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Thursday 27 September 2018



It was a very  welcome development and a great diplomatic move for the people of the old Eastern region  as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leadership was invited by the United Nations office in Geneva Switzerland on 14th September, 2018 for a crucial meeting with the officials of the body. It could be recalled that on the same day IPOB recorded yet another successful "Sit at Home" compliance throughout the whole of Biafra land. This has proven to the world that IPOB is the true mouthpiece of Biafrans.

The IPOB meeting with UN is no doubt a historic move in the history of Biafra struggle. This is due to the fact that no any group or individual has a ever attained this height.

Despite all efforts and huge amount of money spent by the Nigerian government to sabotage the struggle for Biafra restoration, IPOB officials, led by Mazi Uche Alphonsos Okafor-Mefor was able to break the powerful jinx of the Fulani controlled Nigerian government to the shock of  the "Ohaneze Ndigbo" and South East Governors. The Indigenous People of Biafra have remained formidable, resilient and determined to restore Biafra through United Nation law on Self-determination.

In 2017, the "Ohaneze Ndigbo" in collaboration with the five South East Governors connived with the Fulani led Nigerian government at the centre and proscribed  Biafrans as terrorists.  September 14th 2018, marked exactly one year the home of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was invaded by the men of the Nigerian Army, under the guise of "Operation Python Dance II", killed over 24 people at his compound in Afaraukwu Ibekwu, Umuahia which led to the bizarre proscription.

The so called political leaders in the South kept mute  because they do not represent their people but rather  used as tools and agents of subjugation against  Biafrans by their Fulani Masters. With all the atrocities meted on Biafrans, IPOB took the bull by the horn, exposed them since it is obvious that they do not mean well for their people and have no positive impact to play for the future of Biafrans. IPOB recent meeting with the United Nation has proven that our resolve to restore Biafra in every honesty is   sacrosanct.

IPOB and it's leadership has brought Biafra to limelight to the whole world. The recent Press Release by the Directorate of State led by Mazi Chika Edoziem formally announced the proscription of "Ohaneze Ndigbo" and South East Governors and they do not represent nor speak for Biafrans.

The "Ohaneze Ndigbo" led by Nnia Nwodo has no power to interfere over any issue concerning the people of the old Eastern region any more. Their behavioural attitude proved them totally irrelevant because they only represent their own selfish interests.

Today IPOB has come to a point of no return. We have led to rest the divide and rule antics of the Fulani Nigerian government against Biafrans through the so-called  geopolitical zoning: South South and South East, Niger Delta Igbo people and so on. IPOB has resurrected the real nomenclature of who we are. we have come to take back what truly belong to us by exposing and destroying every evil seed planted in our midst and in our land.

Biafra freedom is fast approaching as IPOB international diplomatic movement, made up of intellectuals is on the right track.

The successful compliance of the "Sit at Home" order  has sent a very powerful message to the whole world that the Nigerian government has been labouring in vain, a mere waste of time to thwart the Biafra restoration project. Referendum is fast approaching and we  urge the whole world to support our call for Biafra referendum. BIAFRA must be free. She has been denied freedom for a very long time! The time for her to be free is now!

Written by Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers Press

1 comment

  1. The day of freedom is starting at us! As the sun set! Day brake for a new Republic. Biafra! All hail Biafra


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