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Wednesday 20 December 2017

INNOSON'S ARREST : Young Igbo Billionaire Closes Company Account With GT Bank, Calls Two Of His Billionaire Friends To Shut Down Theirs

Young Igbo Billionaire Closes Company Account With GT Bank, Calls Two Of His Billionaire Friends To Shut Down Theirs

A man on Facebook, identified as Chukwudi Iwuchukwu has claimed to have shut down his bank account over his disappointment and disapproval of the way GTB handled their case with Innoson motors boss, Chief Innocent Chukwuma.

Chukwuma, the CEO of Innoson motors was arrested yesterday morning by a team of members of the Economic and financial crimes commission(EFCC). He accused GTB of being behind his ordeal because of a debt the bank owed him.

He also claimed to have asked two of his billionaire friends to pull their account from the bank as well.

The young man wrote on Facebook;

“This morning, I walked into the nearest GTB branch and requested for a form to close our company account with them.

“The gorgeous lady who attended to me wanted to know why I was closing the account and moving the funds to Zenith bank.

“I told her is very simple! I’m taking this action as a form of protest to the bank for the way they handled the Innoson saga and most importantly, for victimizing the man simply because of business transaction that went wrong.

“Not only this, I have been on the phone since morning talking to 2 of my friends who are billionaires and who have billions of their company’s fund with the bank to move it as well.

“Thank God they have done that, one authorized his accountant to move the funds from GTB to first bank, the other one from GTB to Zenith bank

“The lady was dazed and I think it is very important the management of GTB get this memo.

“I’m not a tribalist, I avoid tribal sentiments
but you see there is a limit to what you see and observe happening to your people without taking action to protest.

“What Innoson is going through in the hands of GTB is corporate wickedness and witchcraft.

“I call on young And older entrepreneurs who have their business funds in that bank should move it today, not tomorrow but today in solidarity with our brother, jewel and one of our brightest son who slept in EFCC custody last night because of GTB.

“We need to boycott GTB for being a useless bank and boycott them for good.

“They are not the only bank in Nigeria.


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