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Monday 5 February 2018



By Ogeh Friday Igiri
For Family Writers Press

Christianity is one of the religions in the world that practices Christ standard of life. The word 'Christian' originated from the early followers of the Son of God that came to die on earth for the redemption of mankind. The name which was given to them after the ascension of Christ in Antioch by the people who witnessed that their behavioural pattern have been configured to that of Christ. Perhaps, the name Christian simply means Christ like.

Christ lived a life that portrays holiness, justice, equity, fairness, love and kindness. It was the way his disciples and the early apostles lived that made people who came in contact with them to name them after him. This continued among Christians and the church untill the moment things got sour. This sad situation came to be when politicians infiltrated and began to use Christians especially their clergies to achieve their selfish political interest.

Many modern day political office holders have learnt to use Christian leaders to achieve their prodigal political goals. This is so common in the contraption called Nigeria, knowing full well that these set of people have the power to influence millions of their members who rely on them for both spiritual and political advice.

Often times, during the electioneering period, politicians will organize the clergies with the aim of using them to do campaign in Christian gatherings. These people allow themselves to be used negatively by the politicians because of pecuniary gratification. They use their religious doctrines and position to cajole their members and also shape the perspective of the congregation with the parochial aim of letting the corrupt politicians have their way.

These set of clergies who are being brought together by the politicians are given bogus names to bear so as to give the impression that they truly represent the people. They will be seen as those who mediate on behalf of the church. Unknowingly to the people, their work and name stands for different altogether. The major reason why they bring these people together and give them fictitious names with monthly stipends is to buy them over and shot their mouths.

Many of these clergies do not understand the deep intentions of the politicians. They fall prey to the tricks of the politicians because they do not take time to get the opinion of God or perhaps know what he wants them to do.They sluggishly join the bandwagon and unfortunately becomes mute even when their members are subjected to all kinds of inhuman treatment. They look at the sufferings of the congregation and close their eyes as though nothing is happening. These clergies that ought to promote sanity and teach the right moral values in the church, now dine and wine with these corrupt politicians at the expense of equity and justice. There is no doubt that these acts by the so called clergies and other church leaders have contributed immensely to the high level of moral decadence in our society.

In Ebonyi State precisely, the governor of the state who is serving the abominable Federal Republic of Nigeria has organized the members of the clergies and Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN,  in the state and named them 'Divine Mandate Pastors'. These people were drawn from all the churches and Christian gatherings in the state with the aim of supporting his corrupt administration and campaign for his re-election in 2019 general election against the wish and aspirations of the people.

They have their branches in all the 13 local government area of the state, with a coordinator who report to the governor on any development around his or her local jurisdiction. On weekly basis, they meet to pray for the re-election of governor David  Nwaeze Umahi for a second term in office. Aa total of 5,000 Naira is being paid to each 'Divine Mandate' pastor in Ebonyi state every month with some other relief materials such as Rice.

During Christmas and new year celebration, the governor gave 40 to 50 half bags of rice to each of the LGA Divine Mandate Pastor's coordinators. With some cash amounting to 70 to 100 thousand Naira each. Most worrisome is that they do not even care to share little of those items with the widows they have in their congregations and around them but will anticipate them to support church programs and activities with their hard earned money. This is another form of joint robbery by the politicians and the clergies.

What can the poor masses do since the greedy and evil Nigerian politicians especially those in Biafra land have contaminated the clergies and traditional rulers in the land? The answer is not far farfetched. Our people should see the present situation of things as an opportunity to come together and fight for their rights to be free from this slavery and dirty game.

It is time for political revolution and religious cleansing not only in our land but the whole of Africa. No one will be left behind in this mass movement. The clergies and the politicians have done us more harm than good in the past decades. It is time to join Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB in the struggle for the total freedom and liberation of Biafra from the evil contraption called Nigeria.

There is no better time to do this than now because the more Nigeria is allowed to exist, the worst the situation becomes and the people can no longer afford to continue that way any longer.

God bless IPOB!
God bless Nnamdi Kanu!
God bless lovers of freedom!
God bless America!
God bless Biafra!

Edited by Kalu Nwokoro Idika
For Family Writers Press

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