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Thursday 9 August 2018



IPOB press release

Following the inability of Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors to de-proscribe the activities of IPOB in line with the stated objectives of the Prof. Ben Nwabueze convened peace initiative, the leadership of IPOB hereby suspend, with immediate effect, any future contact or participation in meetings involving Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership or South East governors. The ceasefire announced as a gesture of goodwill after the first Enugu meeting is now officially revoked with no hope of future reinstatement.

Mindful of posterity and our deep respect for Prof. Nwabueze, who personally pleaded that we suspend all negative comments and verbal attacks against Ohaneze Ndigbo. We duly obliged by announcing a binding cessation of all hostilities against corrupt Igbo leaders despite the fact they knowingly and actively connived with Fulani overlords to kill IPOB activists, invade the home of our leader with the intention to kill him out of petty jealousy over his popularity and acceptance by the people. That our leader and his parents are still missing is a direct consequence of the connivance of Igbo leaders with their Fulani masters to destroy the agitation for Biafra.

IPOB towed this path of peaceful dialogue because of our deep respect for our more honourable and truthful elders whose wise counsel compelled us to give peace a chance. What has transpired over the past two months, culminating in the failed meeting of the 8th of August 2018 in Enugu, have clearly demonstrated the unwillingness of Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors to breakaway from their slavish master-servant relationship with the Fulani caliphate. These unrepentant collaborators and instigators of Operation Python Dance abused the privilege IPOB ceasefire afforded them by seeking to turn the meeting into an endorsement of an Igbo candidate for PDP vice presidential slot in the coming 2019 elections. Under such circumstance, we felt the meeting had lost its purpose hence the need for us to pull out of any talks which consequently brought the entire process to an end.

As a result of these meetings, any lingering doubt that Ohaneze Ndigbo, South East governors and some Abuja based political jobbers instigated Operation Python Dance, has been dispelled by their inability to lift the proscription they themselves imposed on IPOB. Fulani governors  of the north never proscribed murderous Boko Haram or Fulani terror herdsmen but Igbo governors and politicians hastily proscribed the only movement, IPOB, fighting for the masses because they want to continue enjoying Abuja patronage. As the masses continue to wallow in abject poverty and oppression, these Igbo sell-out leaders, their families and cronies will continue to live large courtesy of their all powerful Fulani masters who can make or break them.

Having dutifully attended three meetings in the past 7 weeks with nothing to show for it, these collaborators and traitors have become more emboldened in their subterfuge to the extent of boasting to observers sent by Aso Rock to the Enugu meeting of the 8th of August that IPOB has been thoroughly weakened and reduced to begging to be de-proscribed.

Sadly, some of the attendees of the shameful emergency Igbo elders meeting convened to endorse Operation Python Dance at Nike Lake Resort a day after the deadly invasion of Afaraukwu by Nigerian soldiers, were also present at the Enugu meeting. In due course we shall hold them accountable for their actions. They lacked the courage then to issue a statement condemning Operation Python Dance and they still do so till today because they were all in the know or actively involved in the planning of the massacre of their own people because of money. 

It has dawned on the worldwide family of IPOB that this well intended peaceful dialogue, from inception, was a fraud, a charade and political subterfuge designed to get IPOB to participate in 2019 elections and nothing more. Ohaneze Ndigbo and their allies in Abuja saw it as an opportunity to prove to their northern Fulani controllers that they are still in charge of the South East. Nothing could be further from the truth. IPOB is the people and the people is IPOB.

This game plan of seeking to subdue IPOB through a series of endless and meaningless meetings in the name of forging a common front or lasting peace, is dead on arrival. IPOB will no longer participate in any meeting or dialogue involving Ohaneze Ndigbo. They mistook our magnanimity for weakness. That unfortunately, is the greatest mistake they would ever make in their lives.

This bunch will go down as the worst set of leaders in the history of the Igbo race. For 48 years they have been actively involved in trading the future of their children and unborn generations for peanuts. Under their stewardship, nothing worthwhile has been accomplished for the masses since after the war. They are ravenous, predatory and devoid of conscience. We gave them an opportunity to redeem themselves but they failed woefully. This generation of IPOB and history shall judge them very harshly.

