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Wednesday 25 July 2018


Benjamin Adekunle

According to Philip Emeagwali  as he recalled his ordeal during the Biafra War, he stated: “Nigerian Bombing Raid on Biafran Civilians, One thousand men at gunpoint forced to dance a public dance. Seven hundred were then shot and buried en masse in shallow graves. When told to hurry up and return to his regular duty, one of the murderers said: ‘The graves are not yet full’.” (Life Magazine, July 12, 1968). One may ask what exactly was in the mind of this murderers as he made this comment. This above statement just coincided  with the statement of Benjamin Adekunle, a.k.a. "Black Scorpion," Commander, 3rd Marine Commando Division, Nigerian Army during the War when he said “I want to see no Red Cross, no Caritas, no World Council of Churches, no Pope, no missionary and no UN delegation.

I want to prevent even one Igbo from having even one piece to eat before their capitulation. We shoot at everything that moves, and when our forces move into Igbo territory, we even shoot things that do not move...”. I would like you read and re-read these statements, understand it and try to look deep inside the person who made the comment(s).

Every day we hear and read new statements from the West (Yorubas) or North (Hausa/Fulanis) of Nigeria on how Biafrans are the problem of Nigeria, On July 20, 2018, I saw a statement credited to Ali Sagir from Yobe State, "Igbos are the main problem of Nigeria , they never see anything good in Buhari, and they never voted for him. Honestly, the 1914 amalgamation was a great mistake, we are still paying for that bad decision. I wish their Biafran plan would succeed , we need some decency." This made me to remember the above statement, “the graves are not yet full” and the ones made by Benjamin Adekunle.

According to Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo “Since1914, the primary question of Nigeria has been the Igbo question, how the Igbos are the problem of Nigeria. There are other important questions, but in the answer to the Igbo question comes the understanding of all the other questions. On the other hand, the primary tragedy of the Igbo is that they are living in a Nigeria that is yet to come, if it ever comes”. The seed of hatred against the Igbos was sewn in earlier years, just as the Jews are hated. According to Rudolf Okonkwo, “The innocence of the Biafra ended long time ago. It ended the day Britain created Nigeria. It ended before 1945 when Northern Nigerians in Jos first rose up and massacred Igbo people.

When it was repeated in 1953 in Kano, the British inquiry reported that, "No amount of provocation, short-term or long term, can in any way justify their (Northern Nigerians) behavior." The British report went further to warn that "the seeds of the trouble which broke out in Kano on May 16 (1953) have their counterparts still in the ground. It could happen again, and only a realization and acceptance of the underlying causes can remove the danger”. Getting rid of the Biafrans in the Nigeria became a priority, an ultimate task that must be achieved by all means.

It has become a custom that before the Biafran blood would  spill in Nigeria, it will as a matter of course be preceded by arguments in several quarters, official and unofficial, in the media and in secrecy, about the disdain of the very nature of the Biafrans and the need for the Igbos to change Just as Ali Sagir made his statement. Again, Rudolf revealed: “Just like the once accommodating and charitable and hospitable and generous Germany became a graveyard of Jews when Hitler came, Nigeria became a graveyard of the Igbos when Gowon and Buhari came. And, equally, like Germany, Nigeria failed to accomplish the final solution plan.

The only difference was that the Jews learnt from that horrible Holocaust experience and formed their own country while the Igbos failed in that struggle for Biafra and returned to embrace Nigeria as if nothing had happened. Thomas Sowell, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University and a renowned scholar on Races and World Economies wrote that, "Most of the great mindless slaughters of the 20th century -- whether of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, the kulaks in the Soviet Union, the Jews in Germany, the I[g]bos in Nigeria or the Tamils in Sri Lanka -- have been slaughters of those who dramatically eclipsed the accomplishments of others."
Why must we continue to beg those who hate us, those whose plans everyday is on how to exterminate us, to love us by force, beg them to restructure Nigeria? Is it not high time we respected ourselves and unite for the success of our forth coming referendum and understand that there is, and can never be unity in disunity.

“The fundamental truth is that  Biafrans, have the right to live anywhere - with or without Nigeria. Let it be known that the “original sin” of  Biafrans just like that of the Jews has not changed and will never change until we collapse this contraption called Nigeria - it is the sin of being Igbos, the Jews in Africa, the Chosen race. It is from this notion that all other “sins” emerged and got magnified. The Igbos have nothing to prove and must not begin a defense of that right or a discussion of their Igboness. It is left for Biafrans to know this and understand its implication in their final battle for survival”.

For now, the graves are not yet filled just as those who murdered our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters boastfully lamented.. Let us with one mind unite, pray for the total dismemberment and obliteration of Nigeria through our forth coming referendum. Tell your friends about Biafra referendum, that way, the awareness gets to every nook and cranny in our land.

Obulose Chidiebere N
Family Writer Press

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