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Monday 5 February 2018


Nnamdi Kanu


By Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press

Come the great prophet,
Come to us the visionary,
Come the hope of the weak,
Come to us the seer,
We need you most now dear leader.

Although I have not betrayed,
Neither will I contemplate doing such,
But on my behalf and that of other faithful followers of yours,
On behalf of those that have betrayed you and the struggle,
On behalf of all the EFULEFUs,
I beg you to forgive us,
Come my leader, come!

Duty has called for it,
Time is in a hurry to go,
Hopes are vanishing away,
The light is turning into darkness,
Come our savior, come!

The inks are getting dried,
The peppers are filled up,
The network is highly congested,
The journalist's strength is worn- out already,
Come and reduce our pains.

The voice is weak of shouting for help,
All minds are trembling,
The dignity of man's power is gone,
Women are now consoling men,
Come and give us more hope.

The rich have stockpiled their traveling money,
Flight tickets are being bought,
The engines are steaming,
Airplanes are about to depart,
Come and tell us what to do next.

The hour you prophesied of, is drawing nearer,
Nearer more than we expected and anticipated,
The moment of doom is here,
The time Somalia will be a paradise compared to Nigeria,
The moment few left surviving individuals that escape destruction will rise again,
Come and give us your shield.

Now we see what you saw,
Now it is clear to us,
Now we understand what you meant,
Now we realise your importance,
Now we value your existence in your absence,
Come and have our love wholly.

He was abused,
He was accused,
He was persecuted,
Finally he was crucified,
There and then they realised that he was the Messiah,
Same applies to you,
Come we never knew, come!

How has the history repeated itself,
The savior humanity have been waiting for over 2000 years now,
Many have fasted and prayed,
Many pastors have slept in the deserts and mountains,
Many have remained on night vigil for thousands of nights in expectations of his coming,
Yet, his presence was not recognized on his arrival,
Come we are sorry, come!

Come prophet Nnamdi Kanu,
Come and give us another prophecy,
Come with your thunderous voice again,
Come and renew our spirit,
Come beloved one, come!

Come and ignite the burning zeal in us,
Come and destroy the remains of Nigeria,
Come once and for all
Come and free your people,
Come we need you, come!

Your first coming was for peace,
Your first coming was for dialogue,
And they gave you violence,
They brought war to you,
They wished you death,
But you will live to see the land of the rising sun,
Come the savior, come!

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