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Monday 20 November 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

Old picture published  by Punch Newspapers
as just concluded Anambra election to deceive public
What was needed by Biafrans in Anambra state to defeat and shame Nigeria was "Ofe Nsala" bomb. The people they erroneously proscribed and  tagged terrorist only cooked soup, ate and stayed indoors on the election day. The success of this election boycott has yet again birthed another dangerous media war against IPOB. Few hours after the election, Vanguard and Punch newspapers reported that there was a huge voters turn out in the just concluded Anambra state election where-as the pictures they fraudulently circulated was that of 2014 election in Ondo and 2015 election in Lagos states. On the pictures that was circulated was women on hijab and  babariga attires and believe me, truth be told, with the level of tension within Anambra state, it would be suicidal for any person on such attire to even come outside, let alone queueing to cast a ballot. These Nigerian corrupt ridden media were not even technical enough to avoid capturing the code on the INEC materials indicating the state the picture was taken and one might ask, does it mean that the "almighty" Vanguard and Punch does not have their correspondents on ground in Anambra state, as to provide them with reports on ground and real pictures of events from the scenes where election was held? But do I even need to ask such a question, since it has become evidently clear that the Nigerian media are simply, "highest bidder gets the slot" while they execute the hatched dirty job of faking every reportage to suit the desires of their paid masters. They know that the election will be boycotted because IPOB was actually prepared and campaigned vigorously. So they scouted and had those fake picture ready.

The damage the Nigerian media have done to the society is unfathomable and can not be over emphasized. However, in one of my write-ups, I said that the problem of Nigeria lies nowhere except in the Nigerian media. Any government in power usually bought over the print and TV media outlets to serve their interest against the people. They concoct and dish out lies to the people in favour of their paid masters. Their is nothing like investigative journalism as far as Nigerian journalists are involved. They are just brown envelope journalists that reports junks to their readers and feed their audience with lies.

These same lies emanating from the Nigerian conventional media have so affected Nigerians and made them a conquered people. Those that know the truth have been bought over by the same politicians that continuously rape them in return. The politicians are just smart and are ready to pay any amount so long as it will get their jobs done, then so be it.

I have come to understand that some youths have had their brains so mesmerized by Nigerian politicians due to the huge material inducement, that they hardly think like humans now. Anyways, rightly so because there is hunger in the land. Unfortunately, some people have resorted to mocking the boycott of election as directed by IPOB, saying that a governor has been declared, while IPOB said they boycotted the election. Standing with the truth always, IPOB where on ground and have pictorial and video evidences to substantiate the fact that the election was hugely boycotted, where-as the Nigerian media are scouting for pictures from past election so as to continue to build up their empire of lies and to deceive the gullible. Make no mistake about this, IPOB is never interested in Nigerian politics or political parties but are for unfettered restoration of a sovereign nation of Biafra and nothing less than that. So who so ever they gave the guber seat in Anambra state government house remains inconsequential. IPOB never said a governor would not emerge because it would be either by crook or hook. Therefore, IPOB before taking on Nigeria in this battle for freedom understands Nigeria well and how shameless they could be, because they know that even if the boycott recorded a 100 percent, the Nigerian government will still impose a winner to discredit IPOB and that is to show how reneged, fraudulent and decayed the Nigerian state has become.

We boycotted to tell the world that we have rejected Nigeria. We boycotted because we want to legitimize Biafra. We did not boycott so there won't be a governor in Anambra state. We did not say the boycott will bring referendum the next day, as we understand that the road to freedom in an evil forest like Nigeria is never an easy one. You now understand why IPOB wants this country obliterated and a new one built? I hope you can now understand why IPOB never bought the pro Biafran candidate hogwash? I hope you now understand the reason for the boycott? Even without the boycott, do you think Chidoka can cook rice for the entire Anambra people and share 5,000 Naira like APC and APGA did? Your guess is as good as mine. To all of you that insulted IPOB and mocked Nnamdi Kanu because of this election, we forgive you people and with open hands we will take you people back, if you embrace the gospel of truth from IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The successful election boycott is a reawakening of a people. The people have decided to take back what naturally and rightly belong to them. The power belong to the people of Biafra, and they are taking it with might. The people have woken up from slumber and have decided to take their destinies into their hands by having their own leaders.

To those people who think that taking Mazi Nnamdi Kanu away will stop the agitation for Biafra, they should all have a rethink because without Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we were able to boycott Anambra state election and without him we will still birth Biafra. So you can now release Nnamdi Kanu wherever you kept him so he can return to us.

The election boycott was a huge success and Biafrans are proud of their unfettered resolve to restoring their nation.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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