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Wednesday 9 January 2019

Biafra Question And The Silence Of The World


Biafra question is yet a lingering issue with seemingly no definitive solutions proffered by the international community to stem the growing trend of injustice and slavery. People of good conscience globally, have curiously been asking why HISTORY is under threat based on the complicit silence of those saddled with the responsibility of proactive responses. In order to conceal committed atrocities against Biafrans by the Nigerian State and her British aiders, the study of history as a subject was abolished in schools in Nigeria. This was aimed at finally destroying historical accounts regarding Bight of Biafra which was craftly changed to Bight of Bonny for the purpose of deceiving the grossly uninformed and the misinformed.

Everything humanly possible was employed to bury the "Biafra Question" but the more they tried, the more conscientious individuals from around the globe, question the rationale behind the plot against Biafra and her citizens. In their evil antics to conceal the truth, people were hoodwinked into believing that Biafra had never existed. They were deceived into lies that Biafra was just a mere agitation carried out by rebels and miscreants. The global community was told that such a drive was a calculated mind game by the Nigerian government and it's British masters. What a deception!

After watching the underneath video clip, would it yet be logical to state that Biafra is striving to secede from Nigeria when in reality, Biafra is centuries older than Nigeria? The Biafra question and the deafening silence of the world against legitimate demand of the Biafran people, to sane minds, is a great disservice to humanity and must not be allowed to persist.

Written by Mazi Emeka Gift

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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