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Monday 27 August 2018



Written by Mazi Nnamdi Obodoechi
(Ojukwu Igbonile)
IPOB National Coordinator, Greece

It has become expedient to break the pervading silence concerning the disgusting behaviors of the so-called Igbo elites/intelligentsia on their irresolute mindset pertaining the affairs of their own people in the entity called Nigeria. I enjoin this class of individuals, to get awakened consciously and extricate themselves from bizarre acts of stupidity being shamelessly exhibited even in foreign lands. Truth they say is bitter but must be told. It liberates, sanctifies, delivers, and protects.

Proceeding, I will firstly posit that this show of shame often being brazenly displayed by these self-serving class of Igbo leaders, are not only nauseating but evil. Yam is essentially regarded, respected and celebrated as king amongst all cultivated farm produce in Igboland. And of course, there exists some traditional laws guiding this particular item in the land for instance:

* Yam theft (stealing) is a taboo and any culprit found connected with this offence is summarily excommunicated from the community.

My questions are:

* Is it traditionally right and justified for Igbo elders/leaders to shift base of new yam celebration to a foreign land other than Igboland where such is culturally and ancestrally institutionalized?

* Is this culture of foreign celebration of a traditionally cultivated farm produce, handed down to us or so celebrated by our ancestors?

It is important that every Igbo Biafran must note that it is an abomination, a sacrilege to lure elders of the land away under whatever guise, to foreign lands in such a time when new yam festival is supposedly organized and celebrated. It is a time of traditional thanksgiving to God for life and bounty harvest/productivity.  Our protégés who handed this culture of New Yam Festival (Iri Ji Ohua) to us, had no record of celebrating it abroad. The new yam festival has for years been annually celebrated with funfare in Igboland. This was fundamentally and judiciously done to thank Chukwuokike Abiama (God of fertility), who made the yam to germinate, mature, be produced and harvested, to the joy of the people.

Today, the so-called Igbo elders/leaders who call themselves elites are inadvertently, pouring curses on themselves unto self-destruction, by defaming one of the pivotal Igbo cultures and traditions. Instead of strengthening the organization of the annual festival in the land and inviting their sons and daughters resident abroad to come back home for the celebration, they surreptitiously are being conversely invited by their children abroad for the New Yam Festival. What a shame! What an irony!! The flow of the river has been reversed.

The culture of Ndigbo has been wittingly destroyed out of choice by this crop of self-serving, psychopathically deficient Igbo leaders. They have through their demented inclinations, devalued the sacred festival known to be celebrated annually by the Igbos. They have foolishly downgraded the culture of the Igboman given to him by Chukwuokike Abiama. Visiting Jubilee Sports Bank, Jubilee Drive, Liverpool L7 85J, England, for the purposes of celebrating the new yam festival (Ir Ji Ohua), is a direct invitation obviously, for mysterious tragedy on the offending elders/leaders who have desecrated the Igbo tradition by turning it upside down which I refer to as "Ndi Ono n'ulo, ewu anwuo' Ogbu" (staying at home and female goat delivering it's kids still tied to the stake). When someone mortgages his rights, unwarranted calamity must certainly come knocking to take vengeance. It is the evil seeds that you sow today that must surely haunt you and your household tomorrow which translated in Igbo means: "Onye kpara nku ahuhu siri ngwere biara ya ugwo". "He that fetches ant infested firewood, has given invitation to the lizards".

In the days of old, Ndi Nze n' Ozo (traditional title holders) and elders in Igboland used to be the most cultured  and reputable custodians of the people's culture and tradition. Their consuming priority was the maintenance of the uncompromised standard of the culture/tradition of the land which fostered love, peace and unity. Unfortunately today, that has been bastardized by the so-called Igbo ravenous, evil and shameless elders cum elites in the mould of John (Judas) Nnia Nwodo, Orji Uzor Kalu, Rochas Okorocha (Okoroausa), Professor Charles Soludo, Governor Willie Obiano, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah and many others who were invited for the ill-conceived new yam festival in England on Saturday 25th August, 2018. What lessons/values are they trying to teach/pass on to their children culturally and traditionally through this?

These class of men so invited, were the same imbecilic lots, serving the interests of their Hausa-Fulani slavemasters that shamelessly disgraced our mothers in Biafraland as they justifiably exercised their rights of demanding the whereabouts of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the indefatigable and courageous leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, whom the Southeast governors, John (Judas) Nnia Nwodo and the murderous Nigerian Security Operatives will explain when the time comes.

My questions then are: Between these saboteur Igbo leaders and Ndi Nze n'ozo (traditional title holders), who were supposed to harvest their yam and set the ground rolling for the new yam festival celebration? Are you not ashamed of flying to England, a Whiteman's land to go and celebrate what is exclusively your culture and tradition meant for your homeland? The people that swindled and enslaved you in exchange for your God-given resources? What valuable lessons have you really learnt from the mistakes of yesteryears? These are the sworn enemies of Biafrans who only derive joy and satisfaction by impoverishing, killing and maiming them.

Most Igbo elders of today have shamelessly taken abode outside their homeland and that was why they saw nothing wrong in celebrating the new yam festival in a foreign country. The values of traditional and cultural heritage were wholistically taught and delivered to these men but instead of keeping to the norm, they have disgustingly resorted to following the ways of satan and taking to the dancing dictates of the enemies. It would dedound to good omen if sons, daughters and well wishers around the world are invited home for this unique annual festival. Doing the contrary, is a slap on the face of an Igboman and an unpardonable abomination. A sacred land cannot spare swallowing these saboteurs if our traditional title holders acted like John (Judas) Nnia Nwodo, Rochas Okorocha, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, Governor Rochas Okorocha and their hosts. That is the truth! Will these class of people go buying tubers of yam from the market to effect the celebration? Give a wholistic and soul searching thought to this and extricate yourself from deluded enclave where you parade as elites of the Igbos. They have no inkling of shame at all and that is why cannot think about the future of their children, rights and well-being.

The Igbo leaders that fail to listen to the cries of their children but instead choose romancing with the enemies, applaud the killing/maiming of their children are of all men, most miserable. Elites who derive happiness and satisfaction from the agony of their sons and daughters are already cursed. From where will the respect come? Now is the time for the expected change before the sun sets.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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