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Thursday 27 December 2018



There has been trending misguided assertions that "Igbos Hate Themselves" and the worst of it all hinges on the question of whether that is how Biafra will be achieved, based on the purported transport fare hike in this current baseless averment.   As a Biafran, we need to resist this wave of misleading national garbages particularly when such are subvertly orchestrated against our sensitivity and integrity as a people. Proponents claiming that Igbos are responsible for the augmentation of transport fares in the Eastern region, must have to objectively give answers to the underlisted questions, viz:

(1) Why the existing massive deployment of Hausa-Fulani controlled security forces to the Southeast for bizarre money extortion from commercial vehicular transporters plying the roads within the region during Christmas festive periods?

(2) How well have you criticized the Nigerian security operatives for shamelessly extorting one hundred (100) billion naira within the last three years in the Southeast, according to recently released report of this month of December 2018?

(3) How many road check points can you pointedly spot between Sokoto and Abuja in the North?

(4) Is there any Easterner (Igbo Biafran) that is a Commissioner of Police or Military Head in the entire Southeastern States that forms the integral part of beneficiaries of these commercial vehicles extortions?

(5) Can the number of police extortion check points found during the Christmas festive season in the Southeast, be marginally compared to that of the North based on unbiased evaluation?

The Hausa-Fulanis indeed utilized the diverse tactics bequeathed to them by the British colonialists, to compel the Igbos (Biafrans) into conflicts against one another, whilst they engage in their criminal self enrichment with the resources found therein. They orchestrate evil plots and get them hatched, with corresponding divisionist mindset unleashed against the people. If the chronicled report on the number of road extortion check points mounted from Owerri to Port Harcourt is lesser than that of Kano, then the Igbos can submissively key into the assertions.

Every commercial vehicle operator in the East, no longer have the necessary budget of fueling their vehicles but rather, the summation of expenses employed in servicing the extortion drive of the Nigerian police officers and other armed security personnel.  Passengers' luggages have charge fees at every check point. Military personnel forcefully extort theirs and in return, give detailed accounts to their bosses who are entirely Hausa-Fulanis.

It is surprising however, to note that every dime stolen by these shameless but supposedly uniformed, armed professional officers from the commercial drivers  within the Southeast, is being shared amongst top security echelon and that essentially forms the only reason why N100 billion was criminally extorted within three years in the region with indemnity. Biafrans are exceptionally intelligent to absorb the divisive, concocted averments from the perpetrators of daunting problems confronting them and will never ever capitulate in their quest for total freedom, until the sovereign nation of  Biafra is unfetteredly restored.

Written by Ibeh Amarachi Gift

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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