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Sunday 13 May 2018

May 30th: IPOB Honours Hero By Footing House Rent, School Fees And Other Bills For Family

May 30th: IPOB Honours Hero By Footing House Rent, School Fees And Other Bills For Family

The Indigenous People Of Biafra, visited the Family of a killed Biafra activist Late Ifesinachi Agbayisi in their Aba residence, to accord the needed support for the grieved Family.

Late Mazi Ifesinachi Agbayisi was killed by the Nigeria Army on the 12th of September 2017, following the declaration of operation Python dance.
His death was and still remains a heart piercing one, as he was tortured until his heart stopped beating.
The diseased victim, was beaten to pulp, forced to drink from muddy water and shot in the leg. The close range shot shattered his blood vessels and he was abandoned in the muddy water, to bleed to death, without medical attention.

The killed Biafran activist is survived by, a Wife and Three Children(A Teenage daughter and Two Boys).
His Young Wife was forced into Widowhood, while the Children made Fatherless, with indemnity and no form of apology by the Nigeria Government.

IPOB Leadership representatives who went on the visit, financially accorded needs listed by the Family of the diseased Biafran activist;
The School Fees of the Three Kids, House Rent and Feeding bills, were all footed.
The Indigenous People Of Biafra did not stop there, but vowed to start up a business for the Widow and support their wellbeing frequently.

Mrs Abayisi and Children who are currently living with her aged Mother and Father, was so excited having received financial support from IPOB.
Her aged Parents also appreciated the immense efforts and benevolence of IPOB and in the widows aged Father's voice "Biafra Must Come. No One Can Stop The Restoration Of Biafra".
See video in the Facebook wall of Ibeh Gift Amarachi

Ibeh Gift Amarachi Reporting For Family Writers Press

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