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Tuesday 6 February 2018



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

As the gasping Nigerian government under Gen Muhammadu Buhari is running from pillar to post seeking for what to do to discredit the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide under the Supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu which always end up in failure, the world can now see that the hired foreign media mercenaries by Nigerian government to wage media war against IPOB have swung into action as Alhaji Lai Mohammed continued giving them the script to write upon against IPOB. Nigeria government's Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has falsely accused IPOB for circulating fake video over the massacre of the people of Biafra in different places in Biafra land. For Nigerian government to shamelessly continued to deny the senseless massacre of Biafra youths by Nigeria Army on the firm instruction of Nigerian government even when all the massacres are always documented and reported by Amnesty International, Nigerian government is simply implying that the world is foolish and International Community brainwashed by Amnesty International and IPOB.

It is important for the International Community and the world at large to ask Nigerian government outdated and intellectual bankrupt Minister of Information, Alhaji Mohammed which ones among the videos were cloned are doctored videos from other African countries' genocide or is it all the videos? Because IPOB is a people who do not have business with falsehood and empty propaganda as Nigerian government does with the instrumentality of Nigeria media outlets. The world must recall that only what the people of Biafra worldwide under the Supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu demanded from Nigerian government is outright restoration of Biafra as a sovereign nation but Nigerian government visited the people with senseless violence and excessive military massacre of the peaceful agitators. For putting record straight here, it is good to list for the sake of clarity some of the massacre done against Biafra people contained in the videos and pictures submitted as petition to African Commission and other relevant bodies of the International community which is presently driving Alhaji Lai Mohammed crazy against IPOB. The list of some of the massacre includes:

1. Massacre of IPOB members on house to house evangelism in Onitsha by Nigeria Army (August 2015).

2. Massacre of IPOB members in Onitsha, Aba, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Mbiama and Enugu over the #FreeNnamdiKanu protest against Nigerian government which happened in virtually every city of Biafra Land (between November and December 2015).

3. Massacre of IPOB members at National High School, Aba for gathering peacefully to pray for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (February 9, 2016)

4. Massacre of IPOB members at Nkpor on Biafra Heroes remembrance Day of 2016 where Nigeria armed forces bath survivors with raw acid in order to die slowly and took away hundreds of corpses and buried same in mass grave inside Onitsha barrack (May 29 & 30, 2016).

5. Massacre of Biafrans in Igweocha during IPOB/Trump solidarity rally where hundreds of Biafrans where killed and their lifeless bodies taken away by Nigerian army to cover the atrocity and at same time American flags, Russia flags, Israeli flags and Biafra flags confiscated and burnt by Nigeria Army in a broad daylight (January  20, 2017).

6. Massacre of Biafra youths in Umuahia and Aba during the weeks of Nigeria Army Operation Python Dance in Igbo land of Biafra and particularly the killing of 28 persons in the compound of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was taken away during the raid in his residence and kept incommunicado since September 14, 2017 till today (September 2017).

These and many more are where those videos and pictures of the massacre of Biafra youths submitted to African Commission was gotten from. Therefore, it is good for the world to ask Alhaji Lai Mohammed if these senseless massacre listed above and many others unlisted never take place? If all of them actually took place, then it simply means that Nigerian government and Alhaji Lai Mohammed in particular are calling the world fools by saying that IPOB doctored cloned videos to hoodwink international community. It simply means that Alhaji Lai Mohammed is making caricature of the sensitivity of the world including United Kingdom, United States of America, United Nations, Africa Union, European Union and ECOWAS for denying the lawless raid and massacre of Biafra youths only due to demand for Biafra restoration.

Some times, I do not blame Nigerian government principal officers that much over their reckless utterances against International community but always blame all these international bodies for their incapacity to enforce their laws and conventions on member nations. To what extent should Amnesty International publish the senseless killings of unarmed civilian Biafran agitators before International Criminal Court will take action against Nigerian government over their impunity against Biafra people? It is obvious that Amnesty International has not constitutional powers to arrest and prosecute human right abusers in the countries of world but International Criminal Court do.

It is time for International Criminal Court prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda to stop playing Islamic politics and Islamic interest in the ICC, so that people found culpable in human right abuse like Gen Tukur Buratai, Gen Mansur Dan Ali (rtd), Alhaji Lai Mohammed could be picked up and be prosecuted because no international  immunity is covering these above listed culprits as Heads of States. Also, people found complicit in the Biafra genocide like South East and South South governors in Biafra Land should also be picked up by Fatou Bensouda to be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court in Hague. When this is done, Nigerian government will stop seeing the world as fools. I rest my case!

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