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Friday 17 November 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

On Tuesday, 14th day of November 2017, the "who is who" in Igbo part of Biafraland gathered in Ebonyi state to confer a chieftaincy title to a genocidist and an unrepentant dictator, President Muhammadu Buhari, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in a bid to demonstrating their unfettered slavish nature to the caliphate up North. In Igbo land, people are honoured with chieftaincy titles for their good deeds to the people but it must be on merit. The Igbo people confers  chieftaincy titles to honour great people in their society, even outsiders who must have done some great deeds to them, just like a man that saved the life of any member of a royal family, may be a King, Queen, Prince or a Princess, such a person deserve to be honored with a name that befits his kind gesture.

When President Muhammadu Buhari was given this title in Igbo land, I asked myself this fundamental question, "What has Buhari done for the Igbo people and the good people of Ebonyi state in particular to merit such an apex honour from the red cap chiefs and some of the so-called Igbo leaders"? I think it will do this writeup some good for me to do justice to the above question.

Firstly, President Buhari, immediately he took the oath of office on 29th May, 2015, during his interview with an international journalist in far away London, while reacting to a question, boldly without mincing words told the interviewer that it will be politically impossible to treat the 97 percent of the people that voted him  same way as those 5 percenters that did not vote for him. With this assertion, the "one Nigerian" president was referring to his Hausa Fulani people up North as 97percenters while the Igbos down South are those 5percenters that must be dealt with for not voting him in. President Mohammadu Buhari, true to his word made his first kitchen cabinet appointment after six months in office in total exclusion of politicians from the South-east, that is those from the 5percent region. He also put a stop to an already under construction, Niger Bridge in same South-east region.

Recall that Buhari during another interview on a TV programme with BBC Hausa service, promised to kill more Igbo Biafrans if need arises, in as much as it will continue to make Nigeria to remain united. Buhari has a record of mind blowing and terrible past behavior against the Igbo Biafrans. However, Buhari during his early days as a military man, supervised the killing of over 2million Biafrans in Imo state axis during the Nigerian/Biafran war that lasted for 3years. Fast forward it to this day, Buhari as a military dictator turned democrat is again championing the mass killings and near extermination of the youths in the South-east region. He has passionate hatred for those he referred to as 5percenters.

There has been nothing Buhari has done to better the life of any Igbo man.
The so- called leaders instead of summoning courage and asking president Buhari some pertinent questions on why he killed their youths, fathers, mothers and even children in recent past during his ill-fated visit, shamelessly decided to honour him with a chieftaincy title. The funniest part of this whole charade was that the seemingly ill-fated occasion took place inside a room under lock and key with the political rouges in "isiagu" regalia, who gathered as vultures to confer the hallowed cultural heritage of the Igbos to the killer of their own people. Buhari, the unrepentant bigot was gifted with a chieftaincy name "Enyioma Ndi Ebonyi na Ndi Igbo nile". Indirectly, these vultures in human form that parades as leaders apparently honoured Buhari as he Championed the butchering of a people and the title represents the "Trophy" of the championship.

However, they shamelessly gathered in Ebonyi state to thank, applaud and congratulate President Buhari for killing their youths and it was all a "THANK YOU" festival.
''Thank you for invading and raiding the palace of a king in Umuahia, Igbo land. Thank you for sending your Pythons to  come and dance in Igbo land, thereby sending our children to the great beyond untimely. Thank you for your lopsided appointment that completely excluded us and our children from your government. Thank you, your Excellency, for the total blackout on all infrastructural developments in Igbo land ranging from the order to vacate from site of the already under construction second Niger Bridge, and  sanctioning a halt of all activities therein, to excluding South-east in the railway project and death trap roads, to ill-equipped and dilapidated health care centres and poor educational infrastructure, and  to mention but a few. For directing the World Bank to concentrate development only in the Northern region with the exclusion of other parts of the country, your Excellency, thank you. When the Hausa Fulani dominated Nigerian Senate voted against the South-east Development Commission simply because it was not beneficial to the caliphate, "Baba Buhari" lost his executive power to raise concern to such marginalisation. Therefore, all of us representing the 5petcenters say a very big thank you "Baba".

Unfortunately, it has now become crystal clear that once a president wants to be honoured with a title in Igbo land, such a president have to order the military to launch a snake, elephant, monkey or even dragon to go dance "Azonto" in Igbo land and that earns you a chieftaincy title. Send the military to arrest innocent civilians and level a bogus allegation of treasonable felony on them and have them incarcerated for years without bail, even when a court of competent jurisdiction free them, go to National Television, incite and threaten judges and legal practitioners that no one should grant them bail, "Enyioma Ndi Ebonyi, Daalu"

I am pained that the genocidist and the killer of my people was honoured in our land by our so- called leaders of shame. I am even more pained that these leaders are indirectly telling us that they are standing with our hater and killer with impunity and instead of telling them their sins in their faces, the gullible youths cheered them up because of the crumbs from the table of their collective slave master- Buhari. I only wish to tell all my brethren, that our killer can never be our healer. How can our passionate hater be our passionate lover? It is practically impossible.

The time is ripe now for POLITICAL REVOLUTION", with the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the revolution is already waging and all hand must be on desk for full-fledged revolution. Every Biafran man and woman should as a matter of sanctity of life, join hands to redeem our integrity and dignity as a people. We need to send a message across to them all. It is time to make them understand that there will be consequences of every of their actions and  honouring our killer with our traditional chieftaincy title, consequences abounds. Let us stand together, for in division we will all fall. Let us through our actions put it straight to these leaders that power belongs to the people of Biafra. If you have been doubting, then this chieftaincy title conferred on President Buhari by those governors and red cap chiefs is enough to make you understand that the election boycott as directed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB is the one of the revolutionary action that will send a well deserved message to our shameless leaders which will force the secure a date for Biafra referendum from the fraudulent entity called Nigeria. You can now understand the reason behind the boycott, proscription and terrorist tag on IPOB.

These leaders knows that this boycott will be their greatest undoing which will finally send them into oblivion and that is why they are fighting back and dirty, that is why they are going from house to house bribing people and  taking their names and voters cards. That is why they have perfected plans to import people from other states as to confuse the world into believing that election took place.

I call on every good spirited Biafran to stand  with IPOB and boycott the forthcoming Anambra state election on November 18th 2017. Boycott Anambra state election and secure a date for Biafra referendum.

 Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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