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Wednesday 24 October 2018



By Chika Austine
Published by Family Writers Press

Yesterday 21th October press statements by the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (NNAMDI KANU) is a tsunami that is going to consume so many actors of local and international politics. Having appeared on the wailing wall after 13 months of missing, the world is really astonished to see him in Israel. While speculators and social commentators were far from predicting where Nnamdi Kanu might have been, the likes of Orji Uzor was unstable in his “MALAYSIA and London” prediction. Today, that era of “is he alive”, “where is him” and others are over.


Though Nnamdi Kanu never went deep in telling us the route taking by the “Biafra military intelligence” in taking him to Israel, but presumably, it might be through the gulf of guinea or possibly air root. I might not be subscribing to the air root postulation as I do know it is really hard to believe. But indept study proves it possible.

The appearance of Nnamdi Kanu in Israel has boosted more, my believe in Biafra prowess. I was in Umuahia last year while the military rascality was going on. There was a total siege of Biafraland as military jets and other reconnaissance light planes were hovering on Afaraukwu Ibeku. The joint security forces were in Nnamdi Kanu home with armored tanks and other sophisticated weapons. In the midst of the Biafran people who were in the home town of their leader are agents of DSS and NIA monitoring and tracking Nnamdi Kanu movement. They infiltrated the people and were eavesdropping as they were heavily paid by the presidency and the eastern governors for the course.

On the last day of the operation, all the vehicles of Nnamdi Kanu and his siblings were packed inside. As a journalist, I was privy to enter the compound which in all sincerity and best of my knowledge, Nnamdi Kanu was in the premises even while the bullets were raining and the jets hovering. After that day, I felt angry as I concluded that Nnamdi Kanu was killed. When my supervisor Mazi Iwuala Chibueze pressed I don’t break such news, I felt badly with him because I was in Umuahia. In spirit of Command and control, I kept going, but felt Onyendu was killed.

Sometime last year ending, I was told to anchor an interview section on Btv. A journalist from Family writer (Somto Okonkwo) was to give an eye witness account. He was one of the journalists who worked with Onyendu protocol team. Behind the camera, I demanded he opens up to me of what he knows of the in-house last activities of the assassins. “Onyendu was there until he asked me to leave the building as the military entered the compound. Crying as he insisted I leave, I was assisted by the security men to escape. Austin I am afraid he made it”. He shed tears. We had to delay time of coming on air 30 minutes later to enable crying mode cleared as Ngozi started afresh making us up. Thank you Ngozi!

Nigeria believe they killed Nnamdi Kanu but his body carried away by Biafran security. I also believed so! If Biafra military intelligence could whisked away Nnamdi Kanu to safe zone and took him to Israel despite immigration and Interpol hurdles, I think Nigeria is humiliated. People not yet a country could break local and international hurdles, this makes me feel I am with the right people. Nigeria needs to explain to the world how Nnamdi Kanu was sneaked out of her borders unpicked. How he got to Jerusalem with coperations of many countries over immigration requirements as he possessed no passport.

I can see reason Adesina, Gaba Shehu and Lai Muhammad are still in shock and refused to say anything since Friday. Other African countries will be laughing at Nigeria humiliation by supposed “small boy” whom they underrated. This is unimaginable! Nigeria never knew Nnamdi Kanu could be giving such immigration waiver by world immigration body and Interpol. This shows an opposite views between international community and Nigeria over the Biafran affairs. To the world, Nnamdi Kanu has a reputation and must enjoy diplomatic treatments which is evidence in the immigration waiver giving to him from Biafraland to Israel. Nigeria is gone!

If there is anything that Aso Rock is afraid of now, it is the full involvement of Israel in Biafra affair. It is no longer a guessing work. It is obvious as Nnamdi Kanu made it known to the world that “I live for Israel”. He went further to talk of the replication of MOSSAD system in Biafraland intelligence system. This is too disturbing to Abuja and No 10 Dowing Street. Israel has never loss any war and will never in her support for Biafra emergence. And that is why Abuja is taking time to draft a less damaging press statement since Friday.

There are too many reasons Israelis and Jews all over the globe will be committed to the Biafran affairs. Below are the reasons

The state of Israel is to defend the world Jewish community. The latest Israeli law empowers her to fight in any part of the world in defense of the Jewish community. Nnamdi Kanu and Biafrans are to enjoy this law from Israel. Though Israel is a Jewish state, but Jews all over the world take their resources and time to support Israel’s interests. Few months from now, the world will receive the hit!

Like US and China, Israel wants to register her footprints in Africa. She has done heavily well in East Africa but got opposition from Nigeria over her waves in West Africa subregion. Israel understands she needs Biafra to remain strong in West Africa and Africa region. For this purpose, her investments on Biafra restoration is a wise and futuristic one. And this, America will support heavily!

If anyone should be blamed for what Nigeria is facing and will still face from Israel, it should be Buhari who since three years ago attacking Israel over Palestinians affairs. He has been used by Iran to threaten Israel which what he is seeing today is Israel’s time of revenge. What I am yet to figure out here is how Nigeria will survive this. If Israel chooses to arm Biafrans to fight for their freedom, Biafrans will be in possession of best and Modern Warfare equipments never seen in Africa. And Britain will not wish to get deeply involved as her economy today is not feet to engage Israel and US in a war. Saudi Arabia on her own is currently enjoying Israel security defense against Iran and wouldn’t wish to trade that for Nigeria stupidity. From Nnamdi Kanu greetings, it is obvious that US, UK, EU and Israel are prepared for Nigeria soon disintegration. Goodnight Nigeria!

Nnamdi Kanu has dangerously played Nigeria into a confusing state. To me, Abuja should keep quiet now as replying Israel could lead to total releasing of Israel tsunami that will turn Aso Rock into an open field.

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