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Tuesday 27 March 2018




The voice of Nnamdi KANU is the voice that revives every brain that has congealed for a long time. This voice like no other voice has revived millions of  brains that have been in comma for a long time. There is no one in his right sense that will hear or come across this voice that will not be converted. There is no right thinking human being that hears this voice that will not wake up from his slumber. This thunderous voice which was sent from above has  done more than sanitation in the lives of our people. Though there are some that their brains still need overhauling.  Nigeria's mentality has eaten up our people deep to their bone marrows and it is only this unique voice of Nnamdi KANU that will revive them.

This is the voice that liberated and united Biafrans.

Nnamdi Kanu
Before, I was just like a walking corpse and someone who did not know his background. But the very day, that remarkable day that I heard this thunderous voice echoing in Radio Biafra, my life automatically changed.   Everything about me changed for good and I began to reason like a normal human being. I believed that was how it liberated every other person who have had encounter with this same voice. The voice of Nnamdi KANU has killed for ever ignorance, inferiority complex, low mentality, selfishness and foolishness that has been rocking our people from time immemorial.

Before now, many of our people didn't know their left from their right, some didn't even know their history or origin. But thanks to Nnamdi KANU who came and set the records straight. He has done marvelously well in brushing the brain of our people who had been brainwashed by those who did not mean well for them. It was Nnamdi KANU that  made us to know that the amalgamation of Nigeria by Fedrick Lugard was lies and fraudlent, it  was also Nnamdi KANU that opened our eyes to see  why Britain is insisting  that Nigeria must  remain one.

We, Biafrans have been held in perpetual slavery because of the oil that Britain, France, USA, Fulani and co are exploiting from Biafra land with the aid of some greedy elements here in Biafra land.

A sudden voice from no where came hard on these thieves, exposing them for the evil they are and awakening the consciousness of Biafrans. When this voice has not surfaced, our people used to reason like wild animals just because they had nobody to put them through.

Remember when Nnamdi Kanu was still on air on Radio Biafra. Times without number, he would talk about the blocked and unrefined, brain of a black man. Hitting hard on Nigerians and Biafrans like we were right years old child who have gone astray and needed to be disciplined. He called out on our foolishness, stupidity and greed without holding back or mincing words about it.

Then  the greedy and selfish ones  saw it as insults to their personalities and negligence to what they are- to enslaved Biafrans and  Nigerians at large.
But little did they know that what he was crying for on Radio Biafra London was for their own good.

Thank God that today, many that paid ultimate attention to this voice have been rebranded .

I remember an adage that says, "Wherever a child is pointing to while crying, if the child's mother is not there, definitely the child's father would be there." 

The words that Nnamdi Kanu used on especially Biafrans are what we really deserved because he simply wants us to be totally librated from slavery. If you are a student of Radio Biafra as most would say or have been listening to its broadcast now and then, you will understand exactly what I am saying.

This awakening voice of Nnamdi Kanu has been a healing medicine to as many as have been sick in their brains (mental enslavement) including me.

This awakening voice of Nnamdi Kanu has instilled in the lives of many the spirit of boldness, courageousness, fearlessness, knowledge and understanding, spirit of love and unity.

Any Biafran who has heard this voice and refused to harken unto it will remain in perpetual slavery. Even some elders and elites always come to him when he was with us before he was attacked and even until now would want to come in contact with this man that has this great liberation voice in other to tap from him those things that God Almighty has specially imbibed in him.

We have been mentally freed and enlightened by his words and would do all in our power within the ambit of the international laws and conventions as humans to free ourselves and our nation BIAFRA in our life time from the hands of our oppressors.

Biafra the Land of the Rising Sun will be sovereign and independent in no distant time.

Edited by Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya
For Family Writers Press

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