Henceforth, anybody seeking to deal with IPOB mustcontact our world headquarters in Germany where their enquiry will be directed to the appropriate quarters. We would no longer recognise any third party involvement. This will ensure we avoid a repeat of what just transpired with this failed dialogue with Ohaneze Ndigbo.

We wish to thank Prof. Nwabueze immensely for all his efforts and to convey our deep appreciation, regard and respect for him. We also urge him to hold tenaciously to his publicly stated stance that de-proscription of IPOB and the whereabouts of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  is a prerequisite for any peaceful  settlement. IPOB hereby reinstate it's avowed commitment to conduct a referendum as soon as possible.



  1. IPOB is the people and the people is IPOB God bless the leadership of IPOB

  2. Good. Very Good. Water and oil do not mix. Jesus said that God has nothing to do with Mammon. As long as IPOB is IPOB, there is no way it can work together with these blokes called Ohaneze. I know the IPOB spirit and have it. I know how I feel and know that there is no way we can be at peace with these people. The differences are too wide. It is like comparing God with Satan. Just think about these:
    1. These people do not mind having Nigeria, but the first instinct of an IPOBIAN is a hatred for Nigeria, especially a Nigeria that does not recognize Biafra as an independent people.
    2. They have accepted that Nigeria is made up of North and south whilst we do not want to hear that at all. Some people may not understand what I am saying. The fact is that, Nigeria as it is, was created by Gowon on the Hausa-Fulani insistence that Nigeria is made up of North and South. The North has 52% of Nigeria whilst the (their idea of) South has only 48% - being shared by the East and the West. These people say they are educated but do not know that accepting the so called 6 geo-political zone means accepting that Nigeria is made up of to parts as there are 3 zones in the North and 3 Zones in the south. In effect it does not change anything. THIS IS THE SOURCE/CAUSE OF ALL EVIL IN NIGERIA. This skewed arrangement by Gowon was the major consolidation on the privileges given to them in 1953.
    3. These empty people are ready to accept half measures like one more state and local government as fairness, whilst we do not want to hear anything different from absolute equality of the three partners that entered into the business of Nigeria.
    4. These people are not ready to look at their Hausa-Fulani friends in the face and tell them that we need to have referendum whilst to us, that is the FIRST STEP to everything.
    5. These people are not even capable of asking for inclusion of Secession in any agreement with Nigeria whilst we are regretting that it is not their already.
    6. These people have accepted Nigeria's "No go area" to discussions on coexistence, whilst the phrase is one that can make us behead someone.
    7. TO these people, life is just about eating, drinking, being in high place and receiving greetings, whilst we think about our race, nation, generations to come, language, and continuity of our people on earth.
    8. These people have no value for life of others, whilst we have value for the life of our race and children yet unborn. we even think about life after death, whilst it can't even cross their minds. To them, "you die. you, die".
    9. These people believe that their families and generations are secure and assured for life because of their friendship with the Hausa-Fulani whilst we want to prepare a future where everyone will be assured of security and prosperity.
    10. These people have a reprobate mind, they are hooligans and used to that type of life, whilst we are people with good conscience and soundness of mind.
    So how can we ever work together with them? I knew and said it from time that "Onweghi uru di na isi azu". And worse still, "Ana eji onye oshi, obi ya egburi ewu". Whilst you are dealing with a thief caught in the act, his heart already goes after another one (goat) just passing by. I wish to thank IPOB for taking the steps and coming to this conclusion. To me, we have to build the tempo and never let it drop. We have to be patient, resilient, tenacious, and persevering. let us keep working, realizing that it does not come easy. Even if we do it till death, and it is not achieved during our time but the tempo is ever growing, it is okay. surely, it will be achieved one day. even if I don't see it from this end, I will see it from the other side of life. let us work it up and hand over to the coming generation - if it come to that. ONLY, IT SHOULF NEVER BE CONPROMISED. I am ready to go this route. Thanks IPOB.


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