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Monday 5 February 2018

IPOB Visits Female Victim At Nkoro Rivers State, Clears Medical And Welfare Bills

IPOB Visits Female Victim At Nkoro Rivers State, Clears Medical And Welfare Bills

Report By Ibeh Gift Amarachi,
For Family Writers Press.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra under the unsurpassable leadership of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, have in all facet of their  activities and endeavours proved beyond doubt, that the priority of the mother body is the wellbeing of Biafrans, as they journeyed through the sea to visit, clear medical and welfare bills of Miss Miracle Ndudinachi, a female injured Biafran activist at NKORO, a coastal area in Rivers state.

Miss Miracle,  who narrated her melancholic and heartbreaking story, had her left ankle totally shattered, as she jumped from a storey building in Nnamdi Kanu's residence for safety, during sporadic shootings resulting from the bloody 'Operation Python Dance' military raid at the IPOB leader's residence in Afra-Ukwu Ibekwu Umuahia on September 14, 2017.
 Amputation was the remedy to the badly  shattered ankle. The IPOB activist was however transferred to various hospitals for professional treatment, with medical bills taken care of by IPOB leadership.
She is currently receiving treatments at the hospital of a traditional Orthopaedic Doctor at Nkoro in Rivers State  and her  Bills taken care of, by IPOB.
The bills which were footed to grant support and facilitate the wellbeing of the victim include;
- One Hundred Thousand Naira (#100,000)  for MEDICAL BILLS.
-Eighty Thousand Naira, was given to the victim for her HOUSE RENT.
-Ten Thousand Naira(#10,000) for her FEEDING.
-Five Thousand Naira(#5000) for TRANSPORTATION.

The injured activist, with tears of joy, appreciated IPOB leadership and reaffirmed her support for Biafra restoration.
In her words:

"I so much love IPOB family and appreciate you all for coming here and taking care of my Bills,

"I am a Biafran and no one can change that fact.
My Leader is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and will always be," she said.

Lamenting the death of other Biafran activists whom she witnessed their killings during the military raid at Nnamdi Kanu's residence, the activist noted that the killings and brutality of the Nigeria government can not stop Biafra from attaining freedom.

"Killing us will not stop the quest for Biafra restoration, I saw other Biafran activist who died, as the Nigeria Army invaded our leaders house and their spirits will never rest, until they revenge their deaths,
 "I am alive because I still have a lot of work to do and will never surrender, until Biafra is restored," She vowed.

Meanwhile, there are well recorded and elephantine number of Biafran activists victimised by the Nigeria Government with indemnity.
The leadership of IPOB foots their legal fees and medical bills, with zero aid from any Governmental organisation.

The International Community has been called upon to stop the inhumane and illicit violation of the rights of Biafrans, and to ensure unbiased prosecution of the perpetrators of the evil meted on not only Biafrans, but every citizen seeking for Self Determination across the globe.

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