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Tuesday 27 February 2018



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers Press

The word "Biafra freedom" to individuals in Nigeria entails different things.
To some it is a call for war, to others it is a call to destroy Nigeria. But the absolute truth remains that Biafra freedom is the genuine heart desire of the people in the old Eastern region and not a plot to destroy Nigeria as many have opined. The painful cry of Biafrans is inward and never an emotional blackmail to hoodwink the world to sympathize with  our plight.

Nevertheless, the destruction of Nigeria is imminent because the nations forcefully amalgamated  in Nigeria would never want to bear the name Nigeria after Biafra might have left Nigeria.
In a clearer definition of what Biafra truly entails to her people; it is the enthronement of justice, peace, equity, and sovereignty of the people. Biafra freedom entails a new hope, a better future for Africa and not just for Biafrans alone.
With the freedom and sovereignty of Biafra which IPOB under the virtuoso leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for, we shall be able to find joy once again, restore our true identity, take our place in history, honour and dignity.

Without any form of prevarication, the quest for Biafra restoration is born out of the aftermath of the western colonization and the creation of Nigeria by Britain. By the virtue of things in Nigeria it is obvious and irrefutable that Nigeria was created for the perpetual enslavement of Biafrans and the entire black race. I referenced the entire black race because Biafra as a free nation will be the formidable force that will change Africa. This is due to the fact that  Biafrans have been proven to be the best brains of the black race.

The peak of injustice, humiliation, marginalization, subjugation, incessant massacre, destruction of lives and property of Biafrans in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Between 1966-70 only, over six million (6,000 ,000) innocent Biafrans were massacred in cold blood. A genocide that its perpetrators are walking free today unquestioned. It might interest you to know that the genocide of Biafra only ended on paper. Between 2015-2017 over 5000 Biafrans were killed by the Nigerian government  led by Muhammadu Buhari. The unrestrained massacre of Biafrans has continued unabated even till date. What Biafrans have suffered and still suffering today is something comparable to what the Jews suffered in the hands of the Nazis and Hitler.   But the absolute truth is that the people of Biafra have suffered more than the Jews in the hands of their enemies.

Obviously, Biafrans are fed up with the 'hell' they are subjected to in Nigeria. The only escape route from this hell called Nigeria is the restoration and freedom of Biafra. Biafrans have sacrificed more than enough for the freedom of Biafra. In 1967-70 over 3.5 million innocent  Biafrans were massacred in cold blood only for asking for the freedom of Biafra. One might ask: how many of us will be massacred before it will be recognized as  genocide and justice finally enthroned in favour of Biafrans? I wonder what other sacrifice is bigger and greater than blood sacrifice which Biafrans have continuously made on the altar of freedom. I do not know what else the world wants us to do before they wade in and do the needful.

Inspite of the wanton extermination, secret abductions and execution of Biafrans by the Nigerian government, Biafrans are still more than determined to restore Biafra. The quest for Biafra freedom cannot be quenched nor scuttled by guns and bullets. Biafrans are here to restore Biafra, an indigenous identity and an ancient nation that lost it's sovereignty to colonial invaders.

Nigeria as a country is too hostile, horrendous and rancid for Biafrans to survive in. Biafrans as we all know have always been the victims of injustice, marginalization, political suppression, subjugation, humiliation and extermination in Nigeria. It is on this note that the song in the mouths of the people of the old Eastern region of Nigeria alongside the Igbankes, Idomas and Igalas  known as Biafrans is freedom.

As a matter of fact the only language they understand today is Biafra freedom.
And the only name we are pleased to hear is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has sacrificed all on the altar of Biafra freedom. Self determination is never a crime, freedom is a gift of nature, nobody has the right to infringe on other people's right to freedom.

Biafra as I have earlier pointed is a true and genuine heart desire of the people and that is the reason every conscientious person across the world must rise and support Biafra freedom.

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