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Monday 30 July 2018





I tempestuously penned down this piece with the central objective of calling on the attention of the illustrious sons and daughters of Amakohia-Ubi community in Imo State, Biafra land to rise to the task of fishing out and decisively dealing with that black sheep that fined our mothers for protesting against the destruction of their farm land by the marauding herders.

I was ghastly flabbergasted when I read how our mothers in Amakohia-community were bullied and cowed from registering their grievances over the destruction of their farm land by Rochas Okorocha criminal lackeys. Such a dastardly action is outrightly misplaced. I am still trying to decipher the rationale behind the fine that was imposed on these helpless mothers. What kind of a human being gave birth to that individual that spearheaded such an amorous action against our mothers who were merely exercising their God given right? Who is that child of darkness? The cry of these mothers will be the greatest undoing of that fellow who joined the enemy within and outside to further enslave our people.

I have taken deep time to think and dissect what transpired in Amakohia-community in Imo State and I fingered three actors who made that show of shame possible. The first actor is located in the presidency while the second one is the puppet who is serving as Imo State governor. And the last actor is one of those normal moles that the governors in Nigeria usually plants in various communities. They are called the eagle eyes! These surrogates are mandated to do anything within their power to protect and relay any information that will jeopardize the thieving status quo to the governor. They receive monetary rewards and all forms of logistics support from the governors. They are the enemies within. These men of low self esteem are easily swayed and they can sell their birthright for a piece of meat.

Imperatively, my message is positioned to caution and warn one after the other all the actors whom I have fingered in the charade that took place in Amakohia-community in Imo State to desist from such an errant nonsense and miscarriage of justice. Such madness will never be tolerated again.

First, the dubious structure of the political nomenclature called Nigeria has prompted some section of the country to conceive themselves as people who are tactically above the law. Yet, there is a constitution but unfortunately, the logical application of the tenets of this constitution is thrown over board. The desperation of the Nigerian presidency in establishing Fulani hegemony in Biafra land is second to none. Perhaps, I see it as nothing but a lost battle. It is what I call 'Mission Impossible'. Buhari and his co supremacists should have known by now that the coming of IPOB marked the end of their sinister mission. There is no fraction of Biafra land that will be carved out as a grazing reserve for these herders. Cattle breeding business is a private business. Nigeria is not exporting beef to any part of the world and moreover, cattle business is only contributing 0.0% to the National revenue. In spite of the much ballyhoo contribution the terrorist organisation called Miyetti Allah said cattle herders are making into the National coffers, 70% of the Nigerian school children goes to school everyday without having milk in the morning.

I must warn those supremacists from the northern part of Nigeria to slow down and have a rethink. Nobody has the monopoly of coercion. They shouldn't hibernate under the figment that 'we' control all the security formation and therefore 'we' can do anything and nobody will raise an eyebrow. We have made our position clear to people who care to listen. There is no fraction of Biafra land that will be used for any form of grazing reserve for the unrefined, barbaric and psychologically distorted herders. Biafra land can never be a conquered territory. We have no affiliation with individuals who perceive science and modernisation as an aberration. It will amount to foolishness to cohabit with such irritating savages.

Similarly, Rochas Okorocha, the governor of Imo State is a renown caliphate lackey in Biafra land. From time immemorial, he has always presented himself as one of the political hitmen of the caliphate. Though, as a man with questionable parental identity, majority of us are not surprised over his constant betrayal of our collective goal.

Rochas Okorocha has colluded with the caliphate supremacists on several occasions to back stab and further enslave Biafrans. I can categorically make it bold to Rochas Anayo that he affirmatively ordered what transpired in Amakohia-community. Self deprecatingly, he felt the actions of those women will taint his name in the good book of the caliphate supremacists. And therefore, the only way to woo their confidence once again is by using his surrogates in Amakohia to frighten our innocent mothers. That is the peak of wickedness and demeaning puppeteering. Indisputably, Rochas Anayo is candidly taking our hospitality for a ride. I think the time has come for us to send him back to his ancestral home (Jos) before he will ignominiously contaminate our space with his caliphate virus.

I must sternly warn Imo State House of Assembly to desist forthwith from discussing any bill that will cement the creation of cattle ranches in the state. Biafrans have made their position clear to all and sundry. No part of Biafra land will be used for any kind of ranching. Those ranches will invariably become killing fields in disguise for these unrepentant ruthless murderers. I repeat, those lousy lawmakers with bloated stomachs should flex more muscles in addressing bills that will have good bearing on the living condition of Biafrans in Imo State.

Moreover, the said individual that fined our mothers and also obstructed them from registering their anger through a peaceful protest is a deadly criminal who deserved to be hauled into a perpetual solitary. Funnily enough, this same man with such a pitiable moral decay will be parading around as honourable elder. An elder without shame and honour. What is the crime of these women? Is there any tradition in that Amakohia-community that forbids any aggrieved persons or individuals from seeking redress over an injustice? From the moral and legal standpoint, the women are completely right in what they did. They did not break any tradition or extant law by protesting in the government House. This is democracy!

I want Mr Cyril Ndumanya, the president of Amakohia-community who complained that the women never took permission from him before embarking on that protest to be man enough and tell us the personal effort he made in the first place to caution and repel those rampaging herders from destroying the farm land of these poor farmers (which majority could be widows)! Without any iota of doubt, I believe these women might have lodged numerous complaints to the power that be in the community but in the usual Nigerian way, nothing meaningful was done to nip the rising tension on the bud. Our mothers are law abiding people. The lying and hypocritical inclination of Mr Cyril Ndumanya were among the propelling factors that warranted our mothers to boycott him and channeled their grievances to the government House. Probably, Mr Ndumanya was expecting these women to perennially remain mum while those devilish herders entirely destroy their only means of livelihood. That criminal who instigated that fine is only playing the script that was written and handed over to him by his hirers. But I can assure him that his days are numbered. Okike works in a mysterious way.

However, I am calling on the illustrious sons and daughters of Amakohia-community in Biafra land to make every serious effort in fishing out the wicked Judas that fined our mothers without any moral and legal justification. His action is an insulting slap on our face. The man should be severely punished for daring to aid our oppressors in compounding our woes. This desperate thief should be compelled to reimburse our mothers their money and if possible ostracized from the community. He is a big taboo and poison to our collective interest.

Conclusively, I will urge Biafrans to remain vigilant and we must not hesitate to repel these vampiric herders with any conventional and unconventional arsenal at our disposal. The police and the army are friends to these herders. We must defend ourselves! The political leaders in Biafra land are nothing but the surrogates of the caliphate. They can't help us. Let's rise to the occasion of helping ourselves.

God bless Biafra!

1 comment

  1. Iseee, we must use any type of arsenal possible, known or unknown to mankind to chase these Hausa-Fulani terrorist marauders and their stooges in Biafraland down the hilly river of no return. Our vigilante group shall rise up and begin to minuscule/uproot these shrubs and riff-raffs with their herdsmen in Biafraland.


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