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Thursday 21 December 2017



December 21, 2017.

Give us Biafra,
For we want to be free,

For us to have a pleasant future,
To enable us decide for ourselves-
The life we want to live.

For us to have peace of mind,
So that we may find joy once again,
Such that we will have a taste-
of what freedom is all about.

Give us Biafra,
For we have paid more than enough price-
To have it;

We do not just want Biafra,
We deserve Biafra,
We need Biafra,
We long for Biafra,
Our lives can only be complete- if we have Biafra.

Give us Biafra,
For it is our religion,
Our  hope,
Our strength,
Our honour,
Our pride,
Our dignity,
Our name,
And our true identity.

Biafrans are tired this contraption,
For it is disgusting to talk about Nigeria,
It is dehumanizing,
To be identified as a Nigerian,
It is horrible to be a citizen of Nigeria.

Nigeria is ridiculous,
Nigeria is fake,
Nigeria is horrendous,
Nigeria is rancid,
Nigeria has expired,
Nigeria is dead.

Give us Biafra,
To enable us take our place in history,
For us to have honour,
 and dignity among men
For us to change Africa,
For us to showcase our great  potentials
 and divine prowesses,
For us to make the world-
 a better place.

We want Biafra
To enable enthronement of justice
To establish peace
And exercise true love.

To enable us resurrect hope,
To enable us fulfill our dreams
And shape our future for good.

 We need Biafra-
 To make Africa great again!

Written By Prince Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers Press.

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