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Friday 17 November 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

A certain man once told me that there is no Nigerian politician that is not a devil. I doubted this assertion until I read the lies emanating from Senator Mrs Stella Odua, that if we do not vote in Anambra state election, a state of emergency will be declared in Anambra state. In her words, the Senator said "Our constitution does not allow for half a minute space between the incumbent tenure being over and the next tenure”.

“Therefore, if we fail to come out and cast our vote to have a new governor, what will happen is that the Federal Government will provide an administrator and declare a state of emergency". What a fallacy! I continue;
“It means that democracy will elude us, the administrator that would be governing us would not be who we voted for or who we desire; that is not what we want."

This is not just only fallacious, but a lie against humanity. What will make a person lie to her own people if not greed and desperation? It is now clear that nothing has ever touched these politicians in Biafraland like the boycott of election from IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It is a pity that those we thought are sincere are nothing but sellouts and greedy ridding humans.

Just two months ago, President Mohammadu Buhari declared an operation code-named "Operation Python Dance II" in the politically code-named Southeast. An operation he ordered so as to wipe out the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) simply for demanding for a referendum to decide their fate in the damnable entity they found themselves. Surprisingly, the Python dance was targeted at the Royal house of HRH, Israel Okwu Kanu in Umuahia, which incidentally is the home of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in which the military claimed they are doing "show of force" exercise. Imagine the trauma of seeing loads of military armoured tanks, military vehicles and military personnel armed to the teeth, in front of your house, probably shooting on anything that moves. This act can simply lead to psychological trauma.

This is an exercise almost inside a man's house. A man under a bail condition albeit stringent, for a trumpedup charges of treasonable felony leveled against him by the fantastically corrupt federal government of Nigeria. The military invaded his house killing more than 28 of his loyalists including a pet dog in the house. The Python did not only dance in Umuahia, it also stretched it's venom to Aba,  the same Abia state, killing many innocent civilians including a certain professional tailor called Mr Imo. They forced the youths to drink mud water which suffocated them to death. But prior to that time, the Nigerian military had embarked on a festival of killing in different parts of Biafraland with impunity, unabated.

In all these killings that happened in the glare of the world with many pictorial and video evidences, we never heard the voice of this senator representing Ogbaru Federal constituency, who was also the former Nigerian Aviation Minister. She maintained a criminal silence as the Nigerian military mowed  down defenseless Biafran youths.

The senator only found her voice now because of the stipulated boycott of all Nigerian elections, starting from Anambra state as directed by unrelenting Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), because that is where it affects all the politicians masquerading as leaders in Biafraland including this Honorable Senator. Her empire is now being threatened by the election boycott. It was not threatened when the youths were butchered in their numbers in different parts of Biafraland. It was not threatened when the only voice of the voiceless, only trusted mouthpiece of the downtrodden, only viable freedom fighting organization of our time IPOB was proscribed by their own governors, neither did she feel perturbed when the Federal government of Nigeria branded such a  peaceful mass movement like IPOB a terrorist organization.

Recall that some months back, Biafrans in Ozubulu  were massacred in the holy of holies right inside the church, as the priest was saying the Holy Mass. The police in less than two hours concluded that a seemingly terror attack was just a mere drug war. Yet our dearest Madam Senator, kept her voice hidden and sealed. Even when the same Nigerian police came out with their shameful stories of how a certain man went to a certain prison in South Africa and met a certain man- prisoner who told him that he was the one that ordered the Ozubulu killing, yet again our senator maintained a deafening silence.

She has now suddenly found her voice, speaking from both sides of her mouth, that "we should vote or risk state of emergency" she called it. What a blatant lie and a fallacious assertion.

Brethren, when are we going to look these people in the eyes and ask them some very important questions as to why they are against their own people? Are we going to continue allowing these liars to unabatedly playing ludo with our collective intelligence and destiny? Are we not already in state of emergency? If we are not in a state of emergency, then what killed the 28youths in Umuahia, Abia state at  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's recidence to be precise, even fighter jets were hovering within the airspace in Biafraland? Are the governors not serving as the Federal government appointees? What have we gained having these selfish blood suckers and supporters of iniquity against their own people, as our governors?

I have said it and I am saying it again. We Biafrans have no leaders, because I strongly believe that what we have are just one chance politicians in eternal services to their collective slave masters.

I therefore call on the good people of Anambra state and the lovers of freedom to disregard the lies coming from Senator Stella Odua or her likes. When you start hearing these kind of lies, know that the agitation is hitting them hard. Boycott every election in Biafraland until a date for Biafra referendum is secured.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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