalled their ‘talakawas’ from our lands and called for the immediate dismemberment of Nigeria. Therefore, rattling those cow-headed cow herders once again, even though it is not the primary aim of the elections boycott, will be a bonus.

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