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Wednesday 21 February 2018



Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

The trending news across the world through the internet, social media platforms and the website of Sahara Reporters, convey the call of the Hausa-Fulani bootlicker in Ebonyi State Government House called Engineer David Umahi, for the immediate arrest of Charles Ogbu. This is a fall out of Governor Umahi's graphic exposure through the social media, by Charles Ogbu pertaining Umahi's dictatorial policies in the state. This Sokoto caliphated governor in Biafraland, had decreed that all the traditional rulers within the Ebonyi State communities must permit the carving out of grazing fields for Fulani herdsmen (terrorists) who are steadily killing people all over Nigeria including Biafraland. The antecedents of these Nigerian government-backed killers are well known all over the African continent. It is therefore callous for a governor that claims to be protecting the interests of his people, to immorally sanction a leeway into his state for a brigade of vampires with the intent of dispossessing the people of their ancestral inheritances.

It was Charles Ogbu, a promising Biafran erudite writer that courageously criticized the bizarre insensitivity and political cynicism of shameless Governor David Umahi, who then ordered the arrest of this writer. Also writing from the platform of the social media, I am calling on the intellectually bankrupt Ebony State Governor, to get me, Mazi Onyebuchi Eze enlisted for arrest for also criticizing him over his obnoxious policy of inviting these deranged nomadic killers, bereft of any cultural heritage and integrity from the Futa Jalon mountains, down for the desecration of our ancestral lands. There is absolutely no amount of threat and intimidation that will cow the present generation of Biafrans from resisting head long, any attempt by political predators in Biafraland who are surreptitously masquerading as the people's representatives, from welcoming these Islamic invaders into our lands to terrorise and decimate our people under the guise of rearing cattle. The season has now dawned for us in the media world to take Governor Dave Umahi to the cleaners as he has over time, overstepped his bounds within the Biafran territory. He got involved right from Operation Python Dance II, to the jaundiced and the so-called proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to the complicity of creating slaughter fields of his supposed people for his slavemasters, the Fulani herdsmen terrorists.

It is expedient for the world therefore, to present Dave Umahi with the following questions, viz:

1) Is this group of Fulani herdsmen different from those the Nigerian Army and Police stated were mercenaries from Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Libya, that are presently being cynically considered for grazing reserves amongst our people?

2) What has hypnotized the sensitivity of Biafran politicians that they now appear ever prepared to not only mortgage the well-being of their people for mundane interests but also sacrifice as many human beings as possible in the Nigerian enterprise?

3) Has Governor Dave Umahi ever called for the arrest of the Fulani herdsmen over the incessant and gruesome killings of his people, with the same manner and tenacity he now calls for the arrest of Charles Ogbu?

I have never heard or read anywhere all these years, that this same governor has ever demanded for the arrest of the Fulani terrorists for the evils they have wittingly perpetrated in Biafraland.

It is based on this premise that I hereby call on Ebonyi State youths to mobilize and match massively to their various kings and traditional rulers with only an order that they should get ready to vacate their thrones in the event that under their watches, portions of their communities' lands are handed out to these vampiric marauders. From the findings in pursuit of my work in Ebonyi State, starting from Nkalagu to Ezzamgbo, to Abakaliki city, to Onuebonyi in Izzi Local Government Area, to the boundary with Yala in Cross River State, and also journeying from Ezza Idele in Oju Local Government Area in Benue State down to Ezza Effiom in Ebonyi Local Government Area to Abakaliki City, from Ngwo-egu to Onueke, to Afikpo down to Akaeze, to Uturu Okigwe in Abia State; from Ndufu Alike in Ikwo to Amasiri and Eddah in Afikpo Local Government Area, down to Ohaozara/Onicha area, down to Ezza Ezekuna, I discovered that the people lack sufficient quantity of land for agricultural purposes, talkless of considering grazing reserves for animals. It is surprising to state here that even in Uburu, the hometown of Dave Umahi, the Executive Governor of the state, located in Ohaozara Local Government Area, there is completely no space for grazing fields.

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