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Wednesday 5 December 2018



Written by Solomon Iwejuo
For Family Writers Press

Every dead body is adjudged to be living until it is lowered into the grave. It is at this point in time, that the relatives of the dead, will know that their loved one has really gone to rest. This is the fate of Nigeria at this moment. The guns are there to prevent the final movements pretending to be real with fake policies and adjustments that can never fix the wounds already sustained. The name Nigeria has existed for a century but nobody is a Nigerian as there is no single identity that defines Nigerian citizens. The Fulanis, Yorubas and Igbos including other minor tribes are either identified as Arewa, Oduduwa or Biafra/Igbo people. No doubt, this is the true picture of the foundation of one Nigeria. As a result of disagreement in working together and that persuasive force to work together, Nigeria is now a caricature, due to persistence nepotism/favouritism, tribalism, injustice, and other forces that divides the nation. Considering the inadequacies surrounding this controversial existence, Nigeria no doubt will one day cease to exist as a Nation/Nation state.
Take for instance, Nigeria has no functional economic policies and strategies, non has ever thrived/worked in Nigeria. There has never been a single formulated policy that has recorded success, from operation feed the nation, green revolution, land reserves policy, poverty alleviation scheme, Sure-P and worst of it all, N-Power all have failed to achieve it's purposes, because Nigeria is a place where metaphysical forces, like greed, envy and jealous have taken over the physical existence, as a result of its false and evil foundation. Everything has changed from right to the left. Police instead of securing lives and properties, are killing, looting and destroying properties. Army in the other hand, instead of waging war against external forces, are in the streets and main roads killing and stealing from the citizens they were asked to protect. While politicians are embezzling funds made for workers as majority of the states in Nigeria are owing workers 20 to 30 months as they practice government of lies and false promises. And  worse still, the minimum wage which is being owed is a slave wage compared to what those politicians take home every month. Over forty million graduates are unemployed as there are no companies to absolve them hence; kidnapping, arm robbery, killings, cultism and betting have now become the order of the day. 80% of Nigerians do not have neither constant power supply, good roads, pipe born water nor well equipped hospitals now turned mortuaries, have filled nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Recently Nigerian professional football league could not come to conclusion as a result of conflicting interests among the football cabals. So sports, agriculture, education and housing are all in shambles.
Terrorism is now a modus operandi and vivendi as Boko Haram is now the kings of the jungle. They have succeeded in killing the Nigerian soldiers with ease while herdsmen are rampaging the areas dominated by christians, killing them without mercy in their numbers. In otherwise, elections are being rigged with security agencies, even before foreign observers, naira devalued like never before as it is the worst currency in circulation as the country is experiencing mass migration as people seek for greener pastures elsewhere. The worst of all the drama was when touts invaded Nigeria National Assembly, disrupted sittings without being arrested. The foundational divisions of Nigeria started from its creation, the country Nigeria is indeed a working corpse awaiting for a burial that is befitting.

Physically, spiritually and psychologically, Biafra freedom is here and it is sacrosanct, no man born of a women can quench the burning fire. By allowing a foreigner in the person of Jubril from Sudan to assume the position of presidency in Nigeria, the dissolution formalities are set as there will be no hiding place to cement this as Biafrans have become wiser like never before.

Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh
For Family Writers Press.

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