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Monday 22 January 2018



Dear sir,

I diligently took time to pen down this onerous and lofty letter to you with the obvious purpose of drawing your attention to your recent repulsive and lawless judgement that has amounted to brazen 'miscarriage of justice'. Without much ado, I will throw caution and decorum to the wind in addressing you in this letter.

Justice Abdul Kafarti
For record purposes, on the 18th of January 2018, you firmly affirmed the position of the Federal government of Nigeria that never considered due process and convincing evidence before declaring the Indigenous People Of Biafra ( IPOB ) a terrorist organisation. Sir, your legal pronouncement over the case between Nigeria and IPOB is nothing but a big slap and sheer derision on the already battered, corrupt and crippled Nigerian judiciary system. Your pronouncement further shows how myopic and mentally dwarfed you are. In sane climes, you are not even qualified to practice as a lawyer talk more of becoming a Chief Judge.

I do not blame you for such a timid and shameless legal recklessness. After all, majority of your kind read Islamic legal Studies with less or no exposure to contemporary legal precedents. For you to have criminally and affirmatively endorsed a well orchestrated, illegal and thoughtless pronouncement made by one of the most inhuman and vicious government in the world, it is nothing but a strong testament to the fact that legal rogues like you who are still rampaging in the justice system will continue to be a clog on the wheel of 'RULE OF LAW' in Nigeria.

Sir, I am yet to know the legal premise that inspired your judgement! The same IPOB that Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, Abuja on the 1st of March 2017 declared a LEGAL organisation! Can all the exhibits that informed your judgement be tendered to the general public for proper cross examination? How can you affirm a pronouncement which the order was obtained via a legal black market? What manner of justice are you? Your judgement just collaborated the statement of U.S president, Donald Trump that called Nigeria a 'shithole'. Sir, you are among the 'shitholes' that have arrested and eclipsed justice in Nigeria. You are a notorious legal predator. You deserve to be urgently confined into perpetual solitary so that you will be able to cool off from this passive legal psychosis that is gradually sapping your mental balance. It will be too wrong to allow a legal beast like you to fester in the political system. You are too dangerous to live among sane beings!

If you do not know sir, it is on record that IPOB has not killed, intimidated, extorted or obstructed public peace in their various protests, evangelism and rallies. IPOB is present in more than 88 countries of the world. None of these countries have ever complained of IPOB bombing or killing any living being in their country. Even U.S A. and Britain refused to endorse IPOB as a terrorist organisation. The Nigerian government has killed, maimed, arrested and dumped thousands of the Indigenous People Of Biafra in numerous Prison facilities without formal trial. Innocent men and women! Instead of you to caution the government over their callous actions, all you could do was to turn around and declare victims of State sponsored terror a terrorist organisation! What is wrong with your conscience justice Abdul Abdu Kafarati? Does it mean you eat and breathe through your anus? Truly, you are bereft of a discerning spirit.

Sir, point blank, your pronouncement is tantamount to MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE. It lacks moral and legal substance. I can authoritatively prove it to you that your pronouncement was written and handed over to you by the power that be but as a legal wimp and willing tool, you had no option than to do their dirty maneuvering. You are a fatal disgrace to the legal system. Nevertheless, you just ended your legal career with this particular blunder you have committed. I courageously stand to make it crystal clear to you that your judgement is glaringly ultra vires and should be condemned by all and sundry. Be ready to face the consequences of your enamours actions.

Sir, frankly speaking, you should have asked John Tsoho and Binta Nyako of their experiences. The duos made several dubious attempts to subvert the course of Justice but was vehemently resisted by the resilient and fearless IPOB. You are too small for us, we have suffocated and swallowed bigger fishes. So, your "gragra" is an ordinary exercise in futility.

I will advice you to go home and confess your sins! Confess to your family members over the generational curse you have brought upon them. You spat on the grave of the innocent! Chukwuokike Abiama said I should inform you that what he is about to do in your home any ear that hears it will tingle! Take time for a deep sober reflection. Reflect and make amends of your evil ways because your grace is speedily running out.

Conclusively sir, I want you to bear this, at the back of your mind: No  MAN BORN OF A WOMAN CAN STOP BIAFRA RESTORATION. Though it may tarry but at the end, we must be victorious. Accept this my onerous and lofty letter with a warm heart.

        Yours Truly

        Kalu Nwokoro Idika
       For Family Writers Press

Kalu can be reached via [email protected]

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