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Sunday 19 August 2018



Dear Sir,

Without prevaricating issues, I will be concise in addressing your person in this letter. Though, this is my very first time of writing officially to you since you dubiously emerged as the governor of Abia State. Moreover, it will be a democratic catastrophe if I should start congratulating an unmarketable political wannabe like you who has only compounded the political and economic misery of God's Own State. In this letter, I will try as much as I can to maintain caution and decorum in pinpointing your leadership flaws which is about to be the greatest political undoing that will end up stomaching this political ship you are sheepishly navigating as the executive governor.

Candidly speaking, one big mystery I am yet to unmask about Abia State after the much touted return of democracy in 1999 is why the political antecedents of her managers have continue to emasculate and chew any shred of development that will better the lot of Abians. Beginning from the political abomination called Dr Orji Uzor Kalu to the thieving midget named Theodor Orji (who is presently hibernating in the Senate just to escape prosecution for looting the State treasury) and down to this present government of mass murderers. Nothing has ever changed. Rather, the people of Abia State have survived to recycle selfish, low intelligent quotient and egocentric personalities who know next to nothing about political leadership.

Sir, If you are not perturbed over the present situation of things in Abia State as it stance now, then, there is no distinction between you and lucifer. The actions of your government has naked and raped everything that democracy and decency stands for. It is quite inimical that you allowed yourself to be used to commit the most ominous crime in our history as a people. Without conscience, you back stabbed and  murdered the same people that gave you the political mandate in cold blood which will invariably constitute the central line of this letter.

First, you and other notorious accomplice that perceived IPOB as a threat to the status quo under the aegis of South East leaders colluded with the desperate marauding caliphate beasts and initiated a military operation code named 'OPERATION PYTHON DANCE' that took hundreds of innocent lives of Biafrans. Not only that, as bandwagons of misguided thieves and puppets without shame, IPOB was unconstitutionally proscribed as a terrorist organisation. Pathetically, the whole of the Indigenous People Of Biafra both young and old around the globe unfortunately became a people addressed as terrorists by individuals who are meant to protect and aggregate their interest. This is the highest apogee of betrayal.

Sir, If you are still feigning ignorance of what happened during this military invasion, I will take time to also remind you again. On the 14th of September 2017, the home of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (Nnamdi Kanu) was tumbled with armored tanks and rains of bullets. 28 innocent civilians were given brutal summary execution in his compound (there were deep bullet holes on their stomachs and four heads). Till date, nobody knows the whereabout of the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and his parents after such a dastardly and monstrous military raid under your command and control which on the other hand saw the desecration of our traditional institution in Afaraukwu. You did not raise any serious eyebrow as the executive governor. All you could do was to issue arrogant and conspiratorial press statements that further added salt to the injury. Nobody has been held to account for this crime.

Secondly, unaccountable number of innocent Biafrans were declared missing till this present day. It is still fresh in our memory what transpired at Isiala Ngwa. Hundreds of innocent Biafrans who were heading to the home of their leader (Nnamdi Kanu) were stopped by the military stationed along Aba-Umuahia express way. They were brutalised under the scorching sun and drowned in the mud (the video is there for all and sundry to watch). Many died as a result of exhaustion while the ones that made an attempt to escape the abuse got killed instantaneously. There were first hand account of how Biafrans (mainly, male folks) who were heading to Aba from Port Harcourt city for their various businesses were stopped along Asa high school and were taken into the barracks during this military saga and the rest about them became a history. They never made it out of the barracks. Their families have cried and forgotten them. Remember, all these people that got killed were your fine and vibrant brothers who only questioned and disagreed with the criminal and lopsided structure of the status quo called Nigeria. They never contravened any extant law.

Sir, despite the fruitless efforts that you and other wicked accomplice made to cover up this carnage that was orchestrated under your supervision as the executive governor, today, the chicken has return to roost. How will you defend and justify the gruesome killing and dumping of 38 bodies of your brothers in a thick forest at Obiawom village, Ogwe Autonomous community, in Asa, Ukwa West local government area of Abia State? To your greatest chagrin, you never knew that a day like this will come when an eagle eye will sight those bodies. After butchering these innocent Biafrans without any moral and legal justification you also dishonoured them and their families by dumping their bodies in the thick forest for vultures and other fowls of the earth to have a sumptuous and memorable feast.

There is no amount of logic or narrative that will dismantle the uncontestable fact that those decomposed bodies uncovered in the thick forest of Obiawom in Ukwa were victims of OPERATION PYTHON DANCE. The bodies of these innocent Biafrans were dumped in the forest in other to avoid the repeat of what happened in Aba-Port Harcourt express way burrow pit. History verily will be so unkind to you. When others will be remembered as political scoundrels that siphoned the State coffers dry, you will be surely remembered as a defiant and unremorseful mass murderer. A back stabber and fickler.

Sir, I want to make it to bold to you that this startling discovery will not be swept under the carpet as usual. We the Indigenous People Of Biafra will pursue this heinous revelation to its logical conclusion. Perhaps, you and other collaborators fingered in this bad omen will not be spared. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth! Enough of this nonsense! To avoid being swept away by the hurricane exodus that is coming in a more disgraceful way, those 38 bodies uncovered in Obiawom must be subjected to thorough medical examination. An independent medical team must be constituted to ascertain the veracity of the torture and pains they suffered before their death. Any attempt to burn their remnants will be resisted by every means humanly possible.

However, you and other political shenanigans from Biafra extraction in this shared criminality called Nigeria are vigorously preparing the ground for a full blown revolution that will swallow every Tom, Dick and Harry. When it will begin, there won't be a window of an escape. All of you can keep riding us like a horse but the dooms day is coming. A day when this writer will join other millions of aggrieved Biafrans with guns and cutlass to chop off the head of any politician on sight. Airports will be overrun, the government houses will be blown away, the high ways will be barricaded. There won't be any space to roll in armored personal carriers. Soldiers and police officers will dispose their guns and take to their heels. It will be a war between the angry and frustrated masses and evil doers like you. Be ready, the clock is ticking!

Conclusively sir, do not even make any childish attempt of denying what happened to those decomposed bodies uncovered in Obiawom. It will amount to foolishness to twist what cannot be twisted. You and your co travellers must get ready to answer questions about what warranted the summary execution of those innocent Biafrans.

Accept my letter in good fate!

                           Yours Truly

                      Kalu Nwokoro Idika
                    For Family Writers Press

You can email Kalu [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @KaluNwokoro

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