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Friday 17 November 2017



You are a human on the planet earth.
You belong to the family of what the science called homosapien otherwise known as human genius.

What makes you a human?
The ability to reason differently and the power to do works are essentially what makes you a human among other creatures.

To be a human is not the problem but  lack of ability to reason well is the problem. Otherwise known as thinking skill ability.

You, as a human was created to be an independent creature and within you lies the power to make decisions.

You were made the 'Governor' and 'President' of yourself the moment you were born.

The right to good governance begins with you!
Today, the duty has called for the human genius in Biafra land especially in Anambra State to restore the natural power of reasoning endowed unto all living creatures.
The duty has called for the total restoration of self governance in our land
Those we gave power to manage our affairs are now managing our lives for us.
 Our governors have taken our lives into their hands. They decide when, where and how we should live and die.
Our leaders have risen to be the Biblical Nebuchadnezzar where they determine who  dies and who  lives.
They have blinded our generation and will do the same to the unborn generation. Should we continue to give them that power to trap us?

Anambrarians, the bedrock of Gad, the head of Eri in Igbo land, the duty has called for us to do that which first sons are known for.
The time to ignore Jacob’s yam porridge is now and never shall we behave like  the Biblical Lot's wife in this election boycott.

The power to dethrone all vampires and blood sucking demons in government houses in all Biafra land lies within us starting from Anambra State the first born of the Igbos.

The greatness of every politician depends on the masses.
they are useless without you and I.
We make them worthless when we fail to vote them in

In Africa, politicians value the masses only during their electioneering campaigns and after being elected, they turn to vampires against the people who voted them in.

In Biafra land, all the politicians should meet their waterloo this time as we the masses would take back our mandate given to  them

The election boycott is inevitable and irrevocable and I pray that no  family in Anambra State will fail us. No Family  will rise to give power to any of this evil politicians to continue  their subjugations  against the poor masses.

Our people have been gruesomely murdered by the evil leaders we ignorantly voted for in the past.
They laid siege against us, they deprived us our joy, they murdered us in our sleep
they forced us to summit
to their will. They kill us with impunity
, they deprived us our human rights
They have increased the number of orphans, widows and widowers in our land
. They have closed the generational lineage of many families. They ensure that our unending sorrows last forever.

The time to subdue their powers is now
The day of reckoning is here!
Anambrarians and Biafrans at large, never shall we urinate upon the graves of our fallen heroes and heroines. Never shall we sell our unborn generation just for  peanuts!
Never shall we accept Amnesty because we are not criminals!
Never shall we accept rehabilitations because we are neither sick nor  mentally deranged!

We have outgrown the peanut amnesty and their rehabilitation programs. Therefore, we shall work to better the lives of the generation unborn
We shall rise to cleanse  our land of the stained blood. Our people
shall rise to restore God's glory in the land of Biafra
We shall rise to appease our fallen heroes and heroines by restoring the land they fought and died for.
Above all, we shall ensure that the name Nigeria is obliterated from the surface of the earth
to the glory of Yahweh of Israel and for the salvation of mankind.

And it shall be well with us!


Happy "OFE-NSALA" day in advance

Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press

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