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Tuesday 17 April 2018



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,

Family Writers Press.

A British Political Theorist, Edmund Burke once said; "The only thing necessary for the triumphant of evil is for good men to do nothing."

What is important is that  different people should agree to live together or agree to separate along clearly defined lines. The amalgamation Charter of 1914 also made this explicit after a hundred years. The peoples of the former Republic of Tanzania and Zanzibar agreed to live together and so formed the Republic of Tanzania.

Communities of pre-independence India, the world's largest democratic entity, agreed to separate after India's independence in 17th August, 1947, along clearly defined lines and formed the present Republic of India and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In 1971, East Pakistan broke away from Pakistan,  due to resentment of the power and privileges accorded to West Pakistan. Today, former East Pakistan is known and recognized by the United Nations and Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. East Timor was first settled by the Portuguese in 1520, the Eastern part of Island of Timor was annexed by Indonesia in 1976. On the Eastern part of the Island of Timor, a long bitter struggle against Indonesian rule led in 1999, to referendum on independence. The overwhelming majority of East Timor voted in favour of sovereignty and after guidance from the United Nations, East Timor achieved sovereignty in 2002. East Timor became an independent State in 2002, the 198th member of United Nations with official name as Timor Leste.

Mr S.M.O AKA of Edo/Delta descent (noted in Nigeria for his textbook, English Grammar and Composition) lamenting in his piece, in Concord Newspaper in the early 1980s accused the Federal Government of Nigeria of undue favouritism and double standard. He pointed out a stunning revelation in the dicotomy existing between the Northern and Southern part of Nigeria. According to Aka, what a traditional ruler in the North (Emir of Kano) received as salary/allowance (#120,000.00) per month; was what his Southern counterparts Oba of Benin, Obi of Onitsha, Oni of Ife received in one year. The latter received #10,000.00 per month. This was the standard set by the colonial masters (the British) before the discovery of petroleum in Oloibiri in 1956, when the groundnuts pyramids, cotton etc, with vast arable lands in the North were more important to the British. Ironically, subsequent leaders maintained this tragic imbalance, even when the mainstay of Nigerian economy shifted from agro-based to petroleum, the pride of Niger-Delta region of Nigeria.

That the British designed Nigeria for the purpose of securing the British interest and not those of Nigerians as a whole is no longer a matter of scholarly debate but a quod erant demostrandium (Q.E.D). The famous British policy of "Divide and Rule" made very prominent in the way it manipulated the geographical division of the country which would ensure that one section is perpetually dominant in politics over those it percieved as potentially strong in International relations.

Osaghae (2002) wrote that the colonial government also pursued policies of uneven development among the ethnic groups and regions and entrenched a system of ethnic ranking, stratification and discrimination that virtually guaranteed the Fulani aristocracy and the Northern system that it controlled political domination of the country.

Almost all military installations were concentrated in one part of the country (in the North).

Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo in his locus classicus (masterpiece) book, "Path to Nigerian Freedom" (1947) wrote inter-aha; "We could cite other instances some of them in fact unprintable. But enough has been said to show that there is a big rift between North and South which the Government (British) itself is sedulously widening".

This brazen injustice has become unbearable and the people of the South-East and South-South (Biafrans) cannot afford the luxury to bear the brunts and its concomitant excruciating pains, hence the cry for self-determination by the Indigenous People of Biafra! When Israel rejected theocracy and opted for a monarchy in the Bible (1Samuel 8:5-9) as to be like other nations around them, God asked Samuel to hearken unto their voice. God Almighty, who respects the will of man and his children, participated in giving Israel their first king, Saul, son of Kish.

The exploited, impoverished and marginalized people of South-East and South-South (Biafrans) have risen to say no, to this nonsensical piece of a ridiculous nonsense, going on since 1914 in this contraption called Nigeria, under the caprice of unity!!

The people of Biafra want to be like others, Eritreans that jettisoned Ethopia, Rio de Oro or Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic out of Morocco, South Sudan out of Sudan, East Timor out of the strangle hold of Indonesia,

Guinea Bissau out of Guinea, Bangladesh out of Pakistan etc.

United Nations must come to their rescue, to fix a date for their referendum and equally supervise it. If the United Nations fails to do this because of Britain; one of the five super-powers, the architect of this servitude, then war will be inevitable which devastating effect will aback humanity.

I will like to conclude with these prophetic statements; "To crush under his feet all the prisoners of the earth, To turn aside the right of a man before the face of the most High,

To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?"    Lamentations 3:34-37.

Biafra must be free and no power on earth can stop it. God is on her side, and one with God is majority. For with God all things are possible. I pledge allegiance to God and to Biafra. All Hail Biafra!!! The land of the rising sun. The land of which the ingenuity of her people has earned them envy and jelousy from other ethnic groups. The latter hate the uppity Biafrans with all the caustic bitterness of a rejected suitor, but implicitly admire their prowess, indomitable spirit and courage. To them the ubiquitous Biafrans are lion melted, bold and resolute in the face of extreme adversity. Here I rest my case.

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