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Sunday 17 December 2017


<<17Th December 2017>>

By Maxwell Chuks and Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel

Welcome to Spotlight Of The Week from the news desk of Family Writers Press. Seasons greetings and Happy New year in advance to everyone. On this edition; we'll as usual, bring to you trending updates, reactions, and observation by Spotlight crew.

•  First on Spotlight desk,
"North is not poor.... We are not afraid of restructuring" that's according to Masari.
»Now the question is "Is the masses really campaigning for restructuring? Absolutely Not. Majority who are sincere, are talking about breakup, but the north who earlier disagreed on restructuring are now waking up for it. Hmm...

• Moving ahead;,
Biafra: IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu petitions African Commission against federal government of Nigeria.
Ghen! Ghenn!!

• During the week; Amnesty International raised alarm and asked for a stop, to the bill proposed by Nigeria government, which threatens people's freedom in Nigeria. The so-called NGO bill will keep people from freely sharing their opinions, holding open discussion forums or organizing protest.
Huh! Too bad. Return of tyranny.

• IPOB: Court grants Cross Rivers State IPOB coordinator bail.

• Still on Spotlight,, HURIWA seeks investigation of the killing of IPOB members.
»Recall this isn't this first nor second call for investigation of the killing of IPOB members by the Nigerian military. But it baffles us here on Spotlight desk, that despite evidence, some groups still seek for investigation on the issue, and gradually the matter is buried. Now we ask, what is the investigation for when there are undisputable evidence everywhere?
Huh! Nigeriaaaa..

• Biafra: No amount of oppression, propaganda will stop agitation - Elliot Ugochukwu Uko (Secretary general Eastern Consultative Assembly).
In respond, Biafrans said "Gbam!"

• Shortly after the president of America, Donald Trump officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; IPOB backed Trump as they also congratulates Israel.

• Shortly after Trump recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel; there was a serious panic and threat from Islamic nations, as Palestines and Muslims round the world embark on massive protest, claiming that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.
»But the fact is that Historically, Jerusalem have always been of Israel. The question is why don't Islamic nations use that energy they are burning over Jerusalem, to protest and rise up against terrorism by theirfellow Muslims who have been making life unbearable for people worldwide?
Anyway, we are still watching....

• Still moving ahead;
"Desecration of a Royal Palace is a sacrilege in our land": Monarchs petition Buhari, demands Eze Israel Kanu, Wife and Nnamdi Kanu's whereabouts.
Recall: Nigeria military invaded Eze Israel Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu father's palace on September 14, 2017 where they killed many, abduct and subjects Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB.

• "Governor Shettima is Boko Haram boss and the keeper of Chibok girls" - that's according to Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff, former governor of Borno state.
»Hmm... Does this justify the Speculations from people who alleged that "the North know much about the insurgent group, and Chibok girls saga, a game of throne"?
Still watching....

• As the wild activities and killings carried out by Hausa-Fulani herdsmen continues; the military is accused of giving out uniforms and aiding herdsmen in carrying out deadly attacks. In response to that, NDA said: "We'll probe cadets who keep uniforms with herdsmen."
Surprise? You don't really have to because that's Nigeria.

• While IPOB is busy waxing strong and their quest gaining momentum; British government spoke again. Guess what they said........
"We do not support call for breakup, we support and call for restructuring of Nigeria......"
»Not surprise that this is coming when the agitation and pressure for Breakup from Biafrans and others, is becoming very serious. It's good to understand that restructuring which they speak of, is not what the masses ask for. Referendum for breakup is all they demand for. So if the British government now choose to campaign for restructuring which is not what the general masses demand for, that simply means they are playing a 'game of own interest'.

• "Our demand isn't the scam called Restructuring, we want Biafra referendum" - Biafrans replies British government and FG of Nigeria.
Ghen! Ghenn !!

• As Buhari and APC Nigeria government are busy shouting "We are fighting corruption", Maina blows hot. Guess what he said.....
"Bigger thieves are working with Buhari".

• Still in Nigeria..
Just as wild Fulani herdsmen are busy causing havoc, maiming and Killing; Adamawa state SSG, Dr Umar Bindir said in a video:
"There's nothing wrong with Fulani herdsmen carrying arms, they use it for protection"
Huh! Welcome to Nigeria, a place where things happen.

• Ohanaeze and Nnia Nwodo!
Guess what they did and said again....
During the week, they held Igbo meeting in Lagos State, not in IgboLand. As if that wasn't enough, Nwodo, the president of Ohanaeze said "I'll sabotage another war and Biafra struggle".
Responding to that, IPOB blast Ohanaeze, say "nobody can stop IPOB and Biafra restoration".

• "Call to forget Biafra, is nonsense. It can't be wished away" - Ikedife, Achuzie, Elliot Ugochukwu Uko blast Ohanaeze over comment on agitation.

• As the week prepares to draw its curtain; Lai Muhammed, Nigeria's minister of Information and culture said: "There has been no single bomb blast since we, APC came into power 30 months ago".
...and from hideout, the devil out of surprise, shout "The blood of Jesus Christ!".

• "Buhari's cow is faring better than Nigerians" - Ex lawmaker, Essien Ndueso cries out over hardship in Nigeria.

• Fayose taunts Federal Government of Nigeria, ask "How can a government that claim to defeat Boko Haram withdraw $1b to fight same Boko Haram? Nigerians are not cows".
»It's amazing that we are still hearing this from Buhari-led government who said they've defeated Boko Haram. Despite all that have been spent, another $1b oil money is about to go again for the so-called Boko Haram. But same government bluntly refuse to fund Ogoni cleanup. Hmm.... Anyways, Today it's $1b, maybe they'll soon start selling Nigerians to fund the alleged Boko Haram fight.

• "We'll never represent Nigeria again" - Biafrans in UAE vow during FIFA club World Cup final.

»»»Extract from from Family Writers on»»»

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  1. God, bless Nnamdi kanu and Biafrans in General On Biafra we stand


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