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Sunday 28 October 2018




Special broadcast for #IPOB worldwide says the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as he thank his deputy Mazi Uche Mefor, HODS led by Mazi Chika Ediziem, and others for their resolute ask every IPOB to search their souls because some have fail by the way during his absent, thinking that the zoo will offer them anything good.

Nnamdi Kanu maintains that MBuhari is dead, buried in South Arabia and he will unmasked the DNA of Jubril with pictorial and forensic evidence next month.

They gave me conditional bail to cage me and IPOB but I refused

Their Problem is Nnamdi Kanu and the Solution To Their Problem is Referendum

We are not going to vote because we're too intelligent for that nonsense.

I am not interested in the politics of Biafrans, all I want for my people is freedom.

We have been voting since 1953, what have came out of it, absolutely nothing.

It is either Biafra or we die trying to get Biafra

After my release from detention, somebody came to me from the presidency asking that I should list what I want apart from the disintegration of Nigeria, "I try to test their sincerity", and told him I don't need any monetary gain.

All I want is total devolution to the 1963 constitution as agreed at Aburi.

I told them to open the Igwocha, Calabar and all seaports in Biafra land, upgrade the Enugu international airports so that all manners of flight can land there, dredge River Niger so that light ships can berth there, dismantle all the revenue collection points across Biafra land they call check points, allow 100% resource control, and respect the rule of law.

I put it in writing. He collected it, left and I didn't hear from them again.

It was Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors that stop FG dialogue with IPOB. For that, the ban on Ohaneze Ndigbo stands still tomorrow.

Anywhere or anytime Ohaneze Ndigbo gathers for anything in Biafra land, it should be distrupted.

Being an IPOB is a very unique privilege

I dont know if UK is among the attack on me, before I start let me go to London first and find out.

Rochas okorocha who is a Northerner Sponsor Humililated our Mother in Owerri IMO State, Ohaneze ndigbo kept mute, this are people who want us to regard them as Elders.

Buhari died because he dare try to touch me

Mrs Aisha Buhari while speaking at the presidential villa in Abuja said the absence of the president created a setback, that the IPOB leader leveraged on.

“As a result of the president spending several months outside Nigeria, a 40-year-old man who was still living in his father’s house created a state out of a state and that is a major set back for the country and the health sector did not benefit".

I am not IPOB. I do the will of IPOB.
The people is IPOB and IPOB is the people.

Okezi Ikpeazu, Dave Umahi and Nnia Nwodo had my obituary statement prepared.

Southern Kaduna Is under Siege and you are campaigning for Election -

We have Indigenous igbo speaking people in Kogi but Ohaneze never care about their wellbeing

Buhari is a compound illiterate.

Why can't things be done properly?

Arewa Consultative Forum, pressured Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East Governors, to take me down.

They invited and asked me to drop my quest for Biafra and I refused. I told them, all we want is Biafra and there is no going back.

The South East Governors, Politicians then obliged Aso Rock to attack and kill me.

South East Governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo proscribed IPOB.

There was Nimbo and other massacres in the South East, but the Igbo Politicians kept mute.

The reason Why Fulani herdsmen is killing is because Arewa Northerner is in control of Nigeria State

Thank God that David Umahi have Testified it some few Days ago that What Nnamdi Kanu Speak is Gospel truth

IPOB is exemptional, we never change.
We remain the same, Today, Yesterday And Forever.

Shame to those that want to vote when the country is disobeying court orders

I call him a Mad man When he(Buhari) Was alive in the law Court because I know that he Can't Jail Me

Okezie ikpazu Was jubilating and saying that Nnamdi Kanu Must be killed and Now the Tape is With me (Nnamdi Kanu)

Buhari died on the 27th of January 2017.
Even Atiku knows that Buhari is dead

He thanks the Family Writers and the rest who are working hard on the social media.

If any igbo politicians, have ever given money to fund ipob let me not live till tomorrow.

Where is your slogan of restructuring or no election, they have abandoned it

they want to use the certificate less to disqualify that thing and send him back to sudan.
But I won't let them.

Some of you are comfortable been slaves to the Fulani but Ipob are not comfortable to be a slave to the Fulani

Says #IPOB leader #NnamdiKanu

Wriiten by Nkiruka Nistoran.

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