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Friday 1 December 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

My dearest fellow youths of Biafra, I bring to you good tidings. As the year mercilessly draws to a pathetic end, it is my wish to drop you this one in a life-time letter, hoping that at the end you all will find it necessary to stand with me. I could have written this letter to the leaders of Biafra, I could have directed it to the people that today represent us in the fake contraption masquerading as a country. But on a second thought, I asked myself, sad but pertinent questions. Can a Lion possibly honour a letter from a sheep seeking friendship? Can a beast and humans sign a peace treaty? Can a mother hen write to a kite seeking it takes care of it's chicks while away? Can a toad seek companionship with a ravenous mamba snake? Your guess is as good as mine, because these people we today call leaders have never been leaders in the real sense of the word. They are predators, set to prey on those they claim to be leading. They are tigers massacring lesser animals, whales swallowing smaller fishes.

I write to the youths today because time is running out on us all and if we do not act now, we might lose it all.

Every Biafran youth has no reason whatsoever to be a happy man. What actually makes you happy? From the polluted lands of Ogoni, to the oil conterminated waters of Ijaw land, to the deprived Igbo land, to the desolate lands of Efik, Itshekiri. Our men, women and children were blessed abundantly by the creator with natural endowment, but were made to suffer in the hands of people that we all knew when they migrated into this fake nation by force and intimidation with guns and bullets. We suffer this because some selected few decided to shamefully and hopelessly wine and dine with those merchants of death, using all of us as bargaining chips. Are we not tired of all these? Look at yourself, are you happy with what you are seeing around you? Are you happy with the kind of human you have grown up to become, when your family is poverty ridden? Even the few recruits among us that do the dirty work for these heartless leaders, are not truly happy doing what they are paid to do for these beasts nicknamed politicians all because of stomach infrastructure. Have you bordered asking them the whereabouts of their sons and daughters? Yes, they all have children but why were they not among the recruited media influencers with huge followers as they cunningly refer to you people?

The truth is that, you can never see the children of these politicians doing the hatched dirty jobs with you. Ask yourself why you only hear or know the children of politicians when they make it on any of the world most prestigious universities, that both Nigerian print and electric media carry's the news and make it saturate every social media platforms, only for you to come and either get a mouth watering job, or they mandate you to get to work into making them a Governor or Senator? Are you not fade-up with such a job that will make you kill a fellow man or maim him for life only to install a stooge who will abandon you to favor and do the biddings of their counterparts in the caliphate? Have you reasoned the rationale behind the determination of these politicians to map out millions to materially induce us so as to be voted for during their fraudulent elections, even as they jettison all their promises during the electioneering campaign.
Why should a youth vote and get 5,000 Naira, when he is jobless? When the same government has refused to empower them for the past years? That is the more reason we should stand united against those that have joined our oppressors to kill us. That is more reason we should tell them their sins in their faces without favoritism.

Remember, many have died for this struggle of restoring our fatherland, so you have no excuse as to why you joined the politicians in their evil jobs. We are all victim of the circumstance we found ourselves. I have suffered all kind of intimidation from people who think they are placed above me but I refused to be broken. I quit a lot of things due to my honour and integrity as a Biafran. What remains after we are gone if not honour? Even if we are not remembered after we are gone, at least we died knowing that we died honorably. At least we are never like people who prey on their brothers and sisters for crumbs, even when they own the resources and posterity will never forgive them.

I am writing this letter to remind us a bit of our past and present. I am writing to re-awaken our consciousness to prevailing issues surrounding our collective existence. Ken Sarowiwa was a great man. A poet, a writer of great repute, who fought for the emancipation of the Ogoni people. He wanted a better Ogoni land but what did he get? He trusted the useless Nigerian government, thinking a beast can honour agreement. They arrested and murdered him. Yes, Ken was murdered. Forget the Kangaroo court tyrant Abacha set up to justify his barbaric act. He was murdered together with his eight(8) brothers that they were popularly called "the Ogoni nine'. Their offense was that, they said no to environmental degradation by the oil companies, they said no to the parasites that eat them tin while growing fatter and healthier, they said no to injustice and marginalization and said yes to equity, justice and fairness. Yet they were killed with the hanging ropes that strangled target to death.

What of Isaac Adaka Boro? Boro was a great man. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people have refused to understand and see Boro as a great man he really was. Boro believed in what is honourable, and that is justice for the Ijaw people. As a Biafra from the hinterland, I had the opportunity to ask so many Ijaw brethren, whom Boro was to them. Some told me he was a fearless warrior. Some described him as the father of freedom fighting in Ijaw land. Some regarded him as a savior, others simply see him as a great man, a soldier per excellence. But Boro had his flaws, all of us have too. Boro trusted wrongly. He trusted the beasts that invaded this fake contraption in the 1800s. Boro's good intention was marred by his approach because he fought against his own people, but the same people he trusted disappointed him. They killed him, and robbed the Ijaw nation of a great man the way they did to Ogoni land. But in all, they were all loss for Biafra.

Fellow brothers and sisters, I write to inform us that the Nigeria that killed Isaac Boro and Ken Sarowiwa can not be trusted. I write to ask you to stand up today in defence for justice or perish. I write to tell you that I understand that restructuring might be good for Nigeria but not absolute. I write to tell you that restructuring is a word the caliphate and those that eats crumbs from their tables uses to deceive many sincere Nigerians. I know, many youths that support restructuring today really do that because they believe strongly that restructuring can change Nigeria for good but not absolute. I am just being skeptical about this whole restructuring brouhaha. But just like I have asked myself, have you asked yourself why is it that the managers of this fake nation have refused to restructure her, even when almost everybody is singing restructuring? Why is it that restructuring starts reverberating to high heavens either when IPOB pushes hard or militants threatens fire? If Nigeria is bad, and if restructuring can remedy her, why has she not been restructured? We need to start asking ourselves some important but fundamental questions, and try as well to get answers those questions posed? Is it not better to support outright division and complete balkanization of this Lugardian cage called Nigeria for the unfettered restoration of the nation of Biafra?

Today I write this letter for our awakening from slumber. We have remained in docility far too long.  For how long will we continue to see our lawyers get retired before their time, and layers from the entire East not appointed as judges? For how long are we going to continue watching as the caliphate continues to overrun all strategic political positions for a continuous annihilation of our own people? Is it not time to wake from this eternal sleep?

I write this letter to demand that their should be consequences for betrayal. I write to call on us to rise up to the occasion of not allowing our leaders, heart-aching betrayals to go unpunished. I write to tell betrayals among us that their must be consequences of every actions. I write to inform anybody claiming to be the leader of IPOB from anywhere on earth that it is no more business as usual. Enough is enough. We need to stop the bickering and unite against our collective enemies. The time is now. The generations that are today's leaders have failed us, and we are not going to fail those coming after we are gone. We can only make the decision today. If need be, suffer hunger for Biafra, because many have died for her, therefore, Biafra must be restored.

Yours sincerely Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

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