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Sunday 19 November 2017



By Ikeyahkadibia Onyeji
For Family Writers Press

In line with democratic principles, Biafrans massively boycotted the charade of an election that took place in Anambra State yesterday. On the other hand, the Nigerian print and TV media are doing all they can, to manufacture an alternative reality where 20 party agents will become 20,000 electorates. "Government magic" is what the legendary musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti used to call it.

International observers 
"Government Magic" is using pictures of voters, in Hijab and Babariga from past elections in 2011 and 2015, to paint a fake reality that there was election in Anambra State. The will of the people of Biafra, in embarking on civil disobedience through election boycott and sit at home, that are also in line with democratic principles to reject tyranny and illegality can not be over emphasized, as it has since bedeviled the Nigerian state and has also left her in comatose. Civil disobedience is a tool used by citizens of a country to register disaffection towards unfavorable government policies that are oppressively disheartening, thereby bending the hand of the government into a round table discussion for redress.

Biafrans have for a while now made it clear to the Nigerian State that they are no longer comfortable with existing in this lopsided and damnable country. In true democratic spirit, Biafrans want to exit Nigeria via an internationally recognized referendum, but the hypocrisy and the evil nature of the Nigerian state, turned the call for a peaceful referendum into a call for war. Whenever Biafran youths matched in the streets on a peaceful protest, they are gunned down, arrested and many incarcerated and leveled with bogus and trump-up allegations. While all these happened, the  political leaders maintained a dangerous silence that was disheartening as it was disgusting. Probably because they are too scared to speak up for fear of losing their avenue of looting for their stomach infrastructure. Some of them, in typical Nigerian hypocritical style, hid their fears in what they called "Calls for Regional Autonomy " or Restructuring, because they were too scared to stand up for the truth, that the people demands a sovereign nation of Biafra. Some of these political hooligans even connived with Arewa politicians and Arewa dominated Nigerian Army to massacre Biafran youths unabatedly with impunity.

So on election day, Biafrans decided to take their sovereignty back. Biafrans can not keep voting for people who cannot provide them with basic infrastructure and still connive with the enemies to murder them for demanding a free Biafran state, hence the call to boycott all the Nigerian fraudulent elections beginning with the Anambra State governorship election yesterday, which was massively adhered to by Biafrans.

However, democratic expert Robert McConnell in his magnum opus, "The Rules of Order", outlined various principles that governs democracy and it's practices. One of them is that "All members of the society are equal—they have equal rights and responsibilities."  The same way the politicians feel they have the right to kill Biafrans and stand for election afterwards, is the same way Biafrans reserve the right to civil disobedience by refusing to participate in the election until the people's demand for a referendum is granted.

As Biafrans we are natural apostles of democracy and our DNA abhors tyranny, oppressive rule by a minority and mindless leaders. That is why we chose the part of civil disobedience in our quest for freedom.

Robert McConnell also advanced the theory that in a democracy "Leaders come from the people through an election process which is fair and not slanted, so a favored group can control the organization. When a leader’s term of office ends, he or she returns to the people who can decide to give him a new mandate or not... Civil disobedience in a bid to address societal grievance is not abnormal", hence it is a veritable tool in the hands of the oppressed.

With the aforementioned quote, those who seek to brainwash people that civil disobedience is an aberration in a democracy are put to shame. That is why they were shamelessly buying votes and using cooked rice to entice geriatric members of the electorate to cast their ballots.

Nigerians love to pride themselves on how they love democracy and it's values but in their hypocrisy that is deeply rooted in atavistic hatred for Biafrans, they will rather cheer on tyranny than watch the will of the people prevail.

Having said that, Biafrans through yesterday's election boycott have made their will known to the world. It was a 98 percent successful boycott. Even the politicians were falling over themselves in desperation to buy votes with cash and food. A scene which I'm sure the international observers witnessed.

Yesterday was our "spiritual Referendum". It was symbolic as well. Anambra the first son was given a task to liberate his siblings and he did not fail. In the coming moments a lot of electoral and judicial shenanigans that will make joke of rule of law and democracy will start emanating. The Nigerian print and TV media in the typical nauseating hypocrisy that is congenitally Nigerian, will turn ten votes into a thousand votes in the sense that, where they were lucky to get a hundred votes they will multiply it into a million votes. No Nigerian media will ever agree that Biafrans massively boycotted the festival of lies and illegality they called Nigerian elections which is a legitimate endorsement for corrupt leadership. They will refuse to blow out trumpet of victory for Biafrans for a job well done, but we will blow it ourselves. They will refuse to tell our true story, yes, we do not care. We will tell the world our story and rightly so.

They will use photos of previous elections, of people queuing to cast their votes, including  people wearing hijab and babariga, LASTMA officials and ballot boxes marked 2010 or 2015, in a bid to deceive the gullible, that is fake representation and reportage on the side of the Nigerian brown envelope media outlets. Disregard their fake news with zest, or you can observe in comic amazement as people who claim to uphold the rule of law indulge in petty lying to advance evil and suppress the will of the people. Whatever systematic evil they come up with, it just advances our point further--that Nigeria is a satanic empire that Biafrans must exit as soon as possible in other that our future generations might see the light, and live in a society they will be proud to call their own. It will prove our point further, that Nigeria is an expensive joke of a century, a monumental fraud orchestrated by the British colonialists and peopled by human beings who survive on a diet of lies and hypocrisy.

Finally, in the coming days it will look as if nothing is happening. "What next after the boycott? " I hear many people ask. The legendary Nelson Mandela (God bless his soul) made us realise that the road to freedom is a long walk. It is not an easy road to trade on. It is the part less travelled but it eventually leads the traveller to his destination in the end. That is the part we have chosen and it will lead us to the promise land in the end.

Until then, Biafrans in Anambra kweenu! Yaaaa!
Kweezuo nu oo! Iseeeeeee

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press


  1. There was no election in Anambra State but rigging and imposition of the incumbency. The turnout was less than 2%. The boycott of Anambra State governorship election received full compliance by Anambrans – almost 98% and sit-at-home was 100%. This means that BIafran people have rejected the politicians and rulers imposed upon them and the land. Now, we Biafrans must move forward to set a date for referendum. We must be free now. Kudos to Biafrans in Anambra! Kudos to IPOB leadership!! All Hail Biafra.

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