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Tuesday 24 July 2018



Ogeh Friday Igiri
Reporting For Family Writers Press

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), yet again inaugurated a new family unit on Sunday 22nd July 2018, at Ndegu-Ubochi, Okposhieshi, Ngbo Ohaukwu local government area in Ebonyi North Senatorial district of Biafraland.

The inauguration kick started with an admonition taken from the book of Genesis Chapter 49 by the IPOB District Coordinator of Ebonyi North, Mazi Ezike Wisdom. He emphasized the decendancy of Biafrans from the tribe of Gad, the son of Jacob (Israel), outlining their difference from other African and Nigerian tribes. He escorted the family members to the scriptural history of Eri, the son of Gad which departed Israeli camp on their way from Egypt to the promised land of Cannan, occasioned by rebellion during Moses's sojourn to Mount Sinai to obtain the ten commandments of God.

He further explained the need for maximum support of all for the struggle for Biafra restoration, stating that Nigeria has expired and has nothing good to offer. Mazi Ezike Wisdom prayed for the utmost and enduring contribution of every member to the well-being of the IPOB, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Biafra total restoration and independence remains the hope for a reclaimed continent of Africa.

In his admonition, Mazi Ojima Kenneth, the Ohaukwu IPOB Local Government Coordinator, expressed his joy over the level of cooperation and the encouraging turn out of the people of Ndegueshi on IPOB concerns. He encouraged them to remain undeterred as the IPOB family undoubtedly, is the right company to belong.

Mazi Ahamefuna, who is the Coordinator of Ndulo Ngbo IPOB Family Unit urged them to be bold and fearless in the face of their enemies. Mazi Tobias Okorie pointed out that their little contributions will gravitate the struggle. Therefore, they should not be hiding and complaining of their inadequacies nor think that their problems are not being addressed by anybody.

Speaking before the commencement of the official inauguration of the unit and administration of oath on members, Mazi Ogeh Friday Igiri, the Ebonyi State IPOB Media Head, encouraged the family members to focus on the primary and uncompromising business of the restoration of Biafra. He reminded them that their detractors will mock and disdain them based on their choices to join forces for the Biafra restoration struggle. Mazi Ogeh thereby urged them to work in synergy with the media to adequately disseminate information relating to their plights to the outside world.

Oath of office was eventually administered following the official inauguration of the family unit. The members were joyfully welcome into the IPOB global family ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Hundreds of young men, ladies and the elderly from within and without, attended and witnessed the event.

Shortly after the inauguration, Ali Chinedu, an IPOB member from Enugu who mobilised and led his people to join the IPOB family in his own community, expressed gladness on the massive turn out of people to identify with the gospel of truth as being propagated by the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Elder Nwalegu speaking for and on behalf of the elders, prayed and poured blessings on the entire IPOB global family members and her supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the mystery behind his present location notwithstanding. He stated that Biafra must be restored despite the wave of opposition from the enemies, maintaining that Biafrans have had their enough share of sufferings in the hands of the Nigerian government since 1967 till date. He recalled the number of Biafran children, women and men that have so far died   through the despotic and vampiric policies of the Nigerian government and her foreign allies.

Awoke Blessing who is the Unit Women leader promised to work assiduously so that more Biafran women will join the train. The newly inaugurated Unit Secretary, Alegu Emeka, advised his people to be very careful in applying themselves to the IPOB oath of allegiance taken, as contrary actions will spell disaster. Odo Sunday, another IPOB family member from Enugu, who came to witness the inauguration, drummed up the need for Ebonyians outside, to look back home and unreservedly lend their support to the IPOB families in the Biafra struggle in the State.

Conclusively, Mazi Eze Chukwuemeka, the Coordinator of the newly inaugurated Unit, expressed his gratitude to all who thronged out for the inauguration. He gave assurance to the IPOB family of his unalloyed commitment to the struggle both within and outside the community. The event eventually came to an end with closing prayers and heartwarming Biafra songs.

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