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Monday 27 August 2018



By Solomon Iwejuo For Family Writers Press

With reference to tenets of international advertised democratic systems, everybody has the right to express their feelings and thoughts through a peaceful demonstration within the confined of the law contained in the constitution of the land. Nigeria remains the only country that abhors Human Rights as a result of its false foundation. And anything that would keep Nigeria one even if it is against their laws, the corrupt system in Nigeria encourages that it must be done even if it means to kill millions of innocent people. What a country? Nigerian style of leadership has made it possible for Biafrans to see themselves as political prisoners who do not have freedom within Nigerian territory. Where is it done that women who came out to protest peacefully against the continued detention of their leader would be arrested, detained for days and charged for treason, terrorism and other baseless charges just to intimidate and locked them up in prison?

The occupational government of Nigeria has turned the south east zone (Biafra land) a war zone and a place where people should not be allowed to exercise their constitutional human rights, freedom of life and association. Our land is under siege and it appears that the only option left for us now is to take the bull by the horn as international communities are pretending not seeing the atrocities being committed by the occupational government of Nigeria against the innocent unarmed Biafrans.

It is not surprising that the so called democracy in Nigeria is not a democracy, but only to deceive the world to believe that Nigeria is practicing democracy. Nigeria is a country where evils of kinds, injustices, lack of rule of law, lack of fairness, abuse of human rights, autocracy, dictatorship, tyranny, and darkness rule. The pens have written about their numerous atrocities, there are many video coverages of these atrocities being committed by Nigerian government and yet these recorded atrocities in videos and other documents containing these atrocities by Nigerian government does not bother the so called United Nations and International Criminal Courts whose mainly job are to protect the rights and dignity of indigenes of countries and also United Nations who have a charter which enshrined that self determination, freedom of the indigenous peoples is their right and allowed by their laws. Today this same United Nations see these atrocities as movies, they keep quiet and do nothing.

Women, the bird rock of every nation, hallowed and respected in England,  America, Scotland, Croatia and other countries are now subjected to mockery and subjugation in Nigeria just because they are Biafrans.

For a judge to remand unarmed women that were peacefully  protesting in prison, whose only offense is asking for the release of their leader is another injustice too numerous against Biafrans.
Well, with these too numerous injustices going in this contraption called Nigeria against unarmed Biafrans, I have no doubt that Biafra Republic is already manifested. Our women would be remembered for their resoluteness and it shall be a bad omen for the international communities and United Nations as those who aided and abated the killings of Biafrans by the occupational government of Nigeria.

Nigerian Army, Police, Court etc has proven to be agents of darkness responsible for several killings, molestations, illegal arrests, illegal detention and violation of human rights of Biafrans.
That peaceful march in Owerri Province by IPOB women was another trap set for the occupational Nigerian government and they failed again into it as usual. The world should take note of that, because any attempt by Biafrans to protect themselves for self defense should be accepted by the world as the only option left for us. If our women could be prisoned for doing what is in line with the laws of Nigeria and was unjustly arrested, locked up in the cell without evidence and any offense, then Biafrans in Nigeria are not safe.

Indeed the insults, humiliation and killings going on in Nigeria against Biafrans are well orchestrated by the world democratic institutions like United Nations, European Union, Economic Community of West African States, International Criminal Court. They are the ones behind these evils by their criminal silence over these atrocities, injustices, maltreatment, killings of Biafrans by Nigerian government.
With what is happening in Nigeria against Biafrans, and their silence, these institutions have failed woefully as the lives of Indigenous People Biafra does not matter to them and has been put in serious jeopardy.

If women would be put into this kind of unjust maltreatment, it is therefore no longer safe for Biafrans to continue living in Nigeria and hoping for any protection from the occupational  Nigerian army, police, court etc, because they are being used as willing tools to perpetrate evil against  innocent and unarmed Biafrans.


Edited by Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: Family Writers Press.

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