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Thursday 6 December 2018



it was really surprising to the ignorant though, to hear of the sudden announcement from the media on Wednesday 28th November 2018, about the demise of Abba Kyari shortly after his purported medical trip to London. Abba Kyari was a retired Brigadier-General of the Nigerian army and served in Buhari  cum APC government as the Chief of Staff in the presidency. He was also an erstwhile military administrator of the defunct North Central region.

However, a lot of controversies have trailed the compromised Nigerian media's pronounced sudden death of this outstanding Fulani cabal. Wikipedia's account on the purported death clearly depicted two different Abba Kyaris. One of them was described as a businessman while the other happened to be the Chief of Staff in Buhari's government. This death rumors which have been on for weeks now, were unusually and shabbily given publicity by the Nigerian media amongst others despite the prominent status of Abba Kyari in the Fulani cabalistic government of Nigeria.

Abba Kyari was a chief mastermind behind the criminal emergence of the Sudanese impostor presently sitting over the affairs of Nigeria in Aso Rock,  Abuja, known as Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani. He has been impersonating the late Muhammadu Buhari as the Nigerian President. Tension is gradually building across the country following the serialized, intelligent, revelational live broadcasts on Radio Biafra from Israel, by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, which were globally monitored. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the global family of IPOB have tenaciously and irrefutably, unravelled the concealed secrets of the cabals in the presidency to the international community about the death of Muhammadu Buhari  since January 2017 in a London hospital. Advanced forensic evidences have been deduced to undoubtedly prove to the global community and Nigerians that the man parading himself as Nigeria President is comically fictitious. Clinical body anatomy conducted on them are sharply at variance.

It is informative to state here that the APC (All Progressive Congress) Party-led government of Nigeria, is presently scampering for cover ups in desperation. The officials are daily churning out more self-implicating evil and conspiracy to further hoodwink the gullible. Opposition parties in the country have suddenly started dishing out threats to the ruling APC government that they are readily prepared to encounter Buhari during their scheduled presidential debate before the general elections in 2019.

Since his assumption of office, this Sudanese impostor called Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, has never spoken fulfude which is the Fulani language in Nigeria. He has never effectively spoken in public gatherings besides handpicked foras. He finds it extremely difficult contrary to the dead Buhari to approach the media for a parley as the President of the Federal Republic. The fear of the ruling cabals has been the operational approach to the whole mess and how best to handle the presidential campaign trips across Nigeria for the upcoming general elections.


* The nightmare centres on the impostor's ignorance of political matters in Nigeria and therefore, cannot venture into contests with established political gurus around. He will woefully disappoint in answering questions that may be directed to him especially in the course of the presidential debate.

* This impersonator cannot withstand the rigour's and intrigues of live media gruellings to intelligently puncture the rumors in the country and elsewhere that he (Buhari) is dead.

The APC government knows fully well that crashing out of the seat of power via election in 2019, monumental problems and calamities will befall the presumptuous unity of the country. The International community is presently developing keen interest in the rumors of Buhari's death and the impostor question in Aso Rock. There is no other justifiable civilized alternative to stem this messy embarrassment than for the international media and intelligence units to get deeply involved in ascertaining the authenticity of the personality of the Nigerian President. Confirmed intelligence report has it that the Aso Rock cabals are covertly doing their worst to manage the  brewing calamitous signals this mess potends even before the world.

The purported death of Abba Kyari is suspiciously adjudged to have been floated as a deceitful prelude for a fitting replacement for the Sudanese impostor. The cabals are itching to bring in a replacement with the capability of sound vocal expression, a person who knows the political games and terrain of Nigeria. For the above reasons, a brilliant surgical operation must have to be carried out upon a volunteer cabal from the ruling Fulani oligarchy. This formed the reason why Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani (fake Buhari) travelled out on Friday 30th November 2018. According to Punch Newsline, "President Muhammadu Buhari will jet out of the country on Saturday 1st December 2018, to Katowice in Poland. He is to attend the 24th Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 24), under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)".

Undoubtedly, the Nigerian government and the  compromised media have steadily been deceiving the over one hundred and eighty million (180,000,000) Nigerians with fabricated lies about the exact whereabouts of their President since he fell sick in 2016. We have for instance, seen a situation where the recently held World War II Paris Peace Summit in France, ended without even the shadow of President Muhammadu Buhari. He was absolutely nowhere to be found close to the venue of the event despite the shamelessly embarrassing information churned out by his Media Aide, Mr. Femi Adesina who posted outdated, photo shopped pictures of Buhari, suggesting that he actually attended.

The international community should therefore not be surprise seeing Abba Kyari  eventually resurrecting from the "dead" where he been confined to, playing the third version of Muhammadu Buhari. There is this feeling that this man may have gone to London or elsewhere after all, to carry out necessary surgical operations that will enable him to perfectly fit into their next series of deception and evil. This conspiracy is a possibility going by the antecedents of the presidency and I enjoin watchers of the evolving drama, to closely follow the cards as they are being played by the Fulani Islamic fundamentalist government of Nigeria.

Written by Egwuatu Chukz

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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  1. There is no hidden place for perpetrators of evil in the time of nemesis


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