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Wednesday 11 April 2018



By Moses Agbo
For Family Writers

April 13th 2018 been Friday, is a very vital day that possessed lots of expectations as well as,a day to finally know the faith of the oppressed before Nigeria judiciary.

It is a day rescheduled for the hearing of the bail applications filed before hon.Justice Binta Nyako's federal high court 3,Abuja,after the rehearsal of a dramatic show of shame witnessed in the court on 28th of March 2018,that featured both attorney general of Nigeria as represented by his council led by Barr.Labaran Shuaibu and the presiding judge, justice Binta Nyako{Mrs.}in a marathon race out of the court room without reasons of any circumstance.

Recall that, our beloved innocent brothers, #Benjamin Mmadubugwu,#David Nwawuisi,#Chidiebere Onwudiwe and of course, Bright Chimezie commits no crime known to any laws,neither has the law spoken against them. But out of injustice, they are still in an unlawful and inhuman degradation for more than three years now.

Also remember, Bright Chimezie Ishinwa was released unconditionally following a ruling carried out by Hon.Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu of Akwaibom federal high court sometime 2017, and was awarded five million naira compensation of which that ruling was floated by Nigeria Gestapo DSS. They instead, transferred him to Abuja DSS dungeon and currently in Kuje prison custody with an aim to rejoin him with others in their dead on arrival purported charges of conspiracy to commit treason,which they were desperately, fishing for means of facilitating for three years and still counting.

Note: With every sense of reasoning, the body languages of the presiding judge,Mrs. Binta Nyako,suspiciously, shows her level of collaboration with the executives arms of Nigeria government to always deny justice and pave ways for further suffocation of our rights.

This is a supposed learned judge, that openly vowed, never to entertain any motion that has to do with bail in our case,even when #Benjamin collapsed right before her eyes.

 Unimaginable enough, she boldly sat on the case bordering bail application of a caught red-handed #BokoHaram terrorist, on 28th of march and are very ready to give her ruling in the nearest adjourned date.

Binta Nyako must take note that, right on bail is not uttered in the altar of the executives, but by the provision of the laws of the land unless if there is none, she must let the world know.

Her rascal utterances does not only exposed lots of injustice and self judgment in Nigeria judicial system, but also, a disdain of the fundamental human right of all.

Like they wisely said, justice delayed is as evil as justice denied.

While we jointly educate Nigeria government about the irreversible law of nature as it concerns freedom,we also hope that justice Binta Nyako might have take note, that the rights embedded in the womb of self determination has never changed,it is a right and not a crime before any known laws of which Nigeria constitution is also subjected to. Therefore, freedom for Benjamin and others can never be negotiable.




1 comment

  1. You wrote above: "#Chidiebere Onwudiwe and of course, Bright Chimezie commits". I have asked you so many times to observe simple English grammar.
    I am an enthusiastic Biafran, but your grammatical errors put me off each time I read an article from you and some family writers'.
    Believe you me, your zoo English could make people doubt your seriousness in the struggle. zoo English belongs morwe to miscreants and not to those who should be good examples for the struggle.
    Is it too difficult??


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