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Wednesday 9 January 2019



Biafra! my Biafra!!
The brave and glorious land
Of heroes and heroines
I have not known thee
But thy blood ceaselessly flows
And calls thy name
In my veins

Greatly possessed I am
Thy spirit so strong
I can say, have found me
In cold winters' night
And on the streets
Filled with falling snows
And in hot summer
Of African sun
I feel thy spirit
Like the breeze of the day

Will I really ever live
To see thy beauty
And tell thy story
To the world?
Will I ever wake up
To sing thy anthem
In the native land
Now that thy people
Have become preys
Hunted day and night
Like slaves in their
Masters' mansions
When thieves
And killers go round
The city with escorts?

Come, oh come
Biafra the priceless pride
Of our heroes past
I long for thee
I really cannot help it
Every night and day
The spirit calls and
I yearn and yearn
Can this longing ever be filled?
Can this quest ever be reached?
Can this thirst ever be quenched?

Yes, if all hands must be on deck
If all talents must offer their best
If all mouths should speak for freedom
And follow the chain
Of command
Freedom will certainly call thee
By name

For thee,
I succumbed
And ever ready
To walk through
The rough roads
To freedom
Ever ready to dance
The hot music of freedom

Are you there really?
If yes, more work
If no, then awake
And sharpen the sword
To slaughter injustice
And abuse of rights
It's time to lighten up the candle
And walk in the dark
To quench the dragon fire
It's time to climb the hills
And take a sight of the end

Oh God of hosts
Owner of the universe
Blaze in truth
And honesty
Judge thy case
With justice
And protect all
In this path
To light up Biafra
Yes, Biafra, the land of the rising sun


All hail Biafra!

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.
For Family Writers Press

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