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Sunday 21 January 2018


{21st January 2018}

By - Maxwell Chuks
and Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel

Gladly we welcome you to Spotlight Of The Week from the desk of Family Writers Press. On this edition, we'll be presenting to you trending updates, followed by reactions from the public and Spotlight crew..

• First here on our desk is an update on Benue massacre which was carried out by Islamic terrorists called 'Fulani herdsmen'.
This time, it's Miyetti Allah. And guess what...
They demands compensation for herdsmen affected in the crisis.
*Huh! ...and the question is - Why will a sane person demand for compensation for those who invaded communities and slaughter dozens? This is very ridiculous and insane.

• Still on matters arising:
"Nnamdi Kanu foretold Fulani herdsmen killings" - that's from IPOB.
*Recall - On radio broadcast and other events, Nnamdi Kanu made mention of this ongoing wild activities of Hausa-Fulani herdsmen. Also he foretold many things which right now is manifesting in Nigeria.

• "Police are Afraid of Fulani herdsmen" - Benue residents lament, said they are afraid to return to their homes due to fear of another possible attack.
Hmm.... This tells alot.

• Muhammadu Buhari and Nigeria military!
Guess what they did again..........
During the week, they released 244 Boko Haram terrorists in Borno state. According to them, they released these terrorists whom they call "Repentant terrorists", in the atmosphere of Armed Forces Remembrance Day.
*Welcome to Nigeria, the only place on earth where the government frees terrorists who slaughtered innocent lives, but incarcerate those who peacefully exercise their right for self-determination.

• Let's continue.
"Nigeria heading towards disintegration" - Arewa Consecutive Forum warns.

• "Nigeria is practicing military democracy under Buhari" - APC Chieftain, Bisi Akande cries out.
*In Nigeria, one thing you need to understand is that, for some persons, it's very hard to voice out the truth mostly when it will hurt someone beside them. On this issue, for an APC chieftain (member of the ruling party in Nigeria) to voice out such, that tells a lot.
What he said is nothing but the truth. Absolute Tyranny.

• Matters still arising in Nigeria.
During the week, DSS arrested popular pastor for converting Muslim girl to Christian.
*Welcome to Islamic republic of Nigeria!

• We move over to Nigeria House of Representatives as they cry out over herdsmen attacks and killings. Guess what they said.........
"Nigeria now painted red with blood of Innocent citizens".
*Hmm.... These are same people who have been silent, they did nothing positive when Nigeria military began killing Biafra agitators. Through Hausa-Fulani terrorists known as herdsmen, iit have now escalate to different parts of the country. Anyways, we are still watching them.

• Moving ahead.....
Benue Killings: "Buhari is protecting Fulani herdsmen" - Igede people voice out as they berate President Muhammadu Buhari for shielding Fulani herdsmen from facing the wrath of the law over obvious terrorist activities.

• "Deaths from Fulani extremists resulted in more than 3,000 deaths across four countries, with 92% of fatalities taking place in Nigeria" - that's according to Global Terrorism Index report for the year 2017.
*With what is going on now in Nigeria, that definitely means the death tool in the year 2018 alone, will rise beyond previous.

• We move over to Ghana where Fulani herdsmen beg as Ghana police boss gives 'Shoot and kill on sight' order on herdsmen with weapons, and cows destroying farm produce.
*"Very good" we say.

• Still in Ghana; "Execute and barbecue any cattle seen on the streets of Ghana. And I command the immediate arrest of any herdsman seen parading cattle on the streets of Ghana. This is not Nigeria" - Ghana President: Akufo-Ado tells military.
Ghen!  Ghenn!!!

• "It will be wrong to impose establishment of cattle colonies on states" - Kastina state senator warns FG led by Buhari. He also added that security agencies and their operatives are not doing enough to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.

• As matters keep arising; during the week, Avengers threatened to blow up offshore facilities if Nigeria is not restructured.
*Here they come again with useless demand. Why not make reasonable and useful demand instead of the scam called 'restructuring'. If we are to talk of restructuring, what can be restructured in Nigeria to make it better?. Sorry dear Brothers, as long as Nigeria is concern, nothing is gonna work out good, not even restructuring.

• "Trump was right on Shithole countries" - Pastor Polycarp Ugwu.

• Shortly after the masses cried out over Fulani herdsmen killings and say President Buhari is shielding them, Nigeria Senate made move, Guess what they did......
They gave Inspector General of Police 14 days to arrest perpetrators of Benue attacks.
*But the question is - Will the IGP deliver this task? If he do not deliver due to strong forces in the government, what will the Senate do?.
Anyways, we are watching.

• Nigeria: Fuel scarcity looms as tanker drivers issues threat over bad roads.
*As we all know, many of the bad roads are in Southeast (BiafraLand), that means the region will be the most affected.

• "Benue belongs to Fulani by right of conquest" - that's according to Prof Muhammad.
*Surprise?.... You don't have to. Islamization agenda! Now the truth why Fulani herdsmen attacked and slaughter dozens in Benue, is gradually coming out.

• During the week, shortly after Nigeria's court declined to vacate order prescribing IPOB as terrorist group, something happened. Guess what...........
IPOB reacts to court's ruling on proscription, says "Nigeria is indeed a Shithole".

• Still on court verdict....
Ohanaeze rejectes court judgment on IPOB, says IPOB have done nothing to qualify, as defined by international standards, to be called a terrorist organization.
*Good one from Ohanaeze. First in history they spoke for the people. We urge them to keep it up.

• "God created Fulani herdsmen to value cows more than humans" - Aishatu, Reps member representing Dukku/Nafada federal constituency in Gombe state said.
*......and the question is - does such creatures who values cows more than humans, deserve to share and be together in same country with humans? Absolutely Not.

• Still moving ahead....
As the masses cries out daily over the wild/deadly activities of Fulani herdsmen, Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria said: "I am not in a hurry to take decisions".
*Huh!... It's human lives we are taking about here. He is not in a hurry to take action that will save the lives of Christians whom Hausa-Fulani terrorists are slaughtering daily. Anyways, those who looks up to him should continue waiting, he will take decision when Hausa-Fulani terrorists slaughter to satisfaction.

• "A committee to end herdsmen killings? They are deceiving Nigerians" - Lawyer and rights activist, Femi Falana spites fire, says Buhari government is chasing shadows, fooling only those who want to be fooled.

• "IPOB is not terrorist group" - that's the report from Survey.

• Shortly after Miyetti Allah, leaders of Fulani herdsmen listed 'Cattle Colonies' as one of their demand to stop killings, Guess what happened.......
Federal government of Nigeria said: "Cattle Colonies will start next week". According to them, states which are not interested in the idea would be exempted.
*Hmm... Still watching.

• "Is Nigeria not a 'Shithole'? Why blaming Trump?" - Reuben Abatti asks.

• As the week rolls its curtain; despite court's verdict refusing to vacate order prescribing IPOB as terrorist group, IPOB did it again.
They stormed the streets of Abia and Rivers state, march in remembrance of those slain by Nigeria military during Trump solidarity rally. They also used the opportunity to protest against court verdict, and demand for the release of detained Biafrans.
*Huh! IPOB is really formidable.

Extract from Family Writers on

- The Alleged "SHITHOLE" Tag By President Trump, The Hypocrisy Of Africans And The Two Sides Of The Guilty Coin.
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- The Problem With Nigeria.
- IPOB: Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, The Leader That Saw The Future.
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