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Wednesday 24 October 2018



This intellectual marathon is squarely designed to shred and lay bare how cowardly some political hawks parading as Atikulators have become. In order words, this piece is somewhat fashioned to give a heavy knock on those lily livered Atikulators whose mental psych have lost serious bearing.

Since the reappearance of the fearless and charismatic leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, there have been accusations and counter accusations from different political fronts. At first, some accused the clueless government of APC of releasing him with the central objective of assisting the ruling party to win the 2019 general election while others accuse him of coming to cause confusion. Even some people allegedly said he collected billions from corrupt political rogues in Nigeria and disappeared to Israel.

I am not in anyway against those scoundrels who have been throwing unwarranted tantrums against IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. People are outrightly free to hold any opinion about IPOB but what really matters most is that their rants can be liken to a toothless bulldog that is barking from a filthy toilet.

Those Atikulators who have been carelessly bashing Nnamdi Kanu for maintaining his usual stance of election boycott are cowards and shameless. Did Nnamdi Kanu in anyway said he will stop election in Nigeria? Did he threaten anybody with lethal weapon? And how come a leader of a toutish and jobless group has become so relevant? Everybody is now jittering over a man that was addressed as nobody! There is something fundamentally wrong with Nigerians.

For those who do not know, Nnamdi Kanu's election boycott campaign did not start today. In 2015, as a student of University of Radio Biafra, I heard him warning our people severely to boycott the election. Many ignored his warning and took it as nothing. He prognostically warned Nigerians what is to come if Buhari should emerge and today the chicken has finally returned to roost. I wonder how people will decide to unleash their frustrated soul on IPOB.

Those people that feels they will use Biafrans as another political bet have miscalculated again. By making Peter Obi the vice of Atiku is just another stupid charade we can't buy into. Do these political desperadoes feels we are fools? In their shallow minds, they feel we can be cajoled into queueing behind the same man that spent billions of naira bringing the monster called Buhari on board. Buhari during his campaign was flying the private jet of Atiku Abubakar from pillar to post. Suddenly he has become the darling of the East because he picked a man who murdered dozens of Biafrans and dumped their body in Ezu river as his vice. What a foolish political arithmetic.

All these mad dogs shouting Atikulation were the same people that connived and brought the monkey that is giving them sleepless night on board. It surprises me how all and sundry is now relying on IPOB to help them and recover a drinking cup they handed over to the monkey in Aso Rock. Unfortunately, Atikulators have become so sober to fight their battle. This cowardly attitude of these Atikulators is quite unbecoming.

I even over heard one empty cistern that goes by the name Deji ranting and calling Nnamdi Kanu names. This rogue even went as far as saying Igbo people are their own worst enemy. What a laughable talk from a confused, frustrated and drowning kangaroo. If I may ask, Deji, how is Nnamdi Kanu your problem? As an Atikulator, don't you think you are one of those cowards I am talking about? A moron like you wants Nnamdi Kanu to fight his battle. Now listen, those days have gone when cheap talks like that will be hauled on Igbos. We are more than immune to such parochial talks. So, don't think you can flog up any kind of sentiment with it. Go back to your drawing board and Marshal out strategies on how to recover the drinking cup you guys gave the monster in aso villa and leave IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu alone. Our missions in this political space called Nigeria is not interwoven in any way.

Come to think of it, this Deji of a man should be more worried over the incessant and senseless killings that is going on in the middle belt. A child that wants to walk without crawling. A foolish child that doesn't even know the road to his father's compound is a full blown vagabond.

I can categorically state here that Atikulators are chronic cowards. Toothless bulldogs that are sniffing around in search of a saviour that will salvage their licking roof. A battle their opponent will graciously flaw them front and back because they are bereft of the right political acumen. I am sorry for these visionsless Atikulators. While they are busy wasting their limited time attacking innocent IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, the monster in aso rock and his co travellers are busy restrategising on how to muzzle idiots of little faith out of the political equation. For those who care to know, the game is up for Nigeria. When the managers of the lugardian edifice had the opportunity of arresting the Biafra question, they squandered it with pride and arrogance. In their deluded minds, they never knew that a day like this will come.

I sincerely understand the fears of these chronic cowards called Atikulators. What they witnessed on the 21st of October was too intimidating for them to bear. In their wicked minds, they are softly asking themselves how can a single man command millions of people without any form of inducement. This is what I Kalu Nwokoro Idika described as charismatic leadership prowess at work.

Nnamdi Kanu proved himself by his consistent actions and truthfulness. We tested him and he substantiated his leadership efficacy. So those political jobbers with misplaced priorities that keep hauling insults on him are just wasting time because it won't change anything.

I am urging the chronic cowards called Atikulators to be bold enough and fight their battle and stop calling IPOB for back up. I will advice the Atikulators to look for those people that accused Igbos of voting according to their stomach to assist them in their battle against the monster in aso rock. Biafrans will massively boycott the 2019 election and those who are not comfortable with our position do not have any other option than to respect our opinion.

God bless Biafra!

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a media analyst at Family Writers Press

You can e-mail kalu via [email protected]

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