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Wednesday 5 December 2018



The occupant of the Nigerian presidency has been the subject of discussion in various fora: blogs, newspapers, homes, public spaces etcetera, since the emergence of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in October 2018 after the invasion of his residence by Nigerian Army  under operation Python Dance resulting in the death of over 28 Biafrans in his Afara-Ukwu Umuahia residence and his disappearance. The question on every one's lip is: is he the original Mohammadu Buhari or is he not?

The invasion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's residence in Umuahia was partly motivated by  his earlier statements in 2017 that the man in Aso Rock is not General Mohammadu Buhari but a body double, known as Jubril from Sudan.

Since the reappearance of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he has insisted on several broadcasts that what we have occupying Aso Rock as President is a body double, an impostor of the late General Mohammadu Buhari who died in London in January 2017 and he has adduced several unrefuted supporting evidences: difference in height, ear, agility, facial appearance, inability to speak Buhari's native fulfude language and non cohabitation/co-public appearances with first lady Aisha Buhari.
The evidences of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu which have remained uncontroverted by the presidency and its appendages point to the fact that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu could be right and that Nigerians may have an impostor as their President.

This becomes clear when we realize that this is not the first time in history that a dictator and his loyalists are  resorting to the use of a body double to perpetuate a dictatorship. It happened during the time of the late dictator of defunct communist Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin and is said to have been utilized during the time of the late German Dictator, Adolf Hitler. The only difference this time around is that where as Hitler and Stalin utilized their body doubles when they were still alive, the Fulani cabal is utilizing their own body double today to perpetuate the presidency of a dead General Mohammadu Buhari and thus denying Nigerians a presidency that can be held accountable. This is thus a clear case of impersonation and surrogate presidency with all the consequences on Nigerians.
If the Fulanis can be this desperate to obtain a body double, an impostor as a President when there is a competent vice-president, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo to replace Buhari, what does it say about the Fulani elitist attitude to its much vaunted one Nigeria mantra? It shows clearly that the fulanis only practice its one Nigeria mantra in breach. It does not believe that all Nigerian ethnicities should have equal access to the goodies of one Nigeria, including the presidency. No wonder the fulanis occupy all the commanding heights of the Nigerian public sector: army, police, customs, ports, EFCC, civil defense etcetera.

Under the Fulani mantra of one Nigeria, the other ethnicities should have no benefit from the nation.They should only partake in the crumbs that fall from the table of the Fulanis, the master-race. One Nigeria mantra is thus a tool of deceit for the gulible Nigerians. Every indication points that Nigeria can never function as an  entity due to  conflicting value systems that are in perpetual struggle for ascendancy. The conflicting value systems are feudalism, judeo-christianity and  absolute monarchy. There is lack of trust among the value holders as power is grasped by all means and  every conceivable crude tool is utilized to acquire and retain power in this country: killings, intimidation, deceit, rituals, fabrication of lies, injustice, nepotism and favouritism.  Nigeria is thus a country sustained by wrong values: deceit, lies, manipulation and open resort to primordial interests such as religion and ethnicity to retain power showing clearly that the three divergent values can never work together.

Were this body double to have happened in a country with one over arching value system, everyone would have thoroughly subjected the issue to intense enquiry and dealt severely with the cabal and return the country to the part of sanity. This is because everyone knows Buhari. He came to power at old age and after twelve years hustling for power traversing all the cities of Nigeria for votes, so his identity should not have been questioned if truly the real Buhari is the one in Aso Rock now.

However millions of Nigerians are questioning the identity of one who claims to be Buhari and instead of the presidency to do the needful by addressing Nigerians and subjecting itself to proper scrutiny, it has refused to do act. Sections of the country who obviously benefit from the imposition and impersonation are contriving wrong narratives and wrong unfounded theories. The fact that we doubt his identity is enough reason for him to resign or prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is Buhari by doing all the needful: call an international press conference in Nigeria, media chats, make himself available for DNA test, speak fulfude, take a walk in public spaces in  Lagos, Abuja, enugu and so much more. But no! The cabal wants to bury the matter by bribing every body and every media outlet.

The following questions will continue to agitate Nigerians: Why is President Buhari suddenly healthier with no need for routine medical checkups unlike before? Why has he refused to remove his cap to clear all doubts? Why is he suddenly looking much younger with no hair loss for a man who underwent chemotherapy? Why are the ears looking different? Why was he unable to access his Aso Rock office which they attributed to rats in such a magnificent building with all resources to prevent rat infestation? Why is President Buhari who was initially taller than Senate President Bukola Saraki now suddenly shorter than the same Senator Bukola Saraki? Why did President Buhari suddenly decide to avoid Nigerians, no longer mixes with the people except in choreographed occasions in Aso rock? Why has he refused to address Nigerians and speak fulfude, his own native language? And so much more questions.

These questions will continue to agitate Nigerians until the cabal and the body double does the needful: come clean on this issue and close this sad chapter. Some people are afraid to speak truth to power because they feel that doing so will set up a chain of events that will herald Biafran freedom. But they need to be informed that Freedom for Biafrans is most certainly inevitable.

Written by Solomon Iwejuo

Edited by Okechukwu Ise

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