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Sunday 25 March 2018



By Maxwell Chuks
and Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel

"Of all the qualities available to a man, the most important is integrity. This to me is the beginning of all wisdom"...that's a notable/immortal word from late Chief Emeka O. Ojukwu, Biafra warlord born on Nov. 4, 1933.
With that, we say Welcome to Spotlight of the week from the news desk of Family Writers Press.

• First on our desk -
"Steer clear of IPOB" - Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB warns the leader of Ohanaeze, Nnia Nwodo.

• During the week, report from Sahara Reporters has it that Kogi state police command arrested criminal suspects allegedly armed by Senator Dino Melaye.
Recall, Dino Melaye who have been having issues with Kogi state governor and the government, warned that they are planning to blackmail and set him up after failed attempt to assassinate him. In respond to the claim, Dino said "I said it... "
*Huh! Nigeria.

• "Those who voted Buhari should seek for forgiveness" - Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose blows hot.

• Still moving ahead, we heard the voice of IPOB.
Guess what they said......
"Produce Nnamdi Kanu and release his co-defendants" - IPOB tells federal government of Nigeria. *And we say "Gbam".

• Still on issues concerning Biafra!

During the week, Nigerian DSS filed new charge against the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu's co-defendants. According to the prosecution, one of the charges against the four Biafrans in court reads:
Kanu had “on or about the 28th April, 2015 in London, United Kingdom did in a broadcast on Radio Biafra monitored in Enugu, Enugu state and other parts of Nigeria within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, referred to Major General Muhammadu Buhari, GCON, President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a paedophile, a terrorist, an idiot and an embodiment of evil"

*In response, the masses said: "Is Buhari not a confirmed terrorist with his Fulani herdsmen? Is he not a confirmed idiot that doesn't know about anything as confirmed by Senator Abaribe? Is Buhari not an embodiment of evil to allow his Fulani kinsmen to be slaughtering innocent people at will across the Middle Belt and the South? Judge for yourself."

• During the week, Boko Haram and Dapchi schoolgirls drama continued.
The alleged Boko Haram returned the girls they allegedly abducted. While the presidency said they payed no ransom for the release, military said DSS negotiated release of the girls.
*Hmmm... Contradiction.
The matter didn't end there, reactions trailed the alleged abduction and release episode. As many said it's "Untrue", others said it's "APC government's Boko Haram and arranged abduction".
*Still watching Nigeria.

• Matters still arising in Nigeria!
Guess what happened again........
While the masses were busy reacting to the alleged abduction and release of Dapchi schoolgirls, Federal government seek forfeit of Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu's undeclared assets.
*But the question is - Is he the only government official in Nigeria who have undeclared asset or is it a move to hunt him down because of the region he came from?. Anyways, let's watch how it'll go.

• Benue killings: Idoma youths give Fulani herdsmen 3-weeks quit notice.

• "Nigeria, one of the most dangerous place in the world to give birth with the fourth worst maternal mortality rate in the world" - that's according to Bill Gates. He further said: "Buhari's economic recovery and growth plan do not reflect the people's needs and can't solve the problem in Nigeria".
*Right here on Spotlight desk, we raise a voice of support to that, and say "Gbam".

• Still in Nigeria...
"North has been dragging Nigeria down"- that's from Yoruba Elders. According to them, “Illiteracy rate is highest in the north and the number of out-of-school children is highest in the north. The poverty index in the north is high while the twin evil bedeviling the North is feudalism and religious fatalism."
*Obvious truth.

• "Bill Gates spoke the truth, Buhari is a disaster" - Fani-Kayode hits support for Bill Gate's speech.

• Nigerian Army don't have the capacity to defend schools" - Defense Spokesperson responds to President Buhari's order to ensure the safety of all schools against further terrorism attack.
*Hmmm... They don't have the capacity to defend all schools but they have the manpower to harass, shoot and kill unarmed/peaceful IPOB members and other citizens in the country.

• "Dapchi Girls abduction story will make a good movie" - Senator Shehu Sani react to alledged abduction and release.

• IPOB vs FG of Nigeria!
Guess what happened in court during the week...
Federal government of Nigeria's case faltered in court as their witness contradict during testimony.

• Still on IPOB and FG of Nigeria,
IPOB challenged Abuja Federal High Court's jurisdiction in trial of four of her members over treasonable felony, saying her counsels have filed a notice of preliminary objection in this regard.

• Biafra:
"Agitation for secession is not an offense under Nigerian law" - IPOB fires back at FG and court.

• We move over to Plateau state where Fulani terrorists known as herdsmen have been causing havoc and slaughtering citizens.
"Nigerian soldiers in Hilux vans lead herdsmen and cows to graze on our farmlands" - District head, victims, survivors recount experiences.
*Huh! It's unfortunate that those whose duty is to protect lives and properties in the country are now aiding terrorists to slaughter people. Too bad.

• During the week, Human Rights Writers (HURIWA) demanded justice for passengers killed by NSCDC operatives in Enugu state.
Recall, seven persons were burnt to death beyond recognition when commercial bus was shot at by operatives of NSCDC, and it went up in flames.
*Wild and inhumane acts by Nigerian security agencies gets worse everyday.

* "Buhari's government behind abduction of Dapchi schoolgirls" - Ohanaeze react.
Hmmm... Still watching.

• On Fulani herdsmen, Nigerian military and Boko Haram..
"Nigeria Army collude, aide and provide shield to terrorist, If we're to depend on the Nigeria Army for protection, we will all die one by one" - Retired Army General TY Danjuma tells Nigerians.
*Recall, when Nnamdi Kanu said it way back, they called for his head, now they are sounding like him, saying what he said.

• Still on the episode of Boko Haram and Dapchi school girls.
"We were flown in planes, and taken over on rivers in boat by the terrorists" - One of the alledged freed Dapchi girls told British Newspaper via phone.

• "Boko Haram are set to release Leah Sharibu" - IGP Ibrahim Idris said.
*But the question from we the Spotlight Crew is: how did he know that the insurgent group will release the girl. Is he the leader of Boko Haram Or do the terrorists always inform him ahead of time?. There's really more to this which the masses know not.

• Down we move to Delta state.
Guess what happened.......
Governor Okowa cries out as Fulani herdsmen take over communities.

• "We will never accept any injustice against detained Biafra activists facing trial" - Biafran youths, women tells court.

With this we draw the curtain on SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK. Remember, according to Frantz Fanon, -We are nothing on earth if we are not in the first place the slaves of a cause, the cause of the people, the cause of Justice and Liberty-.

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