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Saturday 27 January 2018

South East APC Member's Visit To Buhari, The Hypocrisy Of The Yoruba Nation and Nigerian Media

South East APC Member's Visit To Buhari,  The Hypocrisy Of The Yoruba Nation and Nigerian Media

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

Yesterday, 23nd January 2018, the social media was awash with the news of the purported visit, few Igbo APC supporters paid President Muhammadu Buhari. According to the news, those South East APC members endorsed Buhari for a second tenure come 2019. This news came with Yoruba nation giving it there own usual interpretations. Yoruba Media reported that Igbo leaders endorsed Buhari for 2019. According to them, those Igbo leaders are banking on it as to gain Igbo presidency come 2023.

Our Igbo people have tried to work with the Yoruba as their Southern counterpart but the Yorubas' have continued to claim they know how to play Nigerian politics. Before I continue this article I will love to state that I still have individual Yoruba friends and political giants like Fayose and Femi Fani Kayode, whom I respect so much, but this will not stop me from pointing out things the way they are today. Enough of all these deceit and media hype. In 2015, the Yoruba nation with Tinubu at the head, threw in their weight in full support of President Muhammadu Buhari which saw him through and is presently the occupant of Nigerian Aso Villa in Abuja. Someone history told us is ridden with tyranny. Someone who evaded public debate and also refused to appear before Oputa panel when summoned for questioning. Someone that provided 13 Sans instead of his WAEC certificate when challenged in court by a fearless lawyer who was later stamped into submission. Someone that claimed he has no money for the purchase of his party form before the election, only for his son to own a power bike that cost almost a million dollars because he is now the president, with his children schooling in higher institutions abroad. A known destroyer and hater of democracy and rule of law. Someone Fela of blessed memory, the music legend, stood and fought gallantly before he died, a Yoruba man, their own son spent his entire life exposing Buhari. And as such kept blind eye about all these things and voted overwhelmingly for Buhari.

It did not stop there. The Yorubas used every medium within their disposal to sing how politically sagacious they are and have remained. They continued ranting on social Media showcasing their hatred on Igbos, saying how the Igbo people put their eggs in one basket by voting for Goodluck Ebere Jonathan. They said Igbos committed political suicide. They were right and we are wrong.

Fast forward to today.

Some inconsequential Igbo members of APC, went to pay good President Buhari, the only man with integrity, and the hope of Nigeria in 2015 a visit in Aso Rock, and all hell let lose. Suddenly Yoruba Media and their online vagabonds have started castigating these Igbo APC members. They are condemning them for allegedly endorsing Buhari. Suddenly, Buhari is now a devil. It was all good for their own Tinubu to support Buhari and still defend him amidst unprecedented and gross failure, but wrong and bad for Igbo APC supporters to visit and endorse him in continuation of what the same Yoruba people brought some years back. The who is who prior to 2015 came out to endorse Buhari and no one casted aspersions on them. Wole Soyinka even came out to say Buhari has repented after saying few years ago that Buhari is politically unelectable. What a  hypocrisy of a people against others. Now, it is wrong for Igbo red cap chiefs who are only political jobbers seeking for recognition in Buhari's government, to endorse a repented Buhari. Their 2015 Messiah. What a barefaced hypocrisy. This is really beyond my keen.

What moral right does a Yoruba man have to write trash about the Igbo APC members that visited Buhari? Does it mean that Buhari is good for Tinubu, together with majority of Yoruba people to support albeit being an illiterate repented tyrant in 2015, but wrong for some "bellectuals'' APC Igbos like them, to do same in 2019.

The Lagos Ibadan gutter Media have tagged it as IGBO LEADERS ENDORSES BUHARI FOR 2019. Just imagine. APC South East members that are in the minority in South East have become Igbo leaders, unbelievable!

The Yoruba media houses have been too mischievous in their reporting of anything about the South East and South South. This is a practical example of Yoruba  media reports.
If it is a crime,  the report will read "Igboman murders a seven year old in Rivers State."
When same crime is carried out by a Yoruba or HausaFulani North, it will read "Man murders a seven year old in Rivers." Will a Yoruba media call it Yoruba elders had it been one Adebayo led few Yoruba APC members to pay a solidarity visit to Buhari?

Yoruba Media are the number one enemy of the Igbo people. I think we should start seeing it that our problem lies with the North as it is with the West. The North and the West are in this together. Imagine this hatred on a people and evil conspiracy against same people.

Let it be known that presently, Igbos listens to no other person except Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB). The Igbo people voted for Jonathan not because we were cajoled by any leader into voting for him, it is purely out of our individual discretion that became our collective action. There is no way few Igbo APC members will become leader of Igbo nation. Who made them the leader, what process gave rise to them becoming Igbo leaders? Igbo presidency is an illusion. It is something that will never become a reality hence will continue to be a mirage. Every politically conscious Igbo person knows it as self evident that as far as Nigeria remains structured the way it is, there is no hope for an Igbo man becoming Nigerian President. This is the reason we will not rest until we birth Biafra.
Nnamdi Kanu is the only person we see as our leader. Every other persons are on there own. The people have chosen a leader for themselves and such a leader knows his followers and subjects.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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