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Tuesday 30 January 2018


Polling center deserted 

By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

Over two months after, findings have proven that the politicians in Anambra State of Biafra land are yet to recover from their shock experienced on the unprecedented election boycott compliance by Biafrans residing in Anambra as was ordered by IPOB leadership last November. It could be recalled that on November 18, 2017, there was a boycotted election in Anambra - the gubernatorial election which saw an unprecedented rejection by the Biafran populace in Anambra.  IPOB leadership had affirmed that   there would be no election in Biafra land including Anambra State until the date for Biafra referendum is announced by the Nigerian government. As the Nigerian government snubbed the demand for the announcement of the date for Biafra referendum as demanded by Biafrans and went ahead to conduct the election, Biafrans in response boycotted the election completely except few hired voters from outside Biafra land especially from the Northern and Western Nigeria who voted so as to deceive the world that the election eventually held.

However, the findings by the eagle-eye journalists of Family Writers Press proved that the shock received by the politicians in Anambra State during the day of the election, (as Anambra residents completely boycott the election), especially the party flag bearers and other party stalwarts cannot be overemphasized. They are yet to recover from the shock as it is still terrifying them to the marrows. The findings also proved that it is the reason why  as if the incumbent governor has become dumb over night. He is no more heard in the media since the boycotted election took place. Family Writers Press Investigative Team is presently making serious inquiry to know whether the sudden quietness of Gov Willie Obiano since after the boycotted election is due to illness probably emanating from the unprecedented election boycott shock in his nervous system. It is believed that Gov Willie Obiano never believed that the leadership of IPOB has the command of the people of Biafra to that extent until he witnessed it on November 18, 2017 to his chagrin.

Biafrans who boycotted elections enjoying at home
Moreover, the shock emanating from the IPOB commanded election boycott on November 18, 2017 in Anambra State also affected all the party flag bearers and the leadership of all the parties which participated in the boycotted election as none of them went to the tribunal to challenge the declaration of the winner in the election which was obviously boycotted by the electorates. This is to say that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has not only boycotted the election completely but also closed down the regular post election legal business of going to election petition tribunals to enrich the pocket of charge and bail lawyers in Nigeria. If not for the shock given to these politicians by IPOB, why is it that none of the flag bearers or the  parties went to the tribunal to challenge the outcome of the election as they normally do in the past? Does it mean that the boycotted election in Anambra was free, fair and credible enough to the satisfaction of all the governorship flag bearers who participated in the election?
All these questions have become necessary to be answered by the politicians in Anambra State as they have invariably accepted the inflated result which INEC released when it was obvious that the election was boycotted. Unless if it is true as speculated then that few days before the historic election boycott, that all the party flag bearers  participating in the election had a meeting with the incumbent governor, Mr Willie Obiano of APGA and declared that INEC should just announce Gov Willie Obiano winner of the election no matter what happened on the election day to avoid creating constitutional crisis in Anambra State after the election. Family Writers Press got the speculation few days before the election day but did not publish it because there was no informant inside the Anambra State Government House, Awka to confirm the speculation to us because it is against our ethics in Family Writers Press to publish an information on a mere hear say. But the general quietness of all the politicians and parties that participated in the election after INEC obnoxiously announced the fake result proved that the speculation was true.

Indeed IPOB is ready to restore Biafra whether under rain or sunshine. The fear of IPOB is the beginning of wisdom because IPOB is indeed formidable.

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