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Saturday 10 March 2018



Of the 20 AIRPORTS in Nigeria, 12 are INTERNATIONAL, 8 are DOMESTIC.

The NORTH has 8 Airports designated as "International" by FAAN, The rest of Nigeria has 4 INTERNATIONAL airports.

South-South 1

South East 1

South West 2.

7 of the 8 Northern International airports handled less than 2,700 flights in 2016 according to FAAN figures.

Calabar is NOT designated as an "International" airport operation wise.

Enugu, till date, is still half an international airport.

This is your One Nigeria

90% of these Northern International airports are "SEASONAL" airports having passengers ONLY during Hajj periods

Even during the seasonal Christian pilgrimage, Southern Christians are made to use the Lagos or Abuja airports. That's how unfair the whole thing is?

The region that actually constitute the international traveling public has far fewer international airports than the region were people rarely travel.

This is why there's an NNAMDI KANU.

The injustice in Nigeria is obvious to even the blind.
Nnamdi Kanu

The implication of this is that these so-called ghost international airports get funds and attention like an International hub though nothing practically goes on there.

How can Katsina, Yola, Maiduguri and Sokoto be designated international status for God's sake!

Who exactly is flying out of Nigeria from these places?

Whenever you dig around for information in Nigeria, what you'll find will leave you stunned.

Please, lets peacefully split along regional lines before we choke to death on sadness.

Or, lets properly federate so that people can actually plan and manage things they can actually internally sustain.

Now, factor in that majority of Nigerians living in Diaspora or frequent travelers originate from Southern Nigeria.

How can it be that it took more than 50 years for an international airport to be built in Enugu, a region whose indigenous people are the highest number of frequent travelers in Nigeria?

Even the one now in Enugu functions like a third class International airport.

It is too much for a coincidence that a region with unarguably, the highest number of diasporans only got an international airport few years ago when places with lesser frequent travelers had airports scattered all over servicing almost no one for years.?

How can this not make you reason right?

Can you not see the structural marginalization?

Will I still be a bigot when I raise these issues?

Can we not separate bigots from truth bearers?

Why would you tag me a bigot?

Do you want me to see all these and keep quiet just to come of as detrbailized?

Well, I cannot be your type of detribalized Nigerian.

A slave shackle should not be likened to jewelry.


1 comment

  1. I do not understand why Igbo elders, politicians, clergy and so-called elites and intellectuals from Southeast region do not see this kind of gross injustice against them. Airport is just a tiny bit of systemic satanic injustice against Ndigbo and entire SE/SS region of Nigeria. Essentially, Igbos are not only being killed and massacred like chickens in Nigeria but they are being denied to put to use their God-given potential. That's the worst kind of injustice and slavery any human-being can be subjected to. Without Biafra and liberation from this Islamic slavery, Ndigbo and entire Biafran people and land will be colonialized by the Islamic north one day. Biafra NOW or NEVER!


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